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LeanGo Co., Ltd. A special article on the site improvement tool “dejam” is published in the new R25!

LeanGo Co., Ltd.
A special article on the site improvement tool “dejam” is published in the new R25!
The site improvement tool “dejam” operated by LeanGo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Shoji Hirai, hereinafter referred to as our company) was introduced in the “Corporate Topic” of the new R25. The appeal of “dejam” is explored in an interview with Director and COO Kento Fueda.
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About the new R25 “Corporate Topics” special feature
The site improvement tool “dejam” was featured in the “Corporate Topics” of Information Media New R25.
New R25’s “Corporate Topic” is a media run by New R25 that gathers the latest information and noteworthy information about companies. We bring out the “possibilities” and “thoughts” of various companies and communicate them in a positive manner.
This article was published with the title, “Improve your site while looking at the answers!? ‘Next-generation LPO tools’ produce results that are too good even for web marketing beginners.” This article is based on an interview with Director and COO Kento Fueda. The charm of “dejam” is explored.
It introduces a heat map analysis function that allows analysis to be completed quickly, an AB test function that uses AI to suggest verification patterns, and a web customer service function that has achieved a 100% order rate for advertising agencies.
We hope that by introducing features that overturn conventional wisdom about LPO tools, even more people will learn about the appeal and benefits of “dejam.”
▼Click here for the special feature article on “dejam” About “dejam”
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Companies introducing “dejam”
“dejam” is a website improvement tool that is equipped with all the functions necessary for LPO (website improvement), from analysis to obtaining improvement proposals, verification to knowledge management. It is easy to use with no code, and anyone can easily aim to improve CVR and maximize advertising performance.
We work closely with our users through our outstanding UI and generous support, and contribute to speeding up the PDCA cycle for site improvement.
The web improvement tool “dejam” is used by many companies regardless of industry or business type.
Business companies use it to analyze issues and acquire and verify measures in their service site improvement activities, and advertising agencies and consulting companies use it as a means to maximize their clients’ advertising performance.
We have received comments such as “CVR has improved significantly” and “Work flow has improved.”
In recent years, there has been a rapid increase in the number of advertising agencies and consulting companies in particular. ▼Official website
▼Free account registration form
▼Free tool “LPO Checker “Website Improvement Diagnosis””
About the official partner system
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“dejam” supports implementation at advertising agencies. Using LPO as a new weapon, we have prepared a comprehensive training curriculum with the aim of increasing the rate of new orders and increasing existing sales.
▼About training
We plan to hold regular training sessions for official partner companies of “dejam”.
The content of the training is expected to be as follows.
– How to use “dejam”
– How to develop new clients using “dejam”
– How to grow existing clients using “dejam”
– Development of packaged products using “dejam”
*Training content will be updated as needed.
▼About contact information
*Please contact us through the inquiry form on the official website. About LeanGo
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LeanGo operates the website improvement tool “dejam” with the vision of “making society more comfortable.” This is a startup brought together by members who have extensive experience in web marketing, having previously worked at Recruit Co., Ltd. and CyberAgent Co., Ltd. -Company Profile-
Company name: LeanGo Co., Ltd. (pronunciation: Lean Go)
Representative: Representative Director Shoji Hirai
Established: April 1, 2020
Location: 3-22-11 Yakumo, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
“dejam Blog”, a media for web marketers operated by LeanGo
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