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Leap Co., Ltd. Leap Co., Ltd. has been recognized as a “Top 5 Japanese Organizational Development Company” in 2023 by Manage HR Magazine

Leap Co., Ltd.
Leap Co., Ltd. recognized as one of Japan’s TOP5 Organizational Development Companies in 2023 by Manage HR Magazine
Among the many Japanese companies working on organizational
development, our development of evidence-based human resource development plans and platforms that promote learning DX has been highly praised. Introduced as a company that creates “sustainable success” that leads to business expansion.
Leap Co., Ltd. (Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo/Representative Director: Takashi Hori), which operates a strategic human resources development consulting business for companies, has been ranked in the TOP 5 of “ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT COMPANIES IN JAPAN 2023” sponsored by Manage HR Magazine, an American HR media. Certified.
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What is Manage HR Magazine?
A media specializing in HR based in the United States. We provide information to human resources personnel and business managers who are responsible for developing human resources who bring business value to customers and shareholders, and are responsible for organizational strategy. It covers a wide range of information, including job information, orientation and promotion systems, career development and vocational training, personnel policy management, welfare and health program development and management, and workplace troubleshooting. There is also a wealth of articles introducing and interviewing Japanese companies that provide new technology, consulting, training, and service solutions for the HR industry. ▼ Click here for the official homepage
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For more information, please read the article in Manage HR Magazine.
A savior for HR personnel/managers ~ “SkillPalette” is highly rated in the Japanese HR industry
[Image 3:×1280.jpg] Promote learning DX by implementing skill evaluations and providing intervention measures tailored to learning issues to suit customers and organizations. Promote learning DX by consistently realizing skill evaluations of employees’ negotiation skills, problem extraction, learning environments, and OJT environments. , realize skill development that leads to results. When role-plays and videos of actual business negotiations with customers, which are commonly used in learning business negotiation skills, are uploaded to this system, our proprietary AI and certified evaluators evaluate and analyze them, revealing skill levels and current issues. Additionally, lean training plans based on evaluation based on instructional design will help reduce educational costs. More than 30 companies have introduced the service, and more than 20,000 business negotiation skills have been evaluated. Due to its high impact on business performance, it has been launched at the global training center of a major control system company in the world, and its use is expected to further expand in Japan and overseas.
-Features of SkillPalette-
A learning platform that uses AI to evaluate and analyze business negotiation skills, dramatically increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of human resource development.
It has an evaluation/dashboard function that feeds back evaluation and analysis results of organizations and individuals, and a
learning/sharing function that promotes mutual learning such as watching training videos and sharing case studies, providing one-stop skill learning that leads to results.
“Palette AI” analyzes (patented) data based on “KOTORI” data that analyzes the argumentative power of dialogue (dialogue x thinking) and evaluation data such as skills and competency. It is also possible to calculate individual outcome predictions, and propose learning tasks and learning strategies tailored to attributes and organizations. Taking this milestone as an opportunity, we intend to put even more effort into our company’s business.
We look forward to your continued support of Leap Co., Ltd. and “SkillPalette”. More details about this release: