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Lepro Entertainment Co., Ltd. Musical actor Shoichi Fukui will be appearing regularly in a drama series for the first time!

Lepro Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Musical actor Shoichi Fukui will be appearing regularly in a drama series for the first time!
“This time, I want to hide my singing voice, face the role, and perform with all my heart.”
Actor Shoichi Fukui will appear on Kantele/Fuji TV’s “Tokumei!” broadcast on Mondays at 10:00 starting October 16th. It has been announced that he will be appearing in “Metropolitan Police Department Special Accountant”.
The police organization, which has been forced to undergo fiscal austerity, has previously carried out a “cost-cutting” test at the Mancho Station, known as the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s baggage jurisdiction, to reduce investigative costs and other costs. Ichiyen (Majime Madoka/Kanna Hashimoto), a female police officer in charge of special accounts, is dispatched from the central government with the “special order” (tokumei) to cut costs, but what awaits her there is useless equipment. A group of unique detectives at the local police station who have been dealing with damage, interactions with shady informants, and unaccounted for expenses.
A new kind of police entertainment in which detectives who say, “We need money to investigate!” sometimes collide but work together to solve the cases that occur one after another!
During his 17 years with Shiki Theater Company, Shoichi Fukui starred in many productions such as “Beauty and the Beast” and “West Side Story.” After leaving the company, he played the role of Jean Valjean in “Les Misérables.” He is one of the most popular actors in the musical world, playing the dual role of Javert from 2015 until now, and has been active on numerous stages.
Since this is his first appearance in a TV drama, he may not be familiar to many people, but he is a musical star with a combination of solid technique and expressiveness, and is captivating the audience with his overwhelming stage performance.
In this work, which marks his first regular appearance in a serial drama, Shoichi Fukui plays Shinichiro Sakakiyama, Chief Cabinet Secretary of the National Police Agency.
He is also the person who sent the main character, Madoka, to the Mancho Police Station.
As a police reformer, she is pushing for changes in the police organization, and as part of this, she is given a special mission to Madoka, with the aim of streamlining the police force and making it more efficient.
Fukui, who will be diving into the new world of a serial drama for the first time, said, “I usually work mainly in musicals, but this time I want to hide my singing voice, face the role, and perform with all my heart so that everyone can enjoy it.” “I think so,” he says enthusiastically.
It has been 26 years since his stage debut, and this talented musical artist, who will turn 50 this year, may be at a turning point in his acting career.
Is it possible to “reduce police costs”? ?
Expectations are also high for Shoichi Fukui, who has built up his career on the spectacular stage and will be appearing in a
long-awaited video work.
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-Comment from Shoichi Fukui-
I will be appearing in the October drama “Tokumei! Metropolitan Police Department Special Accountant” as Shinichiro Sakakiyama. It was my first drama series and I was very happy when I was chosen to appear as a regular, and to be honest, I was the one who was most surprised.
Sakakiyama, who I play, plays the role of Chief Cabinet Secretary of the National Police Agency Commissioner’s Secretariat. He is a career bureaucrat with a strong sense of justice who is more serious about the future of the police than anyone else, and is in a position to directly give Ichiyen (Hajime Madoka), played by Kanna Hashimoto, a “tokumei” of “a 20% cut in expenses”. He is always calm, will use any means necessary to achieve his goals, and sometimes makes cold-hearted decisions…
When I read the script, I felt that even though it was a detective drama, the story was about money, and the focus was interesting. Also, I think it’s wonderful that it contains something so important that we shouldn’t forget in this era when direct contact with people has diminished due to the coronavirus pandemic…
I’m really looking forward to working with Kanna Hashimoto, Kazuki Sawamura, and other unique cast members.
I usually work mainly in musicals, but this time I would like to hide my singing voice, face the role, and perform with all my heart so that everyone can enjoy it.
-Program overview-
Broadcast frame
Starting October 16, 2023 Every Monday at 10pm
(Kantele/Fuji TV national network)
Tokumei! Metropolitan Police Department Special Accounting Section Appearance
Kanna Hashimoto Kazuki Sawamura Marika Matsumoto JP Kentaro Maeda Moe Yuki Shoichi Fukui / Satoshi Tokushige Shingo Tsurumi, Jiro Sato and others
Yahito Araki, Aya Satsuki
Yoshihide Otomo
theme song
SEVENTEEN “Now -Even if the world ends tomorrow-” (HYBE JAPAN) producer
Tadashi Kondo, Sora Kobayashi
Hidenori Joho, Michio Mitsuno, Makoto Yuasa
Kantele, Kyodo Television
[Image:×2332.jpg] [Shoichi Fukui Profile]
Born in Hokkaido. In 1995, joined Shiki Theater Company. She starred in films such as “Beauty and the Beast,” “West Side Story,” and “Aida,” before leaving the company in 2012.
In Les Misérables, his first appearance after leaving the group, he played the dual roles of Jean Valjean/Javert in the 2013 production, and Jean Valjean in the 2015 production, and was well received. He is also active as a singer, performing live every year.
Some of his major stage performances in recent years include “Shabondama Tonda”, “Whistle Down the Wind”, “Fly By Night”, “Poe’s Family”, and “Fly By Night”. His works include “Fist of the North Star”, “Tenamonya Sanpenny Opera”, and “Singing Shylock”. Official website ▶︎
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-Company Profile-
Company name: Lepro Entertainment Co., Ltd.
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