Live2D Co., Ltd. Hand tracking and effect functions added! Live2D official VTuber app “nizima LIVE” has be en updated to be more convenient!

Live2D Co., Ltd.
Added hand tracking and effect functions! Live2D official VTuber app “nizima LIVE” has been updated to be more convenient!
Added various major new functions to support VTuber distribution, such as a hand tracking function that allows you to move your hands, and an effect function that allows you to apply special effects of over 2 trillion combination patterns to the screen.
Develops “Live2D,” an expression technology that adds
three-dimensional animation to 2D illustrations, and develops, sells, and operates the illustration/Live2D model market “nizima” and the face tracking app “nizima LIVE.” Live2D Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Tetsuya Nakajo, hereinafter referred to as Live2D) will release nizima LIVE 1.6 with new features on September 19, 2023.
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nizima LIVE is a VTuber tool that allows everyone from beginners to professionals to bring out the charm of Live2D models to the fullest nizima LIVE is an application that allows anyone to easily move Live2D models according to facial expressions and movements.
“I want to become a VTuber, but how can I become one?” Nizima LIVE is easy to use even for beginners who feel hurdles in becoming a VTuber. Just prepare a webcam and a PC, start the app, and you can start moving the model right away. We offer simple operability, high-quality tracking, and collaboration functions that everyone can enjoy. Furthermore, modelers who are familiar with Live2D can adjust the model’s movements with surprisingly fine detail.
Deliver a fun broadcast to your viewers!
▼Click here for nizima LIVE official website▼ Introducing nizima LIVE 1.6 features
★Hand tracking function
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Now supports hand tracking, allowing you to move the hands of Live2D models! Developed with the full cooperation of Live2D modeler and VTuber Himono Himo, we achieved high-quality hand movements.
Even if the Live2D model does not support hand tracking, anyone can use hand tracking immediately without updating the model by selecting the hand item that suits them from the default hand items (6 types in total)!
You can use it by selecting Hand Tracking Camera from nizima LIVE main menu – Camera Settings – Advanced Settings.
★Effect function
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You can now apply special effects to Live2D models and backgrounds. More than 15 types of mosaic, chromatic aberration, blur, etc.! More than 2 trillion combination patterns can be realized. By using templates, you can create rich screens with a single button and save the settings you create.
It can be used from nizima LIVE main menu – Effect settings. *We recommend using a PC that meets the operating environment. Also, please note that depending on the environment, operation may become slow when many effects are layered. ★Upgrade of Live2D item function
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We have updated the Live2D item function!
Live2D items that were previously moved by tracking the Live2D model they are following can now be moved by camera tracking! Live2D items created with the previous specifications can still be used.
In addition, smoothing settings, parameter settings similar to Live2D models, and facial expression/motion playback are now possible! The range of expression with Live2D items is greatly expanded. In addition, we have made the following updates.
・Function to enable physical calculation when dragging
・Overall setting function for physical calculations
・Renewal of camera details settings screen, etc.
nizima LIVE will continue to update its functions in order to support your streaming activities!
▼Click here to download/update nizima LIVE (Windows version)! ▼Click here to download/update nizima LIVE TRACKER (iOS)! Check SNS and official website for the latest information!
You can check the latest information about “nizima LIVE” from the official “nizima” website and official SNS! Do not miss it!
・nizima LIVE official website ・Live2D official market nizima ・nizima LIVE Official X (old Twitter)
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Live2D spreading around the world
Our business focuses on “Live2D,” an expression technology that adds three-dimensional animation to 2D illustrations.
Software license sales for “Live2D Cubism”, “Live2D Creative Studio” for Live2D production and expression research, “nizima”, the official marketplace for buying and selling Live2D illustrations and models and custom-made transactions, and becoming a “Live2D professional” We continued to expand our business with the online course “Live2D JUKU,” and also formed a business and capital alliance with Aniplex Co., Ltd., and started a feature-length animation film production project.
Currently, “Live2D” is being used and evaluated in various fields in Japan and abroad, such as games, apps, VTubers, and education, and now it is increasingly being seen in people’s everyday lives. We will continue to work hard every day to achieve our dream of “Drawing the way the creator wants to draw and moving it the way they want to move”, so please look forward to the future evolution of “Live2D”. [Live2D Co., Ltd.]
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