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Living Robot Co., Ltd. Supporting the healthy lives of the elderly Bipedal walking robot “Mimamori Wego” is now available at H.C.R.2023!

Living Robot Co., Ltd.
[Supporting the healthy lives of the elderly] Bipedal walking robot “Mimamori Wego” is now available at H.C.R.2023!
Living Robot Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Date City, Fukushima Prefecture, President and CEO: Yasuhiro Kawauchi, hereinafter referred to as Living Robot) will be holding the H.C.R. 2023 We will be exhibiting at the 50th International Welfare Equipment Exhibition & Forum. At the exhibition, the bipedal walking robot “Mimamori Wego” will make the daily lives of the elderly more enjoyable with functions such as 1. Schedule management, 2. Music therapy, 3. Two-way communication function, 4. Brain training function, 5. Entertainment function and chatting function. It is a platform that has five functions to help you stay active and build a secure information network.
Also, at the venue, we will introduce the subscription program of “Arku Mechatro We Go” where you can learn programming from the basics. Please come and experience it at the venue.
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H.C.R. will celebrate its memorable 50th anniversary in 2023 since the first “Modernization Equipment Exhibition for Social Welfare Facilities” in 1974.
For the second time since last year, Living Robot will be exhibiting at Asia’s largest international exhibition, which brings together welfare equipment from around the world, from handmade self-help devices to nursing care robots and welfare vehicles that utilize cutting-edge technology.
The multifunctional nursing care/life support robot “Mimamori Wego” has been newly evolved and upgraded to the following five functions.
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Introducing the five functions of “Mimamori Wego”
1. Schedule management (calling)
We support your daily life by speaking to you according to your set daily schedule. The new feature allows family members and
administrators in remote locations to enter an elderly person’s schedule on an easy-to-read screen. Wigo will watch and check your daily routine, reminding you not to forget to take your medicine, doing gymnastics together, and asking about what happened today. 2. Music therapy (joint research with Fujita Health University, cooperation with Faith Co., Ltd.)
Music therapy aims to restore and improve mental and physical health by applying the physiological, psychological, and social effects of listening to and playing music. Passive music therapy, in particular, involves the act of “listening,” so it can be practiced naturally and easily, even by people who cannot move their bodies properly. In addition, you can expect even more benefits by enjoying watching Watching Wigo dancing to the music.
3. two-way communication
Even with family members far away, you can use the Mimamori Wego to make calls just like you would with a smartphone.Using the camera, you can send a picture of yourself to the other person and send smiles and warmth through two-way conversation.
4. Brain training function (cooperation with brain and physical fitness trainer CogEvo, cooperation with Total Brain Care Co., Ltd.) Once the elderly person’s face is recognized by the camera on the Watchdog Wego, the elderly person calls out their name and presses a button on their head to start a brain training game on the tablet. When the game is over, Wigo will give you a score and say things that will motivate you.
*“Brain Strength” and “CogEvo” are registered trademarks of Total Brain Care Co., Ltd.
5. Entertainment function/Chat function
 Mimamori Wego provides entertainment such as rambling chats, rakugo, and manzai. You can also enjoy Wigo’s various movements and functions, such as raising your hands, raising your legs, walking, running, dancing, flipping, talking, and taking pictures with the camera. can. We will prepare a lot of content that will make your daily life fun and active.
Please come and experience the various functions of “Mimamori Wego” at the venue.
Introducing “Arku Mechatro Wego” subscription service and programming for children
We will also be introducing the “ArkuMechatroWeGo” subscription program for learning robots and programming at our booth.
Programming that anyone of any generation can enjoy at home, whether you want to find a new hobby and expand your knowledge, realize your childhood dream of operating a robot, or create your own brain training or health habits program. We provide learning content. ☆Subscription details page
[Image 3:×1651.jpg] <“Arku Mechatro Wego” also appears in Children’s Square>
In addition, “ArkuMechatroWego” will be displayed at the welfare equipment exhibition booth in the children’s plaza. “Arku Mechatro Wego” has been introduced in programming classes at elementary, junior high, and high schools across the country, and even beginners can learn programming from the basics and can even operate robots. Wego, which has a track record of conducting programming experience classes at schools for the deaf, allows a variety of people to enjoy programming learning. (The image below is from last year’s exhibition)
[Image 4:×2770.jpg] Wigo is a robot that can be used by a variety of people regardless of generation. Please come and experience it for yourself.
-Event Overview-Title: H.C.R. 2023 50th International Welfare Equipment Exhibition & Forum Date and time: Wednesday, September 27th, 2023 – Friday, September 29th, 10:00-17:00 (until 16:00 on Friday, September 29th only) Web exhibition: 2023 August 28th (Monday) – October 30th (Monday) Venue: Tokyo International Exhibition Center “Tokyo Big Sight” East Exhibition Hall
3-11-1 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0063 *Pre-registration is required for admission.
[Image 5:×715.png ]
About Living Robot Living Robot is a technology company that develops partner robots and related technologies with the aim of realizing a society where humans and robots live and grow together. We are expanding our business and contributing to society, including the use of “ArkuMechatroWego” in programming education, social implementation in various fields, and exhibiting products at domestic and
international technology events. Arku Mechatro Wego (C) MODERHYTHM / Kazushi KobayashiContact for this release Livingrobot Phone: 050-8881-6955Email:
More details about this release:

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