LOOTaDOG sells NFT on LINE NFT! In the future, we plan to develop games on Finschia.

LOOTaDOG sells NFT on LINE NFT! In the future, we plan to develop games on Finschia.
LehmanSoft (Headquarters: Australia, hereafter LehmanSoft), which develops services for Web3 using NFT, has started sales of “NFT DOG”, including “DOGPASS” which was released to the public in March 2023, and has started sales of “NFT DOG” and exchange Coinbase (Coinbase). ) We are actively working on the NFT business, such as free minting “Base DOGPASS” on our proprietary blockchain “Base”.
As part of LOOTaDOG’s new collection, “Dog Wan Gift NFT” where you can receive original goods and LINE NFT exclusive DOGPASS will be available on September 25th ( Limited to 1,000 pieces will be sold from Monday).
In the future, we plan to utilize the Finschia Foundation’s Finschia, which is both scalable and secure, to provide LOOTaDOG users with a gaming experience that everyone can enjoy.
We will also be releasing for the first time the design of “LINE NFT Limited DOGPASS,” which is part of the benefits that Wanwan Gift NFT holders will receive.
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“LOOTaDOG”, a popular app that allows you to train NFT dogs, will be appearing on LINE NFT for the first time.
To commemorate the release on LINE NFT, we will be selling “LOOTaDOG Doggie Gift NFT” with the design concept of “one and only wonderful gift”, where you can receive a LINE NFT limited DOGPASS and limited original goods.
[Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/116500/58/resize/d116500-58-e620398ede813d3a003b-0.png&s3=116500-58-89aeed072372ca29ffec717e097c1d82-1680×960.png ]
Wanwan Gift NFT Overview
・Sales date and time: September 25th (Monday)
・Number of sales: 1,000 pieces
・Sales price: 3,000 yen (tax included)
About purchase benefits
1. Wan Wan Gift NFT
NFT with a one-of-a-kind design that arrives in reveal format with the concept of “just one wonderful gift”
This is a DOGPASS limited to LINE NFT that will be airdropped to those who have purchased “Dog Wan Gift NFT” on a specific day (scheduled to be around October 16th) and who own “Wan Wan Gift NFT”.
*DOGPASS is a non-transferable NFT (SBT), and is a community pass that allows you to receive benefits that you can enjoy within “LOOTaDOG” in the future.
*Benefits will be given only to those who hold “Wan Wan Gift NFT” until the snapshot time.
*Please note that if it is exhibited, it will not be considered as being held. 3. Limited original goods
We will provide limited original goods to those who own “LINE NFT Limited DOGPASS” (We will send details of the goods and specific schedule at a later date) You will need to enter the shipping address for the goods. there is.
What is LINE NFT?
LINE NFT is an NFT marketplace (operated by LINE Xeneis, Inc.) where LINE users can easily open an account and enjoy various NFT
experiences such as purchasing, owning, exchanging, and listing NFTs all in one place. Cryptocurrency assets such as FINSCHIA (formerly LINK) and NFTs purchased using LINE Pay for Japanese yen payments can be easily managed using the NFT wallet DOSI Wallet.
About LehmanSoft
Company name: LehmanSoft
Address: Level 12, 32 Martin Place, Sydney 2000 NSW Australia Representative: Raymond Chen
Establishment date: October 22, 2020
URL: https://lootadog.com/
Business content: Fintech
Contact: media@lootadog.com
[Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/116500/58/resize/d116500-58-b47d907e201356ba9e98-0.png&s3=116500-58-0bba4b9f160b6dcc5276dc59ff88562a-1280×670.png ]
LOOTaDOG is a walk training app that turns daily walks into a game and allows you to enjoy training Web3 dogs.
Our goal is to enrich your pet’s life with a one-stop app, and by adding gamification elements to your dog’s daily walks, you can enjoy a richer and more enjoyable walking life.
Currently, LOOTaDOG automatically returns a portion of the rewards earned in the game to the Pet Care Fund, providing a service that allows players to contribute to society while enjoying the game. In addition, we are constantly installing LOOTaDOG QR (a QR code that can be installed in stores) at stores related to the pet business and pet-friendly restaurants, and are providing features that allow users to have even more fun in the real world. We are currently expanding. -Download the LOOTaDOG app-
・App Store: https://apps.apple.com/jp/app/id1636454515?ign-mpt=uo%3D4 ・Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lootadog&hl=ja -Official SNS-
・Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/LOOTaDOG_JPN
・Discord: https://discord.gg/lootadog
・Service site: https://lootadog.com/
・Email address: media@lootadog.com
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