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“Magically changing the customer flow line with online and offline” – General Incorporated Association AIN a nd MS Solutions have launched a new service and are now accepting free consultations that are fully booked on the same d ay!

MS Solutions Co., Ltd.
“Magically changing the customer flow line with online and offline” – General Incorporated Association AIN and MS Solutions have launched a new service and are now accepting free consultations that are fully booked on the same day!
Diagnosis for optimization of customer flow line: Voices from participants / Continuing to hear voices of joy, such as having the scales and dust removed from their eyes / The flow line that the ideal customer flows through is like magic.
Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture – September 12, 2023 – General Incorporated Association Ain (Representative Director: Myojin Araya) based in Tsukubamirai City, Ibaraki Prefecture, and MS Solutions Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Akiko Niida) has launched a new service that combines online and offline customer attraction know-how. Akiko Niida, CEO of MS Solutions, commented on the new service, “In today’s business environment, it is essential to optimize online and offline customer flow lines. We will provide you with a solution.” As a benefit of this service, we were recruiting only 5 companies for a free initial consultation, “Customer Attracting Flow Line Optimization Diagnosis,” and the slots were filled on the same day, making it a huge success.
What is the customer attraction optimization service?
We will diagnose and improve whether the flow line for attracting customers is designed so that water flows.
Customer acquisition optimization service is one of the essential elements for business success. Our service provides a process to thoroughly analyze and optimize the customer flow line for your business.
The process of customer flow optimization service consists of the following steps:
Current state analysis: We begin by conducting a detailed
investigation of the current state of your business. This includes evaluating all customer acquisition channels, including websites, offline stores, social media, and advertising campaigns.
Define your customer profile: Define your customer profile to define the types of people who are likely to be interested in your business. This will set the stage for you to adopt an approach that is appropriate for your target audience.
Design and improvement proposals: Analyze how the customer flow line is currently functioning and find room for improvement. We provide specific recommendations on website design, content strategy, advertising campaign optimization, etc.
Execution and Monitoring: Implement improvement recommendations and monitor how the changes are having an impact. Take a data-driven approach to maximize your results.
Reporting and ongoing support: We report optimization results to you and collaborate on future strategies. We provide ongoing support and help you adapt to changing market conditions.
for example,
Is your ideal customer clear?
Is your design easy to understand for your ideal customer?
Are you embedding elements that make you want to take action now? Is it as if the popular period has arrived? We will propose a magical design document that will naturally attract your ideal customers. Through this customer attraction optimization service, we will help your business more effectively appeal to your ideal customers and maximize your results.
Looking to the future, we aim to reach 50 advisory contracts by the end of this year.
Please feel free to contact us for more information.
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About Ain General Incorporated Association
AIN is a company with strengths in online customer attraction and web content marketing using SNS.
Representative Director Myojin Araya is involved in an online school business that teaches fortune tellers how to attract customers, as well as an online school construction agency business for local business owners and small and medium-sized business owners.
About MS Solutions Co., Ltd.
MS Solutions, as a team of experts who transform consciousness, says, “What you’ll do someday, you can do now!” We are a company with strengths in overwhelming support and speedy response. We provide ideal customer setting, optimization of customer flow lines, coaching services that bring out the client’s charm and abilities to the fullest, dispel concerns about a bright future for beginners and students, and support start-ups without hesitation. leading me home. Common philosophy between the two companies
With our strengths of “having a heart of hospitality” and
“overwhelming speed,” we use our “power of empathy” to connect people, companies, and society.
We will continue to create products and services that connect people. Improving customer satisfaction: AIN, a general incorporated association, operates an online school business that teaches fortune tellers how to attract customers, and has received high praise from participants. They provide customized support based on customer needs to help customers succeed. This has led to an increase in customer reviews and repeat business.
Helping Entrepreneurs Succeed: MS Solutions provides entrepreneurial startup support for beginners and students, helping them realize their vision. By providing overwhelming speed and individual coaching, we act as a powerful partner for entrepreneurs to succeed in the market. Empathy and collaboration: The two companies value empathy with their customers and work together to appropriately address their needs. AIN’s online school business and MS Solutions’ coaching services are complementary and provide comprehensive support to our customers. This cooperation brings our customers closer to business success. These success stories demonstrate how the two companies work together to realize a common philosophy and deliver value to our customers. Customer success is the driving force behind our vision.
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