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Mail order unified management system GoQSystem releases CTI collaboration service! Improve the efficiency of call center operations!

GoQSystem Co., Ltd.
Mail order unified management system GoQSystem releases CTI
collaboration service! Improve the efficiency of call center operations!
GoQSystem Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Takuji Fujimoto) provides a cloud-based mail order unified management system, “GoQSystem,” which has released a new collaboration service with CTI that allows you to refer to customer information when receiving a call. It also includes functions for viewing customer information, taking notes during calls, and linking with GoQSystem order management. Please consider this if you are a store looking to improve the quality of your telephone response and improve the efficiency of your call center operations.
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Automatically display customer information on your PC when a call arrives! What is GoQCTI?
CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) is a function that links telephones, fax machines, and computers.
By introducing GoQSystem’s CTI “GoQCTI”,
“I’m concerned about the failure to hand over to another person.” “It is not easy to trace the history of past conversations.” “I forget to ask the customer’s company name or name.”
We will solve these problems and improve the efficiency of call center operations.
Specifically, you can use the following functions.
■When a call is received, the customer information of the called party is automatically displayed on the PC.
When a call is received, customer information is automatically displayed as a pop-up on the screen of the PC linked with GoQCTI. Since you can determine in advance which customer is calling, you can start the call more smoothly.
■Call memo function
You can check the conversation history and write call memos. Since you can check your response history on the cloud, you can smoothly respond to customers even if they were previously handled by another person.
Since the content is passed on to each person in charge, it gives customers peace of mind and improves customer satisfaction.
■Order information coordination with GoQSystem
The GoQCTI popup that appears when you receive a call has a button to display order information.
When you press this button, a phone number search within GoQSystem will be performed automatically.
With this feature, you will be able to access customer information with just one click.
Rate plan
In addition to the regular plan fee, we will provide the following fee. ・Monthly fee: 5,000 yen
・Initial cost: 50,000 yen
(excluding tax/per location)
-Rate plan-
About “GoQSystem”
[Image 2:×500.jpg] GoQSystem is a system that allows you to centrally manage your mail order operations.
Since orders, sales, inventory, and product data for all online shops can be managed within one system, operational efficiency can be significantly improved.
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【Company Profile】
GoQSystem Co., Ltd.
Location: NS Kyobashi Building 5F, 1-6-12 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Established: February 25, 2009
Business content: System development, design business, video business, online shopping business
Representative: Representative Director Takuji Fujimoto
Official website URL:
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