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Mainichi Shimbun 30th anniversary! Expanded missed delivery period! Mainichi Shimbun sponsored online rakugo s how “Shinsuke and Friends”

Mainichi Shimbun Co., Ltd.
30th anniversary! Expanded missed delivery period! Mainichi Shimbun sponsored online rakugo show “Shinsuke and Friends”
The theme is “flute” x “rakugo”
The Mainichi Shimbun will be broadcasting the online rakugo show “Shinsuke and Friends” live on the Internet from 7:00 pm on Friday, September 22nd. There are 2 seats for performances such as
“Ikudaimochi.” Hiroshi Fukuhara, a Fukuhara style flute player, will be making a guest appearance.
[Image 1:×1080.jpg] “Shinsuke and Friends” is a rakugo performance broadcast live from Kokontei Master Shinsuke’s home practice studio.
It will be held once a month from April 2021, and will be held for the 30th time this September.
This project was originally started as a way to convey the joy of rakugo while vaudeville theaters and hall rakugo performances were being suspended.
Nowadays, we continue to hold events every month with unique ideas so that those who are unable to go out or are far away and cannot easily attend a vaudeville show can have fun. Of course, those who have watched Yose and are also watching this stream, as well as those who are new to rakugo, are also very welcome.
There are two performances this time, including “Ikudaimochi,” a story about a pure man’s dream.
Our guest, Mr. Fukuhara, is the flute master of Shinsuke Kokontei. In addition to performing mainly in classical music such as Kabuki and Nihon Buyo-kai, we have also appeared in Sankyokai, which aims to fuse Noh and Kabuki music, since its first performance.
The conversation between the two will also be interesting to see how their respective performing arts, including rakugo, resonate with each other.
Thanks to you, “Shinsuke and Friends” will be held for the 30th time. To express our gratitude, we are extending the missed delivery period to 9 days (until October 1st (Sunday)).
You can view it as many times as you like during the period, so please take your time and enjoy it at your leisure during the fall of culture.
☆Past digest versions are now available on the official YouTube channel!
“Ikudaimochi” synopsis/highlights
This is a humanistic story about a young man who works as a servant at a rice grinder.
He is a hard-working young man, but something seems off. When her master noticed this and asked what was going on, she said it was because she was “love-sick.” After seeing the colored woodblock prints of Ikuyodayu, a courtesan from Yoshiwara, she has been unable to find work. The master promises, “If you work hard for the next year and save up some money, I’ll find a way to meet you.” A year later, the story goes that Ikuyodayu was attracted to a serious and pure young man after spending the night there after he was able to travel to Yoshiwara. The highlight is the sudden development that unfolds from the conversation the two have before parting ways. Viewer present
In addition to items related to the performers, we will give away a “Kinmiya Shochu T-shirt” provided by the Miyazaki main store by lottery!
A lottery will be held during the talk.
Program overview
-Delivery date and time-
30th = September 22nd (Friday) 19:00-20:30
-Performance- Shinsuke Kokontei, Hiroshi Fukuhara (guest, Fukuhara flute player) -Viewing fee-1,500 yen (tax included)
*Missed delivery available (9 days after delivery)
-Official website-
-Application for viewing-Please apply from the official website. -Inquiries-Shinsuke and Friends Office (Mainichi Planning Service) Email:
Sponsored by Mainichi Shimbun, Mainichi Planning Service
Shinsuke Kokontei/Main biography
・1972: Became an apprentice to the late 3rd generation Kokontei Shincho ・1977: Promoted to second position; inherited master Shincho’s former name “Asata”
・1984-1999 Regular appearance on NHK TV’s “Okaasan to Issho” (For a long time, he has been running the “Hebi-kun Buta-kun” corner on the “Shinsuke Show.”)
・1985: Promoted to Shinuchi and assumed the name “Shinsuke Kokontei” ・From 2000 to 2003, served as a personality on NHK-FM radio’s “Meikyoku Recital” ・From 2000: Appeared in a family concert with the New Japan
Philharmonic Orchestra
・2010~ Director of Rakugo Association (General Incorporated
Association) (2020~ Advisor)
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[Image 3:×2000.jpg] ☆You can download the flyer PDF below. More details about this release: