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Marui Textile Co., Ltd. A collaboration event between the popular VTuber event “Jack Shibuya! 2” and origi nal goods creator UP-T will be held! With your support, Oshi will become an ambassador.

Marui Textile Co., Ltd.
A collaboration event between the popular VTuber event “Jack Shibuya! 2” and original goods creator UP-T will be held! With your support, Oshi will become an ambassador.
“Jack Shibuya! 2 Battle for Ambassador”
Marui Textile Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Ishikawa Prefecture, President and CEO: Yoshio Miyamoto) is participating in the VTuber event “Jack the Shibuya! 2 in MAGNET by SHIBUYA109”, VTuber will appear in Shibuya Vision and jack Shibuya! An original goods sales battle will be held on October 2nd for the chance to become the new ambassador.
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It will be held in collaboration with the VTuber event “Jack Shibuya! 2 in MAGNET by SHIBUYA109” and original goods creator “UP-T”. At this event, over 80 VTubers will participate, each designing and selling goods. Points are earned through sales and post support, and the participant with the most points wins the grand prize. Top winners will be given the right to appear in Shibuya Vision, and Jack Shibuya! You also have a chance to appear as an ambassador for 2! Your support will be the key to making Oshi the Grand Prix winner!
Sales period: October 2, 2023 to October 31, 2023, noon
■Event schedule
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■How to participate You can participate in the event by purchasing eligible goods from the special website, or by posting on X (formerly Twitter) with a specific hashtag and URL. This event is open to anyone, so please feel free to join us.
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■Grand Prix Award
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■Purchaser benefits
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■Event-limited designed goods T-shirts, long-sleeved T-shirts, hoodies, tote bags, and mugs designed by VTubers for this event will be on sale.
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■List of participants (84 people in no particular order) Eda Kohinata / Tenki Sensai / Good Morning Midnight / Manameo / Kumi Hashiba / Angel L / Koiinu Chiwako / Phantom Thief Answer / Mochikin Chas / Tsuno Saito. / AMEPERO / Himeka Ramie / Angel Theta / Yoizuki Yukia / Aoi Sumire / Amainu Moka / Dododo Meteor / Hutora Yawn / Misakagusa Yo / Rinko yo / Mahhy. / Mahhy / Okitsune-sama Yui / Hoshifuri Yoru / Komatanuki Mijyuki / Kanban Girl Yohei. / Ruka Yonagi / Niijima Lamp / Alajima Lamp / Kuku Watatori / Remon Haitani / Mitsuba / Kodakoda Channel / Now LoadiN / Tsumiki Usumi / Ten Guan / Full of excuses / Mikone Hasuzakura / Nanase Orino / Nora Yarkaled / MIKU / Ibara Devil Rose / Nanose / Karon Kumasa / Rin Takanose / Fuyuka Tsukiyuki / Luna Lockheart / Nemuru Kaizuki / Natsuki Nogami / Mitsuki Kuratake / Flower Fairy Latia / Hirono Oto / Mana Kanaka / Elaina Threeto / Kisaya / Momoa Mione / Shion Yami / Ori / Nemu Gokanno / Demon Lord Tyrolnia / KYAPU / Chun Uzuki / Ayuki Hoshiame / Mihana Te Yu/ Noe Himeno/ Dandelion Cat/ Stella Sorano/ Uncle Leonard/ Katy/ Ugichami Paisen/ Arisa Chitose/ Momo Amase/ Mai Yofune/ Ellen Sandy/ Moa Miyabi/ Reimu Amato/ Aone Hanna / Kon Yukio / Suzuri Ayaka / Rin Aoi / Nekoden / Soichi Mizuki / Rui / Mia Amber / Tsubaki Asaba / Itotsune Meso■What is UP-T?
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Based on the concept of “The world is fun because everyone is different,” we are an on-demand service that creates original goods with over 1,500 types of items, including T-shirts, hoodies, smartphone cases, nail art, banners, and more. This is an innovative service that provides high quality and short delivery times (delivered in as little as 3 days) from a long-established manufacturer that has been in business for over 80 years, and allows you to sell products on the market without having to keep inventory. “UP-T” URL: Items handled: T-shirts, smartphone cases,
stationery, banners, etc. (2 items added every month!) Price: 1,100 yen per T-shirt (Tax included) *Printing fee included, discount applicable for orders of 100 or more copies ■Company Profile Company Name: Marui Textile Co., Ltd. Location: 15 Kunogibe, Nakanoto-cho, Kashima-gun, Ishikawa Prefecture Representative: Yoshio Miyamoto, Representative Director and President Established: 1956 Business details: Manufacturing and sales of various textiles, sales and planning production using web services URL:

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