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Masato Toguchi and a total of 19 other performers will be presenting the 13th performance of “Alice Memorial S ervice” by Fantasy Theater Company Maboroshi No Kuni. Tickets will be on sale at Confetti.

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Masato Toguchi and a total of 19 other performers will be presenting the 13th performance of Fantasy Theater Company Maboroshinokuni’s “Alice Memorial”. Tickets will be on sale at Confetti.
Beyond the rabbit hole…is it a “mysterious” country?
The 13th Maboroshi no Kuni performance “Alice Memorial Service” will be performed as follows.
[Performance schedule] Thursday, November 2, 2023 – Sunday, November 5, 2023 / Venue: Oji Small Theater (B1F, 1-14-4 Oji, Kita-ku, Tokyo 114-0002)
Tickets will go on sale at Confetti (operated by Long Ramp Running Co., Ltd., Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Daigo Kuramatsu) from 20:00 on Saturday, September 9th.
Tickets will go on sale at Confetti from 20:00 on Saturday, September 9th.
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[Image 1: &s3=13972-2131-A02AA60B53DC4613D8C9615737777cd a9d8-1721X2436.jpg]
[Image 2: &s3=13972-2131-F3A509710CCEC9F521D521D521D521BE72C 6a901-960×1354.jpg] This fall, Maboroshi no Kuni will perform a mysterious story woven by a total of 19 actors!
One day, Alice falls down a rabbit hole from the rooftop and ends up in a mysterious land…not Wonderland.
That is the end of hell. Murasaki Shikibu, who fell into hell after writing a false story, holds a secret tea party with his friends to escape hell.
Alice escapes from hell to return to her original world, but ends up on a rooftop one day. There, a firefighter called Kirihara was waiting for something that never came.
Ohanashi on the rooftop that day, woven by Shakespeare, Murasaki Shikibu, and unique characters. Stories are added to, erased from, rewritten, and written down!
What should be the punch line: the neck or the story? That’s the only problem! Performer profile
[Image 3:×1568.jpg ]
Masato Toguchi
Born in Okinawa Prefecture in 1993. Founded the theater group “Gugeki Sentai Jaspresso”. Serves as the leader of a theater company. In addition to appearing on stages both in and outside Okinawa Prefecture, including stage productions directed by Amon Miyamoto, he has also appeared in many video productions, including being the main cast in the movie “Miracle City Koza” starring Kenta Kiritani.
[Image 4:× g ]
Aoi Nakasone
Born August 16, 1996. Born in Okinawa Prefecture. 2015/16 National tournament gold medal as part of baton twirling “team croix”. He will choreograph and perform at legend of TOKYO 2020.
On stage, he will appear in 2022’s Maam and Gypsy “Cocoon”, 2023’s “Menishitai, Mimi ni Nitai”, Sound Horizon, “Wish on Ema” and many others.
[Image 5:×1356.jpg] Tatsuhiko Machida
Born February 19, 1988. In 2015, he enrolled in the Watanabe School of Drama and participated in Office 3◯◯ performances such as “Whale! Ride on My Hand.” After graduating, she has been active mainly on stage, and recently appeared in “Rough Cut 2023″.
[Image 6:×1619. jpg]
Born February 5, 1997. Graduated from Waseda University Drama Research Group. He joined “Tsuyu to Makura”, which was founded in the same place, and later left the group.
Currently a member of “Anyoha Jozu.” He has also appeared in “Momiji no Hana” and “Okawa Planning”. I’m afraid of getting lost.
What is Maboroshi no Kuni?
A fantasy theater company whose theme is “illusion” by making use of “ritual” and “style.” Launched in 2019 under the name “Gen no Kuni”. In 2023, we will be active with new members as “Maboroshi no Kuni”.
[From past performances]
[Image 7:× g ]
[Image 8:× g ]
[Image 9:×1044.jpg ]
[Image 10:× g ]
[Image 11:×1568.jpg ]
[Image 12:×1044.jpg ]
Performance overview
Maboroshi no Kuni 13th main performance “Alice Memorial Service” Performance period: Thursday, November 2, 2023 – Sunday, November 5, 2023 【theater】
Oji Small Theater
1-14-4 Oji, Kita-ku, Tokyo 114-0002 1st basement floor
5 minutes walk from Oji Station. Go straight on Kitahondori from the “North Exit” on the JR Keihin Tohoku Line or “Exit 4” on the Tokyo Metro Namboku Line.
Underground of a store called “My Basket Oji Kitahondori store”
Masato Toguchi (Gugeki Sentai Jaspresso)
Aoi Nakasone Okuizumi
Tatsuhiko Machida
Tatsuya Seno
Eiri Iijima
Daigo Tanikawa (avenir’e)
Inaba moon
Sea Miyamoto
Akiko Higa
Riko Hirako
Tsubasa Tanaka
Atsuyuki Ishigaki
Hana Tsukagoshi
Rino Miyasaka
Kanon Hagiwara
Jian Taiga
Yukari Ogura
Kaito Fukuchi
(That’s it for Illusionary Kingdom)
On the other side of the hole…is it a mysterious country?
Alice falls down a rabbit hole from the rooftop and ends up at the end of hell. There, “Murasaki Shikibu” and his cheerful friends are holding a “secret tea party” to escape hell.
《Talking about Ohanashi》 That is the only way to escape from hell. Alice escapes from hell and reaches that “rooftop in the afternoon” once again.
There was a man named “Kirihara” who had lost everything… 《Alice continues to wait for her “confession” on the rooftop》 《Kirihara brings back lost “works”》
When the two “Ohanashi” overlap, the girl says from the rooftop in the afternoon, “On that day, I will fall.”
Written and directed by: Kaito Fukuchi
Stage director: Riko Honma
Assistant director: Kaede Uchishiba
Production chief: Noa Suzuki
Production assistant: Ai Teruya (Gugeki Sentai Jaspresso)
Music: Shuhei Kuroki
Lighting design: Shirai Honoka
Sound operator: Wataru Nishino
Space design: Kaito Takano, Aoi Kuwabara
Costume: living room for small
Advertising art: Mizuko Hagiwara
Photo: Masayuki Nakamura
■Performance schedule
Thursday, November 2nd 15:00/19:00
Friday, November 3rd 13:00/19:00
November 4th (Sat) 13:00/19:00
November 5th (Sun) 13:00
*Reception and doors open 45 minutes before the performance
*Performance time approximately 120 minutes, no intermission ■ Ticket price
General: Advance 4500 yen, same day 5000 yen
Students: Advance 4000 yen, same day 4500 yen
Repeat customer discount: General 2000 yen, Student 1500 yen U-18 ticket: 1000 yen (limited number)
*Please present your ID at the reception on the day.
*Only confetti available
Childcare service available. Reservation required.
Event childcare/mothers
0 years old/1 year old: 2,100 yen 2 years old or older: 1,050 yen 【cooperation】
You are good at it.
Geki Sentai Jaspresso
Waseda University Theater Research Group
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