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Mastering dining alone for adults – Commitment to food –
Introducing items added to Men’s Hideout PREMIUM in September 2023 ……
The ultimate in flavorful alone time – being particular about ingredients and tableware
“Alone time” is a calm moment where you can free yourself from the hustle and bustle of daily life and pursue deep self-dialogue and quiet relaxation. What you eat and how you eat is very important when you spend time like this.
By being particular about not only the ingredients but also the tableware, mealtimes can turn from being just a source of nourishment to a luxurious reward for yourself. These elements come together to provide sensory satisfaction and peace of mind and body.
This time, we will introduce carefully selected ingredients and tableware to help you enjoy your time alone. Each one has its own story and commitment, and is an item that will enrich your alone time.
[Image 1:×712.jpg] Enjoy a luxurious moment – No compromises when it comes to drinking alcohol
[Image 2:×458.png ]
An indispensable drink for adults to eat alone. I also want to be particular about the snacks that go with it.
Horse sashimi is an excellent dish not only as a meal but also as an accompaniment to alcohol. Many people love it because of its rich flavor and healthfulness.
The “[Selected] 3 Types of Purely Domestic Horse Sashimi Set” introduced here uses carefully selected horse meat of particularly high quality. The horse sashimi is selected from different parts such as shoulder loin, thigh, and liver, and each part has a different texture and taste, allowing you to enjoy the various charms of horse meat.
Also, if you chill the meat thoroughly in the refrigerator before eating, the flavor of the meat will stand out even more and the flavor will deepen. How about an option for a solo meal?
【Product Details】
Product name: [Ginsen] 3 types of pure domestic horse sashimi set Price: 6,372 yen (tax included)
Click here for product details: Enjoy with Iga ware “Iki” series sake vessels – The ultimate marriage of horse sashimi and shochu
[Image 3:×466.png ]
In order to make horse sashimi even more delicious, it is important to choose the right sake cup. Iga ware’s “Iki” series sake vessels have an elegant design and texture that make them the perfect pairing with horse sashimi.
The unique clay texture of Iga ware gives you a sense of warmth that feels good in your hands, creating a tasteful moment for yourself. It is characterized by the warmth of being handmade by craftsmen and the calm atmosphere created by the unique texture of Iga ware, and by slowly enjoying the shochu with horse sashimi, your time alone will become even more memorable.
By carving out the bottom, it is designed to prevent water droplets from getting wet on the tabletop, making it not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional.
We want you to experience the charm of Iga ware, which boasts a long history. This is the best sake cup that makes you feel that charm. If you’re so particular about the food, be sure to pay close attention to the utensils as well.
【Product Details】
Product name: Igayaki “Iki” series sake vessels, 2 types in total Price: 7,700 yen to 8,800 yen (tax included)
Click here for product details: Variety of Arita ware double wall cups – also useful as soba noodles
[Image 4:×503.png ]
For those who want to enjoy something other than shochu, we recommend the Arita porcelain “Double Wall Cup”. Not only does it look colorful and beautiful, but it is also highly functional.
This cup has a double layered structure that retains heat and keeps drinks from getting cold. It is also useful for drinking alcoholic beverages other than shochu, such as highballs and beer, as well as soft drinks such as tea and water.
In addition, due to its beautiful shape and color, it can also be used as soba choko, allowing you to feel the Japanese tradition along with the scent of soba.
It’s also fun to enjoy your soba noodles in a double wall cup that keeps the soba soup cool. Since it has excellent heat retention properties, it is also recommended to use it in hot soup.
Why not improve the quality of your solo meal by preparing a wonderful bowl that can be used not only in summer but also in winter? 【Product Details】
Product name: Arita ware double wall cup, 6 colors in total
Price: 3,300 yen (tax included)
Click here for product details: Funakura Soba – Enjoy a blissful moment with its simple taste and pleasant aroma
[Image 5:×457.png ]
If you are particular about the taste and the sake vessel, and are able to prepare the soba choco to finish off your meal, delicious soba noodles are also a must. Lastly, we would like to introduce “Fukura no Soba” produced in Toyama Prefecture that does not use pesticides or fertilizers.
This soba is characterized by its smooth texture and simple taste, making it perfect for enjoying alone. The soba noodles are so delicious that even when you’re almost full, you’ll still be eating them.
In addition, this soba is made with great care for nature, and young people from the local community work together as one to handle everything from cultivation to milling. If you eat soba while keeping in mind the faces of the producers, you are sure to find it to be of the highest quality.
If you are interested, please check it out.
【Product Details】
Product name: Funakura soba
Price: 6,000 yen (tax included)
Click here for product details: Eating alone is time just for you. Let’s enjoy it to our heart’s content. Time alone is an important time to face yourself and balance your mind and body. Delicious ingredients and beautiful tableware make that time alone special, and while you spend time comfortably, it returns as an investment in yourself.
Try turning eating alone, which is often considered lonely, into a wonderful time that everyone will envy.
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