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Mingle Co., Ltd. Bridal industry! Marriage consultation agency! Must see! Looking for PR customer attraction users and matchmaking site business partners for wealthy Chinese people!

mingle Co., Ltd.
Bridal industry! Marriage consultation agency! Must see! Looking for PR customer attraction users and matchmaking site business partners for wealthy Chinese people!
Providing services and new businesses that utilize schemes that connect directly to wealthy Chinese people and business owners! ……
Mingle Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture, Representative Director: Tomoki Kobayashi), whose main business is inbound and outbound business for wealthy Chinese people, is looking for partners to provide information on services for the bridal industry and launch a matchmaking site. Reception period: Monday, September 11, 2023 to Tuesday, October 10, 2023 Nationwide
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“Let’s create a matchmaking site for wealthy Chinese people! ” I decided to do so more than a year ago.
Comments from a divorced customer who visited Japan from China to sign an M&A contract during the 2022 Spring Festival
“Some Chinese women are kind and beautiful, but many are tough. I also want a new wife soon.
A friend of mine said that many Japanese women are kind and
considerate. I would like you to introduce me to a woman who is single and seems suitable for me! 』
What’s more, the requests happened to be two in a row, and for some reason, many of the people I met through work were divorced or single. We received similar comments from more than half of the people, and the number ended up being over 30.
“How many coincidences can there be? 』
With that in mind, I did a little research on the marriage situation in China. This is the same trend as in Japan, where the marriage rate is declining and the birth rate is decreasing proportionately.
The marriage rate (marriage rate per 1,000 people) was 5.9%, nearly half of what it was 10 years ago.
What is of concern is the divorce rate (per 1,000 people). A whopping 3.3%. It’s twice as much as Japan.
This is a global trend, not just during the day, and seems to have been strongly affected by the coronavirus.
After doing some more research
There are matchmaking sites in China, but parents who want to get married can post their children’s photos and profiles in parks and other locations.
There are still many analogue types who stick it on their umbrellas in search of a good match, and the culture where parents decide who to marry still remains strong.
On the other hand, business owners and wealthy people who have requested our company can use any method, but they can simply contact Japanese single women.
I realized that I was looking for a point of contact.
When I looked at the process and costs involved in getting married, I thought, “This might be interesting…”
Making a profit is important, but what is important is whether there is a need. And whether or not our company can run a happy business while having fun.
And we thought about it some more. What are our strengths?
Our strength is that we have a concrete scheme that leverages our connections with wealthy Chinese people, managers, investors, etc. Advertisements have their merits, but we need real opportunities to “meet and talk” with the target audience.
What we can offer. Moreover, it is not difficult to gather a group of only a few hundred people. .
The Internet has its advantages, and matchmaking in a park is also one of the correct answers.
In Japan, China, and other countries, “meeting and talking” is the most likely to yield results in online business negotiations that have become popular due to the coronavirus.
I think it’s been proven enough.
People in various industries were disappointed by the low closing rate of online business negotiations.
If that’s the case, don’t think about matchmaking sites! I’m sure some of you will say,
Our company has a track record of cross-border e-commerce as an “intangible goods sales site” for wealthy Chinese people.
It is possible to build a “marriage scheme” and “marriage scheme” that combine that scheme with face-to-face events.
Is possible.
Currently, our company has been specializing in building and implementing inbound tours, which we have been advocating since the coronavirus pandemic.
In late August, we received an inquiry from someone involved in the bridal industry who would like to take advantage of the bridal subsidy.
I want your cooperation! I received a request.
You can use the place to promote inbound tours (excursions) as an advertisement, and you can also use Japanese companies as event venues.
You can also call us, and we will actually set up a bridal tour and give you a concrete idea of ​​your wedding in Japan.
Measures can also be taken.
・Publish advertisements on matchmaking sites for wealthy Chinese men! (This site only allows people who want to get married to join, so you can appeal to 100% of your target audience!)
・Open a store at an event venue for wealthy people!
(Strength of being able to talk face-to-face)
・You can be invited to preview the facility on an inbound tour (study trip)! (The peace of mind of being able to see the facilities and venue greatly increases the marriage rate and contract rate!)
Tour image
We will include a visit to your company’s facilities as part of the itinerary. Other services include visiting travel agencies to arrange honeymoon trips and handling wedding rings.
We plan and execute highly specialized tours that include shops, workshops, beauty salons, clinics, etc. in the itinerary.
All of these stops can be made by your affiliated companies, or if you don’t have an affiliated company, we can arrange them for you. Is possible.
Chinese people are more “rational” than Japanese people, so rational schemes like this are more likely to be supported.
It is characterized by its ability to easily lead to results. 【the purpose】
We will seriously contribute to improving the marriage rate and birth rate between Japan and China, and contribute to the development of both countries.
●We want to attract wealthy Chinese customers.Wedding halls, chapels, shrines, temples, photo studios, etc.
*Specific lifestyle-related services inbound demand creation promotion/infrastructure strengthening project, commonly known as bridal subsidy, can be used.
In that case, the number of eligible businesses will increase, so please check the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry website for details.
Please see below for the schedule of events where wealthy Chinese gather ↓
●Marriage consultation agencies, matchmakers, and other matchmaking site management companies
(Available nationwide)
We are looking for supporters to jointly operate a matchmaking site for wealthy Chinese people.
Start small. Consider expanding based on results.
Business start date: Around December 2023
*In principle, only business partnership contracts. Expenses incurred will be borne equally or by each party.
*In principle, we envision that the company will be operated by the founding members (up to 10 companies) without any additional recruitment.
site image
Target on the Chinese side → wealthy Chinese men/managers
Target on Japanese side → Japanese women
Cost image
Male → Enrollment fee, monthly fee, marriage fee (or information provision fee) Women → language acquisition costs
*For women, we will provide them in order to increase your chances of being selected and increasing your contract rate.
The idea is to learn a language from a full-time instructor. Includes consultation for Chinese men
[Not allowed]
Unfortunately, not all people are attracted to businesses targeting the wealthy, where large sums of money are involved.
Our company places great importance on compliance.
Cooperation with people who have ties to anti-social organizations or whose status or identity is uncertain
We won’t do anything. Thank you for your understanding.
that’s all.
Please feel free to contact us.
The female officer in charge will respond politely.

[Introduction of other initiatives]
■Would you like to become the owner of a tour for wealthy Chinese people? You can attract wealthy Chinese people to your town and earn new revenue while contributing to the local community!
■I will teach you about the “Learning Tour”!
■Support for Chinese visitors to Japan! We promise to increase sales by at least 50%!
Only 5 slots left at special price! Regular price is always available. ■Alliance with restaurants, shops, accommodation facilities, various service providers, etc. all over Japan!
■Recruiting agents! You can use our scheme as a weapon in your company’s arsenal.
Conditions will be presented separately.
Please fill in the required information on the inquiry form and press the send button.
■Company Profile Trade Name: Mingle Co., Ltd. Representative: Representative Director Tomoki Kobayashi Location: 3-5-3 Ayada-cho, Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture Established: November 2018 Business Contents: Trading business/Inbound/Outbound business/Overseas expansion support business / Sales promotion and customer attraction support business / Overseas event business / Cross-border e-commerce operation / Travel service arrangement business URL:

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