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Mirai Project announces new agency system “Mirai Project Partner”! We are looking for companies that turn so lving social issues into business opportunities.

Media Incubate Co., Ltd.
Mirai Project announces new agency system “Mirai Project Partner”! We are looking for companies that turn solving social issues into business opportunities.
A new agency model that supports solving business issues with an eye on the future (
On September 9, 2023, Mirai Project, sponsored by Media Incubate Co., Ltd., will launch a new agency system, “Mirai Project Partner,” to support companies that see solving social issues as business opportunities. This system targets companies that look to the future and provide services that solve both social and business issues. “Mirai Project Partner” supports the growth of companies that view social issues as business opportunities. Participating companies can leverage Mirae Project’s extensive network and resources to quickly obtain industry trends and the latest information.
In addition, companies certified as Future Project Partners will enjoy many benefits, such as priority participation in unique seminars and workshops, and one-on-one consulting sessions with experts.
Through the Mirai Project Partner system, Mirai Project will support the further growth of companies that see solving social issues as business opportunities. We welcome inquiries from companies wishing to sell our products. Please look forward to future developments.
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The “Mirai Project Partner” system proposed by Mirai Project is attracting attention as a revolution in the traditional agency model. The biggest feature of this system is that it goes beyond simply selling products and services and supports the construction of business models centered on solving social issues.
In recent years, many companies have positioned the creation of social value as a part of their business, and Mirai Project Partner is a pioneer in this direction, proposing a new type of partnership that simultaneously pursues corporate social responsibility and business success. doing.
Participating companies will be provided with Mirai Project’s connections with a wide range of industries and know-how on advanced business models. This allows companies to not only approach new markets and customer groups, but also develop their business while solving social issues.
Mirai Project also plans to hold its own events and forums to deepen collaboration with partner companies. This will encourage
cross-industry collaboration and the sharing of new business ideas, and is expected to create even greater social impact.
Participating in the “Future Project Partner” system will be a great opportunity for many companies, as it will be a new challenge for companies and a new way of interacting with society. Through this system, Mirai Project will help create a future where companies continue to grow together with society.
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