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Mirai Project establishes “Manga Marketing Lab” within Creator’s Future Consulting Exploring new marketing horizons with the power of manga – A future business model co-created with creators

Media Incubate Co., Ltd.
[Mirai Project establishes “Manga Marketing Lab” within Creator’s Future Consulting] Exploring new marketing horizons with the power of manga – A future business model co-created with creators
Developing innovative marketing strategies that utilize manga content in collaboration with creators
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On September 9, 2023, Media Incubate Co., Ltd.’s “Mirai Project” will strengthen collaboration with creators and launch the “Manga Marketing Lab,” which aims to explore the potential of manga as a new marketing method. We are announcing the launch as part of “Future Consulting”. This new initiative leverages the universal appeal and reach of comics to provide a strategic approach to communicating brands and companies’ messages to a wider audience. By incorporating a new twist into traditional marketing methods, we aim to create content that strengthens engagement with our target audience and creates deep empathy.
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“Mirai Project” aims to further collaborate with creators and is developing a new service, “Future Consulting for Creators.” Among these, the one that attracts particular attention is the Manga Marketing Lab.
“Manga Marketing Lab” was established as a department to research and develop new marketing methods using manga. We will work together to develop a strategy that leverages the unique appeal and universality of manga to maximize its appeal to the target audience. Through close collaboration with creators, we support the production of original manga content and the formulation of distribution strategies on SNS and websites.
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Furthermore, we are also developing new services such as Brainstorm Buddy, Team Maker, and Feedback Loop (word-of-mouth hearing) as part of our “Future Consulting for Creators” service. By collaborating with these services and Manga Marketing Lab, your company’s marketing strategy will be taken to even greater heights.
Through the Manga Marketing Lab, Mirai Project will continue to propose new forms of marketing co-created by creators and companies. This initiative reflects the actual needs of the marketing field, and by making the most of the unique appeal of the manga medium, we will provide a new approach not found in traditional marketing methods. . In particular, it is expected to increase the effectiveness of information transmission to the target audience, which is mainly young people.
In addition, Mirai Project is broadly seeking participation as sponsors and partners for Manga Marketing Lab. We are looking forward to the participation of companies and organizations that sympathize with this new initiative and would like to explore new marketing horizons together.
[Image 3:×544.png] We have a track record of monetization ranging from tens of thousands of page views to tens of millions to hundreds of millions of page views, and by leveraging our knowledge of media management, we can support you from customer interviews to dissemination and community building.
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