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Mirai Project Juku launches special program for managers thinking about business succession

Media Incubate Co., Ltd.
Mirai Project Juku launches special program for managers thinking about business succession
Learn about the strategic succession process that is the key to business continuity, and receive practical support in collaboration with future project professionals.

On September 9, 2023, Media Incubate Co., Ltd. will announce the launch of a new program for managers with business succession in mind at Mirai Project Juku. This program covers a wide range of topics related to business succession, including business succession processes and strategies, risk management, and successor selection and training.
Business succession is a once-in-a-lifetime big decision for many business owners. The key to success lies in proper planning and practical support. This new program from Mirai Project Juku provides business owners with the knowledge and skills to smoothly navigate the business succession process.
* [Mirai Project School] A learning and exchange platform for everyone from current managers to those who aspire to become managers and professionals to build the future together
If you are interested, please contact us using the contact information below. 【contact address】
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Additionally, business owners participating in this program can receive practical support for business succession through
collaboration with Mirai Project Professionals. Additionally, as a benefit of being a support group, you can use Mirai Vision
Consulting’s services to further flesh out your business succession strategy.
Mirai Project Juku will continue our efforts to support the success of business owners considering business succession. Through this new program, we will do our best to support business owners so that they can proceed with the business succession process with peace of mind.
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In addition, we have summarized the differences between “Mirai Vision Consulting” and “Mirai Project Professional” and information about cooperation with cheering groups below.
Future vision consulting
Overview: We provide comprehensive consulting services with an eye on the future. Strengthen the series of processes of data analysis, strategy planning, and execution support.
Service contents:
Future Research Report: Report creation based on market research, trend analysis, and competitive analysis.
Strategic planning: Designing business models, brand strategies, and marketing strategies.
Execution plan: Specific action plan and KPI settings based on strategy. Execution support: Project progress management, data analysis, feedback of results.
Collaboration with cheering groups: By becoming a sponsor (cheering group) of “Future Vision Consulting,” companies have the opportunity to be directly involved in projects that contribute to solving social issues and achieving sustainable growth. This could strengthen corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities and also improve corporate value.
It is expected to improve corporate value, strengthen brand image, deepen relationships of trust with stakeholders, and discover new business opportunities.
Realizing synergies between social contribution and business, such as sharing knowledge and resources and increasing employee motivation. Mirai Project Professional
Overview: We assign top professionals with extensive management experience in various fields to projects and businesses to support business acceleration and success.
Service contents:
Includes mentoring sessions, online community, media incubation contribution rights, etc.
Services provided vary depending on the plan.
Professional cheering group system: A new community-building approach that specializes in solving industry-specific issues. In the process of advancing the project, a “support group” is formed and the project is developed in a co-creative manner.
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Based on the above information, “Future Vision Consulting” is a service that provides comprehensive consulting with an eye on the future, and “Future Project Professional” assigns top professionals to projects and businesses to accelerate business. You can see that it is a supported service. Additionally, both services are characterized by collaboration in the form of a “cheer squad,” which allows companies to realize synergies between social contribution and business. If you are interested, please contact us using the contact information below. [Contact information] LINE: Email:
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