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“Mirai Project Research Lab” is born! – Create new business opportunities through close collaboration with p rofessionals. We are also looking for lab sponsors!

Media Incubate Co., Ltd.
“Mirai Project Research Lab” is born! – Create new business
opportunities through close collaboration with professionals. We are also looking for lab sponsors!
Five new departments will accelerate the commercialization of research cases ( ……
On September 9, 2023, Media Incubate Co., Ltd. will launch a new organization, Mirai Project Research Lab, to commercialize
cutting-edge technology and research results under Mirai Project. We connect professionals in various fields with companies and support joint technology development and exploration of research themes. We pursue new business possibilities in five divisions: Education, Global Network, Ecosystem Building, Influencer, and Ambassador.
If you are interested, please contact us using the contact details below. 【contact address】
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Mirai Project has launched the “Mirai Project Research Lab” as a new initiative with the aim of fusing technological innovation and business. This new organization will function as a platform to support the commercialization of cutting-edge technologies and research results. By connecting researchers and engineers with companies, we jointly develop new technologies and explore research themes, and provide support to commercialize them.
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The “Mirai Project Research Lab” consists of the following five departments. Education Lab: We collaborate with education-related startups and organizations to support the development of new educational programs and materials. We conduct research and development to create the future of education together, and aim to build the next generation education system.
Global Network Lab: Build networks with innovators and companies around the world and support international business expansion. We support business development from a global perspective and strengthen international collaboration.
Ecosystem Building Lab: We provide support for building new industrial ecosystems by leveraging the technologies and services of startups and companies. Together we will build new industrial ecosystems and support the creation of sustainable business models.
Influencer Lab: We aim to increase awareness of brands and services through collaboration with influencers. As part of your marketing strategy, we support the planning and implementation of promotions and campaigns that utilize influencers.
Ambassador Lab: We provide strategic support to strengthen
collaboration with people who act as corporate brand ambassadors and increase brand value. We leverage our network of ambassadors to help spread the word about your brand.
These departments work with professionals who have deep knowledge and experience in their respective specialized fields to support the company’s business development. Through the Mirai Project Research Lab, Mirai Project will support the further growth of companies by linking solutions to social issues with business opportunities. We aim to create new value through the fusion of technology and business.
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If you are interested, please contact us using the contact details below. [Contact information] LINE: Email:
Furthermore, we are actively recruiting “Lab Sponsors” to support this innovative initiative. We look forward to the participation of companies and organizations who wish to work with Mirai Project Research Lab to create business opportunities for a new era and contribute to society.
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