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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. Released a total of 7 models of the 2023 humidifier “Roomist” – 5 models with steam fan evaporation type and 2 models with hybrid heating evaporation type

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd
A total of 7 models of the 2023 humidifier “Roomist” will be released – 5 models with steam fan evaporation type and 2 models with hybrid heating evaporation type
◆ Two types of humidification methods: a steam fan evaporation method that heats only the water sucked up, and an energy-saving hybrid heating evaporation method.
◆ Two types of steam fan evaporation type are available in two popular colors: pure white and black.
[Image 1: &s3=25611-505-509F0B64F0B643D7A188290F3D1285 f90-3000×2102.jpg] Steam fan evaporative humidifier SHE60XD-K
[Image 2:×2102.jpg ]
Hybrid heating evaporative humidifier SHK series

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Refrigeration Co., Ltd. (President: Nobuyasu Okano, Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Refrigeration), a member of the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group, will release all seven 2023 models of the humidifier “roomist” on September 11th. It will be released from. The 5 steam fan evaporation models have an excellent ability to create a clean space, and are designed to be easy to maintain and use. The two hybrid heating vaporization models achieve high energy savings through hybrid operation, and feature an air conditioner-linked operation function that prevents the room from drying out during heating operation.
The steam fan evaporation type is available in 350ml type (for 6 tatami wooden Japanese-style rooms / 10 tatami prefabricated Western rooms), 600ml type (for 10 tatami mats / 17 tatami mats), and 1,200ml type (for 20 tatami mats / 33 tatami mats). . For the 350ml and 600ml types, you can choose from two body colors: pure white and black. It uses a unique humidifying method that uses a heater to heat and evaporate only the water absorbed by the evaporative cloth, so it starts up quickly in about 1 minute from the start of operation, and even if you fall over, the boiling water will not spill, so there is no risk of burns. There is no need to worry about such things. In addition, its humidifying ability is less affected by temperature and humidity, so it delivers moisture even when used at low temperatures, where it is less effective. It is easy to maintain and can be set to eco-driving mode with reduced humidification capacity.
[Image 3:×598.jpg] Furthermore, the same method uses “pop-up sterilization*1,” which suppresses viruses and airborne bacteria by emitting plasma ions, and “catching sterilization*2, *3),” which uses a special filter to catch and suppress bacteria and mold. Equipped with a “plasma double sterilization” function (350ml type only has sterilization). As before, it also comes standard with an ion filter that suppresses the adhesion of scale (deposits such as minerals contained in water), and has an easy-to-clean design. There are two types of hybrid heating vaporization humidifiers: 700ml (for 12 tatami wooden Japanese-style rooms / 19 tatami prefabricated Western rooms) and 850ml (for 14.5 tatami wooden rooms / 23.5 tatami wooden prefabricated Western rooms), both of which are equipped with plasma double sterilization function. . This method is a combination of the “evaporation type”, which uses a fan to humidify a filter containing water, and the “heated evaporation type”, which humidifies a filter containing water by blowing warm air heated by a heater. . When the humidity is low, it uses a heating vaporization method to quickly humidify, and when the humidity reaches the set humidity, it switches to the vaporization method and adjusts the amount of humidification. Additionally, it automatically switches between two methods depending on the humidity, significantly reducing electricity costs. When set to eco-driving where the heater is turned off, power consumption is reduced by approximately 94% of normal operation (for SHK70). In addition, all models are equipped with a function to operate in conjunction with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Thermal Systems Co., Ltd.’s Beaver air conditioner, including high-end models (SRK-S series from 2015 and later) and high-performance models (SRK from 2018 and later). -R series). – Main features of the steam fan evaporative humidifier – 1. Design that enhances the space 2. Quick start-up with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ unique humidification method 3. Automatic determination of optimal humidity with temperature and humidity double sensors 4. Comfort visible Digital humidity display 5. Equipped with an ion filter that prevents scale build-up 6. Safe design that prevents boiling water from spilling – Main features of the hybrid heating evaporative humidifier – 1. Quick humidification and eco-friendly operation 2. Temperature and humidity W A sensor automatically determines the optimal humidity. 3. Even quieter operation when sleeping. 4. Comprehensive notification functions. 5. Achieves comfortable humidity by linking with the air conditioner. ■Main specifications of steam fan evaporative humidifier
[Image 4:×386.jpg] ■Main specifications of the hybrid heating evaporative humidifier
[Image 5:×327.jpg] *1 Common to steam fan evaporation type and hybrid heated evaporation type [Test institution] Kitasato Environmental Science Center General Incorporated Foundation [Test number] Kitasei No. 22-0119 [Test method] The unit was installed in a 7 tatami test space, and the virus was detected. , the unit is operated with plasma ion, and the number of viruses inside the box is measured over time. [Test results] 99.4% virus suppression after 6 hours. *2 Steam fan evaporation type (BIO filter) [Test institution] Kitasato Environmental Science Center, General Incorporated Foundation [Test number] Kitakan-Hatsu No. 21-0069 [Test method] Virus solution is inoculated into a BIO filter (5 x 5 cm), Measure the virus infection titer after 24 hours [Test results] 99.1% virus suppression after 24 hours. *3 Hybrid heated vaporization type (antibacterial allergen filter) General bacteria [Test institution] Japan Textile Inspection Association (currently Boken Quality Evaluation Organization) [Test number] No. 006109-2 [Test method] Compliant with JIS L1902 [Test results] 99.92% inhibition. [2023 model humidifier roomist]
[Image 6:×313.jpg] ■Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.
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