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Mixer Box Co., Ltd. Used by Japanese households! Location information sharing app “MixerBox Todomoko BFF” is rapidly gaining popularity around the world! 4x growth in half a year!

Mixer Box Co., Ltd.
A favorite in Japanese households! Location information sharing app “MixerBox Todomoko BFF” is rapidly gaining popularity around the world! 4x growth in half a year!
“MixerBox Todomoko BFF” selected as a “useful app to share with family and friends” on Nippon Television’s “ZIP!”
The popularity location information sharing app “MixerBox Tomodoko BFF”, which continues to cause a global social map boom, has seen a four-fold increase in the number of downloads in the past six months, and has now reached a cumulative total of 10 to 20 million downloads worldwide. doing. Furthermore, it was selected as one of the “useful apps shared with family and friends” on Nippon Television’s “ZIP!” broadcast on August 17th.
[Image 1:×1080.jpg] “MixerBox Todomoko BFF” continues to create a worldwide social map boom, with the number of downloads quadrupling in the past six months. “MixerBox Todomoko BFF” is developed by MixerBox (MixerBox Co., Ltd., a Japanese corporation), an American Super-Apps platform that has been downloaded over 300 million times worldwide, and allows you to share location information with friends, lovers, and family. It is a social map app that can be used. According to the latest data released by MixerBox, the cumulative number of downloads of “Tomodoko” reached 10 million to 20 million by the end of July this year, and the growth rate has increased more than four times compared to the end of January.
Furthermore, “MixerBox Tomodoko BFF” has received high praise from Japanese users, and was recently praised as a “useful app that is shared with family and friends” in the on-the-street interview corner of Nippon Television’s famous information program “ZIP!” was selected as. In on-the-street interviews conducted at Aqua Park Shinagawa in Tokyo, users highlighted the ability to easily share location information with their family through “Tomodoko” and save a lot of time in contacting them as the most convenient feature. .
I will become the “King of Footprints”! Achieved footprints in 24 countries in less than a year!
“Tomodoko” has been around for less than a year and has been observed to have very high user usage and stickiness. Data shows that active users typically open the app multiple times a day, with the daily commute between 5pm and 7pm being the peak daily period, with an average daily access rate of 5pm to 7pm. reaches 1.98 times. In particular, the “Footprints” feature, which allows you to record your daily footprints, is very popular among users, with the users with the most footprints having visited 24 countries in less than a year since the app was released, and their achievements. He has been hailed as the “King of Footprints”.
Accuracy of location information, system stability, speed of feature addition, and three key points that can continuously increase the number of downloads
According to MixerBox, “Tomodoko” has been unexpectedly popular since the testing stage in December of last year, and the download boom is still continuing, far exceeding internal expectations. According to the development team’s analysis, the accuracy of location information, significant improvements in system stability, and rapid addition of new features are the key factors contributing to the continued increase in download numbers.
Eric Chen, head of the Tomodoko team and head of engineering at MixerBox, continuously optimizes algorithms and data analysis, and combines various positioning technologies. , “Tomodoko” can now accurately identify the user’s location while achieving low power consumption. “Our team is always listening to what our users have to say about location. As a result, we are confident that the accuracy of location information on our current friends has reached a new level,” said Eric Chen. I can say that.”
Recently, Tomodoko pioneered the introduction of a widget feature that allows you to check arrival and departure notifications, real-time location information of your friends, battery level, and personal status. In September, we plan to release a major new feature, “Magic Footprints,” which will continue to provide an even more fulfilling social experience!
[Image 2:×2700.jpg] “MixerBox Tomodoko BFF” 5 recent major feature updates
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