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MotoGP Japan GP will be broadcast live on September 30th (Sat) and October 1st (Sun)! This year, practice will be distributed on Friday, September 29th! Just before the opening, valuable footage of past Japanese riders will be broadcast all at once o

CS Nippon TV
MotoGP Japan GP will be broadcast live on September 30th (Sat) and October 1st (Sun)! This year, practice will be distributed on Friday, September 29th! Just before the opening, valuable footage of past Japanese riders will be broadcast all at once on CS Broadcast Nippon Telejitas from September 25th (Monday)!
Real-time video streaming *1 that can be viewed on smartphones etc. is also available!
[Image 1:×910.jpg] 2022 MotoGP Japan GP_(C)AP/Afro
The MotoGP Japan Grand Prix is ​​finally starting!
In addition to live broadcasting of qualifying/finals and MotoGP sprint finals for all classes, we have decided to broadcast real-time video *1 of the practice to be held on Friday, September 29th this year!
[Image 2:×522.jpg] 2009 250cc class overall winner Hirokazu Aoyama_(C) Afro
Furthermore, during the opening week of the Japanese GP, there will be a “Platinum Selection” featuring past Japanese riders, a “Japanese Champion Selection” focusing on Japanese champions such as Kazuto Sakata, Haruchika Aoki, and Daijiro Kato, and Hiroshi Aoyama. Programs that include Ichiro’s “Trajectory to the World Champion” and Norifumi Abe’s “94 and 1996 Japanese GPs” will also be broadcast! And, in his 6th year of competing in the MotoGP class, Takaaki Nakagami dreams of becoming a MotoGP rider and travels to Spain at the age of 14. “Genius Rider Takaaki Nakagami 14 Years Old! Spain Challenge Story” “Genius Boy Takaaki Nakagami Challenge Story” We will also send you valuable videos such as “2007 ~To the World~”. *1…SKY PerfecTV! Compatible with “SKY PerfecTV! Program
Distribution,” a service that allows you to watch channels and programs with which you have a broadcast contract on your smartphone, tablet, or PC at no additional charge.
[Image 3:×473.jpg] 2006 All Japan Road Race Championship GP125 class winner Takaaki Nakagami_(C)NTV -Broadcast schedule-
2023 MotoGP
■Round 13 Indian GP
All class qualifying & MotoGP sprint final September 23rd (Sat) 14:45~ Nippon TV NEWS24 live broadcast*2/distribution
All class finals September 24th (Sunday) 15:45~ Nippon TeleGitas live broadcast/distribution
■Round 14 Japanese GP
Practice September 29th (Friday) 13:10~ Nippon Telegetas distribution*3 All Class Qualifying & MotoGP Sprint Final September 30th (Sat) 10:45~ NTV Geitas Live Broadcast/Distribution
All class finals October 1st (Sunday) 11:45~ NTV Geitas live broadcast/distribution
*2…SKY PerfecTV! Service/SKY PerfecTV! Premium Service/SKY PerfecTV! If you subscribe to NTV Geitas with the premium service Hikari, you can watch the live broadcast on NTV NEWS24 for free.
*3…Round 14 Japanese GP Practice is not scheduled to be broadcast on CS and can only be viewed on “SKY PerfecTV! Program Distribution”. *Broadcast time and content may change
◆“2023 MotoGP” program page
(Nippon Telejitas official website)
MotoGP Japan GP special
■MotoGP Platinum Selection
September 25th (Monday) 26:00-29:00 Kazuto Sakata 1993 Haruchika Aoki 1995 Tadayuki Okada 1997 Rebroadcast/Distribution
September 26th (Tuesday) 26:00-29:00 Tetsuya Harada 1998 Takuma Aoki 1997 Maya Nakano 2000 Rebroadcast/Distribution
Wednesday, September 27th 26:00-29:00 Japanese Champion Selection Kazuto Sakata 1994 Haruchika Aoki 1995 Daijiro Kato 2001
■Genius rider Takaaki Nakagami, 14 years old! Spain challenge record September 27th (Wednesday) 17:00-21:00 Rebroadcast/Distribution ■Genius boy Takaaki Nakagami’s challenge 2007 ~To the world~
[Image 4:×866.jpg] 1996 Japanese GP Norifumi Abe_(C)Reuters/Afro
September 28th (Thursday) 17:00-21:00 Rebroadcast/Distribution ■Hirokazu Aoyama’s path to becoming a world champion
September 28th (Thursday) 15:30-17:00 Rebroadcast/Distribution ■Norifumi Abe Selection 1994 and 1996 Japanese GP
Friday, September 29th 6:00-8:00 Rebroadcast/Distribution
■MotoGP roundtable discussion 2023
September 30th (Sat) 5:30-9:00 Rebroadcast/Distribution
◆“MotoGP Japan GP Special” program page
(Nippon Telejitas official website)
-Nippon Telegitas booth at MotoGP Japan GP! ! –
[Image 5:×450.jpg] From September 29th (Friday) to October 1st (Sunday), we will be exhibiting the CS Broadcasting Nippon Telegitas booth at the MotoGP Japan GP venue to be held at Mobility Resort Motegi! We are also planning to hold an annual trifecta quiz where you can win extremely rare goods, as well as a talk show with MotoGP broadcast commentators (after the qualifying race on 9/30)!
Information on how to watch NTV Geetas and SKY PerfecTV! We are also accepting applications for membership! Is there a discount campaign limited to the venue or only available here? Full of original membership benefits! Please come and visit us! !
[Image 6:×450.jpg] ◆How to watch on smartphone/PC/tablet
SKY PerfecTV! You can watch it on the program distribution.
◆How to watch
SKY PerfecTV! (CS257), SKY PerfecTV! Premium Service (Ch.608) You can watch it on J:COM, cable TV nationwide, Hikari TV, au Hikari, etc. ◆How to watch and contact information
How to watch NTV Gitas (Nippon TV Gitas official website)
NTV Geitas Customer Center
TEL 0120-222-257 (Open all year round 10:00-20:00)
◆Nippon Telejitas official SNS
X (old Twitter): @Gtasu / Facebook: @ntv.gtasu
◆Company information
Company name: CS Japan Co., Ltd. (commonly known as CS Nippon Television) Representative Director and President: Tomoya Takahashi
Location: 22nd floor, Nippon Television Tower, 1-6-1
Higashi-Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
[Image 7:×934.jpg] 2022 MotoGP Japan GP_(C) Reuters/Afro
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