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Movic Co., Ltd. Variety program “IBERIs&’s Beloved Voice Actor School” by voice actor girl unit IBERIs& will start broadcasting from September 20th! The MC is Shuji Okuda from Gakutensoku!

Animate Holdings Co., Ltd.
The variety show “IBERIs&’s Beloved Voice Actor School” by voice actor girl unit IBERIs& will start broadcasting from September 20th! The MC is Shuji Okuda from Gakutensoku!
[Image 1:×563.jpg] From September 20, 2023, it has been decided that the talk show “IBERIs&’s Beloved Voice Actor School” by voice actor girl unit IBERIs& will be broadcast.
The eight-member voice actor girl unit IBERIs& was selected from over 3,000 applicants in an audition sponsored by Seiyu Productions and 81 Production.
The girls, who made their major debut in March 2023, are studying every day to become beloved voice actors!
In the program, under the direction of headmaster Shuji Okuda (Gakuten Soku), we will learn about important things for voice actors and artists, such as radio talk, dubbing, and stage performance, from senior voice actors who are active on the front lines.
Narration is Toshihiko Seki.
[Image 2:×667.jpg]
[Image 3:×667.jpg]
[Image 4:×667.jpg]
[Image 5: &s3=16756-457AB9E7B4152E91B002E9B00F3DF3DF3DF761816 7522-1000×667.jpg] Program name: IBERIs&’s beloved voice actor school
Starring: Momoka Ikeda, Misaki Ohashi, Hanaka Ogawa, Rei Sonoda, Momoko Nishio, Nanami Hamasaki, Hina, Haruka Minami (IBERIs&), and others.
MC: Shuji Okuda (Gakutensoku)
Narration: Toshihiko Seki
Broadcast: BS Yoshimoto Every Wednesday from 24:30 starting September 20, 2023 Production: IBERIs&’s Beloved Voice Actor School Production Committee ■Program official X (Twitter) ■Program official website ■Copyright (C)IBERIs&’s Beloved Voice Actor School
[IBERIs & Profile]
[Image 6:×1046 .jpg ]
“IBERIs &” was selected from a total of 3,347 applicants in “SUN AUDITION ~ Let’s create your story! The story of how you become a voice actor artist ~”, Momoka Ikeda, Misaki Ohashi, Hanaka Ogawa, and Sonoda A voice actress girl unit that combines acting, singing, and dancing, and is made up of eight members: Rei, Momoko Nishio, Nanami Hamasaki, Hina, and Haruka Minami.
IBERIs& official website
IBERIs& Official YouTube IBERIs& Official X (old Twitter) IBERIs& Official Instagram IBERIs& Official TikTok
Member profile/SNS
■Momoka Ikeda
[Image 7: 681d9-667X1000.jpg]
Birthplace: Osaka Prefecture
Birthday: January 6th
Hobbies/Special Skills: Reading, watching foreign movies
Twitter: @damochan_choco
Instagram: @damochan_choco
TikTok: @damochan_choko

■Misaki Ohashi
[Image 8: &s3=16756-4675-4675-F8A1223907B67157333D 13D95-667X1000.jpg] Birthplace: Niigata Prefecture
Birthday: November 24th
Hobbies/Special Skills: Listening to music
Twitter: @ohamisa_IBERIs
Instagram: @ohamisa_iberis_and
TikTok: @misaki_ohasi
[Main works/programs]
Reading drama “Your Lie in April” as Emi Igawa
Radio program “IBERIs & Misaki Ohashi, I’m going to become a full-fledged voice actor!” Personality
Radio program “IBERIs&’s #OishiKyomu”
■Hanaka Ogawa
[Image 9: eB53334A39113F4D21B1-6.jpg
&s3=16756-4675-D281179B5FE0DE0DE0DE0DE0DE0DE0DE 7E75D-667X1000.jpg] Birthplace: Hokkaido
Birthday: December 28th
Hobbies/Special Skills: Karaoke, watching movies/anime, listening to music, shredding cabbage
Twitter: @hanaka_IBERIs
Instagram: @kappa.1228
TikTok: @hanaka_iberis_and
[Main works/programs]
Voice Comic “Reverse Harem from the Bottom ~ Have you been transferred to the Men’s Cosmetics Planning Department?” ? ~”Yuzu Nomiyama
■Rei Sonoda
[Image 10:×1000.jpg ]
Birthplace: Kanagawa Prefecture
Birthday: January 10th
Hobbies/Special Skills: Illustration
Twitter: @sonoda_dane
TikTok: @sonoda_0110

■Momoko Nishio
[Image 11:×1000.jpg ]
Birthplace: Hyogo Prefecture
Birthday: September 15th
Hobbies/Special Skills: Idols, watching manga, samba
Twitter: @momoko_IBERIs
Instagram: @momoko__iberis_and
TikTok: @momoko_iberis_and
[Main works/programs]
Smartphone game app “Ishtaria of Time” as Saumur
TV anime “Another World with a Smartphone.” 2” Wendy role
TV anime “MIX MEISEI STORY ~Second Summer, Beyond the Sky~” Sasaki’s daughter WEBCM “Automobile Mechanic PR Video “The Future is Interesting” Edition” New mechanic role
■Nanami Hamazaki
[Image 12:×1000.jpg ]
Birthplace: Tokyo
Birthday: September 20th
Hobbies/Special Skills: Games, exercise
Twitter: @hamazaki_nanami
Instagram: @hamazaki_nanami
TikTok: @hamazaki_nanami

■Hina (Hina)
[Image 13:×1000.jpg] Birthplace: Chiba Prefecture
Birthday: May 16th
Hobbies/Special Skills: Dancing
Twitter: @st_hinano
Instagram: @hinano_shiratama
TikTok: @st_hinano

■Haruka Minami
[Image 14:×1000.jpg ]
Birthplace: Okinawa Prefecture
Birthday: February 22nd
Hobbies/Special Skills: Driving, yoga, skin care, fortune telling, makeup Twitter: @minami_haruka02
Instagram: @minami_haruka02
TikTok: @minami_haruka02
[Main works/programs]
Anime “Call Star-Am I really a bad star?” -” role of Onjima A, role of victim 1 role of animation “Technoroid Overmind” role of audience member

[IBERIs& 3rd Single Product Overview]
[Image 15:× g ]
“Bloom up the sky”
■Release date: Wednesday, October 4, 2023
■Number of formats: 9 formats Common price for all formats: 1,000 yen (tax included)
IBERIs& ver.:UPCH-6011
*Below, member solo ver. (8 types in total)
Momoka Solo ver.:UPCH-6012
Misaki Solo ver.:UPCH-6013
Hanaka Solo ver.:UPCH-6014
Hinano Solo ver.:UPCH-6015
Rei Solo ver.:UPCH-6016
Momoko Solo ver.:UPCH-6017
Nanami Solo ver.:UPCH-6018
Haruka Solo ver.:UPCH-6019
■Recorded songs (common to 9 types)
1. Bloom up the sky
IBERIs& ver. comes with a 20P photo booklet
More details about this release:

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