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Murasaki participates as a creative studio in the notable project “Dokyo” with support from Ava Labs

Murasaki B.V.
Murasaki participates as a creative studio in the notable project “Dokyo” with support from Ava Labs
Murasaki B.V. (Headquarters: ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands,
Representative Director: Shinnosuke Murata) has announced that Avalanche’s developer Ava Labs (Headquarters: New York, USA, We participated as a creative studio with support from CEO Emin Gün Sirer.
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At the Avalanche Summit held in Barcelona in May 2023, Murata, the founder of Murasaki, who was exhibiting as a sponsor at the event, and Brando, the founder of Dokyo, met, and the discussion developed. Mr. Brando loves Japan and wanted to incorporate Japanese-style creativity. Therefore, we agreed to aim for art production by Japanese creators, rather than art by overseas creators with a Japanese taste, as had been the case in the past. Plans were made to provide Murasaki with the functionality of a creative studio and collaborate on creative work centered around the PFP collection.
■What is Dokyo?
Dokyo’s first brand action is the issuance of NFTs on Avalanche. Dokyo has two meanings in Japanese: “courage” and “community”. It was launched with the vision that participants would have the courage to break out of their shells and regain their spiritual place, dreams and hopes.
Each mask symbolizes the concepts of light and shadow and represents an individual’s state of mind. Covering your face is not a symbol of weakness, but a sign of bravery. The mask also symbolizes positive rebellion to strengthen the human spirit.
In the future, we plan to carry out various activities centered on the community we have launched.
■Why Murasaki?
Murasaki has internalized the functions of the creative studio, and also collaborates with Searchfield Co., Ltd., which has partnered with famous companies such as Capcom and Sega, and Number Nine Co., Ltd., the largest domestic digital comic publisher. .
As the demand for Japanese-style creatives increases these days, creative studios outside Japan are increasing their presence by promoting Japanese anime and manga-style creative production at exorbitant prices. However, there are some problems in that it looks unnatural from a Japanese perspective, and that the creative prices for Japanese-style designs are high.
On the other hand, Japanese creative studios are unable to secure overseas projects due to language hurdles and localization issues. Murasaki, which has multiple projects overseas, 1. is able to operate and formulate projects in English, 2. has the ability to produce original Japanese anime and manga creatives, and 3. provides creative services to overseas studios at reasonable prices. By providing this service, we have succeeded in solving problems for both the order receiving and ordering parties.
■Comment from Dokyo founder Brando
It was an incredibly valuable experience to experience Japanese culture. Murasaki’s team and Founder Shin were very supportive and supported us in every aspect to revitalize our ideas and make them better.
I look forward to working with them in the future. Also, starting with Dokyo, I would like to engage in activities that connect the East and the West.
■Comment from Michi Hirata, Ava Labs Head of Japan
We are happy to support the Dokyo and Murasaki teams. Regardless of market conditions, the Dokyo community continues to build, grow projects, and generate excitement for the next one. The Dokyo team collaborates with Murasaki, a genuine Japanese creator team, to create high-quality creatives. We hope that we can continue to support the growth and development of Dokyo and Murasaki in the future.
■ Murasaki B.V. Company Profile Address: Sint Josephstraat 10, 5211NJ, s-HertogenboschDirector: Shinnosuke Murata Established: February 2022 Business Description: Blockchain content/game development Official website:
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