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New media release Cross Media Group, a leading business book company that says, “There is a feeling that we want to convey more than the appeal of the product,” has opened “STORY AGE,” a media that disseminates the stories behind business.

Cross Media Group Co., Ltd.
[New media release] Cross Media Group, a leading business book company that says, “There is a feeling that we want to convey more than the appeal of a product,” has opened “STORY AGE,” a media that
disseminates the stories behind business.
~ Unlocking the full potential of business and Japan through the power of story content. ~
Cross Media Group Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Koichiro Kobayakawa; hereinafter referred to as Cross Media Group), a leading business book company, uses the power of story content to unlock the potential of business and Japan. We opened the web media “STORY AGE” ( on September 13, 2023, with the theme of maximizing openness.
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This media is our belief.
As a business book publisher for 18 years, we have continued to share our know-how on connecting businesses and consumers. “What people want from a company changes with the times.” I feel this strongly. Until now, there have been many inorganic connections between companies and individuals, such as “How much can I sell?” and “How much can I buy?” Now, the two are trying to connect through the “thoughts” of “people in business” and “people as consumers.” For any business,
There is a world that we want to move toward together.
I have a difficulty that I would like to hear about.
I have a belief that I want you to feel.
I have joy and dreams to share.
When that story reaches someone, it creates value that goes beyond “selling” and “buying.”
“Creating,” “selling,” and “buying” all encourage each other. By telling the story behind a business, new connections are created between companies and individuals. Cross Media Group has launched “STORY AGE” (, a new media that will serve as an information base for “story dissemination” that is essential for future business.
“STORY AGE” concept

[Image 2:×375.jpg] I have a “feeling” that I want to convey more than the appeal of the product. We live in an era where information is abundant and everything necessary for life is available.
People’s “reason for choosing” has shifted from the attractiveness of a product or service to its background.
“Why are you in business?”
“What was the idea behind this product?”
“What is most important to us as a company?”
When the passion for business is realized as a story, companies and people connect.
STORY AGE maximizes the potential of business and Japan through the dissemination of story content.
“STORY AGE” content
■Category “Feature”: Special content only available here, such as interviews with celebrities
[Opening content]
1. “The order in which content is delivered to the world”
・Atsuya Takase (content producer) x Koichiro Kobayakawa
(representative of business book publisher)
[Image 3:×834.png ]
Mr. Atsuya Takase planned many famous programs on Fuji TV, and after becoming independent, he has released a variety of content such as YouTube, manga, and picture books to the world. His third book “Skills” will be released in 2023. Kobayakawa, the editor in charge of all three books and representative of the Cross Media Group, which has produced over 500 business books to date, asked, “What path should we take to deliver content that resonates with people?” What should I do?”
■Category “Story”: Convey the thoughts behind the business in words unique to the person.
[Opening content]
1. “Responsibility” to convey information. Stock investment is for everyone to make a profit.”

・Dividend Taro (Investor)
[Image 4:×500.jpg] Did you know that there is an investment method called “dividend stock investment”? This is an investment method that allows you to purchase shares of a listed company and become a shareholder, and just by owning those shares, you can receive “dividends” that are distributed according to the company’s profits.
Mr. Kazutaro continues to disseminate information on dividend stock investment and has 120,000 followers. I feel both joy and great anxiety when my message reaches so many people. When I asked him why he continues to communicate despite this, I began to see a different face from that of a “calm analyst.”
2. “Build a house with an annual income of 3.5 million yen. What is the ‘happiness’ provided by the region’s top real estate company?” (
・Tomokazu Ohba (Create Rebun Co., Ltd. Representative Director and CEO)
[Image 5: &s3=80658-443-3FB21232F5EDE342B278E068DF3 3b3-2560×2188.jpg] Create Rebun franchises its own housing brand, Unite House, and boasts the No. 1 number of construction starts in Yamagata Prefecture for 14 consecutive years. The target audience is people with annual incomes of 3.5 to 4.5 million yen who have not given much thought to buying a home.
The company’s vision is “We aim to be a company that puts QOL first.” What does it take for a home to be more than just a “thing” but a “space that creates a better quality of life”?
3. “32 years of Morohiya 100%. Health foods have taught me the value beyond “health””
・Toyohiro Nagahara (President, Aograin Co., Ltd.)
[Image 6:×1707.jpg] “I hope my family stays healthy forever.” It has been 32 years since we have continued to make that wish. Aotsubu Co., Ltd., which sells the health food “Aotsubu,” went from rapid growth riding on the “Morohiya boom” to a crisis in which its entire business falls into the red. Second-generation president Toyoyo Nagahara says that “going to meet customers” was a turning point. It was there that I discovered the thoughts of my father and mother, the founders, and the true value that health foods provide.
4. We want to be an “interesting” manufacturer. Management philosophy followed by the beverage industry’s founder
・Satoshi Kumagai (President, Toyo Beverage Co., Ltd.)
[Image 7:×1920.jpg] Since its founding in 2006, Toyo Beverage has brought many popular and hit products to the market. We are a small, elite company that develops a unique product lineup that sets us apart from major manufacturers, and in 2022, we have 45 employees and annual sales exceeded 13.1 billion yen.
What I’m currently focusing on is tapioca drinks. Why compete in a market where it seems like the boom has already passed? Behind this was a solid management philosophy.
5. “Living with fish. To deliver Japanese fisheries correctly, interestingly, and deliciously.”
・Issei Nagasaki (fish coordinator)
[Image 8:×1856.jpg] In April 2023, a book called “Fish Business” was published, which is a bit unusual for a business book. You can gain a wide range of knowledge about fish eating culture, fishing, and how to eat fish deliciously. The author is Issei Nagasaki, who calls himself a unique “fish coordinator.” Why did you decide to take on this unusual job? 6. Turn every encounter into “fate”. To maximize your potential.” (
・Shogetsu Kim (Representative Director of ARTISTIC&CO. GLOBAL)
[Image 9:×2560.jpg] ARTISTIC&CO develops, manufactures, and sells high-quality facial beauty devices. Representative director Mr. Matsugetsu Kane joined the company as an accounting staff member. The former president discovered his talent and the company grew rapidly. Overcoming the crisis of the new coronavirus, China’s Alibaba’s cross-border EC “T-Mall Global” has achieved annual sales of over 100 million yuan for three consecutive years. What is behind this? Let’s unravel the keyword “fate”. ■Category “Think”: Thinking about “what storytelling can bring to business” [Opening content]
1. “Culture” is a collection of behaviors. Define the process to realize the vision
・Masashi Kishi (Representative Director of Axia Strategic Partners Co., Ltd.)
[Image 10:×683.png ]
vision, purpose, mission, and values. It is said that it is necessary to define the “axis of management,” but this tends to be viewed as vague. Even if you understand the concept, you don’t know how to apply it to your daily business activities.
Our goal as a company is to value what we value and continue to provide value to society. The standard for this is “culture.” Try rewriting “words” into “actions.” Try replacing “how to do your best” with “how to move forward.” Innovative change is born from this. 2. “What is the power of stories? 7 points to bring out the most” (
3. “What is a mission statement that tells a story about what a company should be?”
4. “What kind of message will resonate with you and will automatically increase engagement?”
5. “Do companies need purpose? What is the role and meaning of purpose?” (
6. “Sell your products with emotion! 5 psychological techniques” (
■Category “Books”: People who write, create, and deliver. Stories born near “books”
[Opening content]
1. “The secret to becoming a hit that a talented editor has put into his book. Tips for controlling amazing people, scary people, and troublesome people.”
・Kosuke Minowa (Gentosha editor)
[Image 11:×1024.png ]
“How to Tame Human Monsters” will be released by Cross Media Publishing in September. The author, Kosuke Minowa, is known as an editor who has produced best-selling books by great figures such as Gentosha president Toru Mishiro and the multi-talented Takafumi Horie (Horiemon). Why has Mr. Minowa been able to gain such deep trust from top runners in various fields who have their own quirks? We talked about the essence of “How to Tame Human Monsters,” and at the same time, we listened to the secrets of “creating a book that sells” from a talented editor.
2. “A small bookstore started by a business book author. Possibilities expand by valuing ‘play’.”

・Koichi Takahashi (CEO of TORiX Co., Ltd.)
[Image 12:×769.png ]
Koichi Takahashi has published a cumulative total of 100,000 copies of business books, including the best-selling “Undefeated Sales” series and “Moving People Comfortably”. It was in February 2023 that Mr. Takahashi, who also runs a consulting company, opened Kapibara Bookstore, which has an area of ​​about 5 tsubo near Kudanshita Station. What are the thoughts and stories behind the author of a popular business book opening his own bookstore in what is said to be a publishing recession? I listened inside a small but cozy shop. ■Category “Spotlights”: Introducing noteworthy stories and content that have been released to the world
[Opening content]
1. “The history of a sock specialty store that has overcome many challenges and continued to grow in the 55 years since its
establishment in 1968 by Naomasa Ochi, the sock industry’s
(From “PR TIMES STORY- -“)
[Image 13:×417.png ]
2. “Working hand in hand with businesses and residents to create the “unspoiled landscape of the future” – The challenge of Iruma City, which was the first in the prefecture to formulate a purpose.” (From “I want to work at a company like this: Web version –”)
[Image 14:× g ]
“STORY AGE” future development
Content is distributed from time to time from each category of “Feature”, “Story”, “Think”, “Books”, and “Spotlights”. We aim to be a media that leads the dissemination of story content.
■Future communication schedule (title is tentative)
●”What is the ‘new leadership’ that you want everyone working in your organization to know?”
・Toshiya Kosugi (representative member of THS Management Organization Research Institute LLC) x Koichiro Kobayakawa (representative of business book publishing company)
●“Why “context” is necessary for branding”
・Mitsuhiro Matsunaga (editor)
● “Is business improvement ultimately about people? What are the three issues we found from looking at the way companies and local
governments work?”
・Fumina Motoyama (Representative Director of LIVICAL Co., Ltd.) ●“The key to Japan’s industrial structural transformation is DX sharing and the determination not to make excuses.”
・Tomori Yako (CEO of INDUSTRIAL-X Co., Ltd.)
● “Education by people or education by systems?”
・Toshiaki Nakatsuka (Skillty Co., Ltd. President and Representative Director) From the editor-in-chief of “STORY AGE”
What we can do because we are a publisher that has been publishing only business books for 18 years.
There are many companies and products that have great potential that are unknown to the world because they are not good at talking. I felt this way many times while writing this business book. “Why are we in business?” “What was the idea behind our products?” “What is most important to us as a company?”
Just by conveying a little bit of that information can create new connections between companies and people.
The bridge between these two is the job of editors, who have drawn out corporate stories, organized them, and continued to present them to the world in an easy-to-understand format.
When all companies in Japan implement storytelling, business and this country’s potential will be maximized.
Based on this belief, we have created a new media.
So that we can be on board with more companies, more people, more content and media.
We will continue to send out attractive content every day.
“STORY AGE” Editor-in-Chief Yuya Kuboki
About Cross Media Group Co., Ltd.
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