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New release! ! Ecogy 2023 latest version air oven

Koda Japan Co., Ltd.
New release! ! Ecogy 2023 latest version [air oven]
First released on September 16th, limited to the first 100 people for ¥20,999! 16L large capacity | Window that allows you to see inside | 8 roles per unit
Hey cooking lovers! ! Looking for an easy way to enjoy delicious food? We would like to introduce the newly released cooking appliance “Air Oven AO-SS160A” from Ecogy!
This product is the latest kitchen appliance with a large capacity of 16L, a window that allows you to see inside, and multiple functions that can perform 8 functions in one unit.
[Image 1:×628.jpg] What is an air oven?
Air ovens work in a similar way to traditional ovens, circulating hot air evenly around the food to cook it deliciously and retain its nutrients at the same time. Furthermore, since it uses almost no oil, it provides healthy dishes.
Ecozy|Charm of air oven
The air oven AO-SS160A is equipped with preset functions that support a wide range of dishes such as non-fried, toasted, roasted, broiled, baked, steak, vegetables, fermented, and dried, allowing you to easily enjoy a variety of recipes. . Additionally, it features innovative dual cooking and rotisserie functions to ensure even cooking and delicious food.
“Air oven AO-SS160A”
・Purchase link: ・Initial release date: September 16, 2023 ・Product price: ¥26,999 (tax included) / Product page: ¥4,000 coupon included
・Coupon code limited to the first 100 people: ecozy47627 ・Limited price to the first 100 people: ¥20,999 (tax included)
Product Details
[Image 2:×2500.jpg] [Compact and large capacity]
With a large capacity of 16L, you can cook food for 1 to 6 people at once. You can stack up to 3 layers to make effective use of your kitchen space. It also comes with over 20 recipes and 6 types of accessories, making it suitable for a wide variety of dishes. [Healthy cooking]
Adopting the latest 360° air circulation technology, it achieves crispy texture and juicy taste without using oil.
[Image 3:×2500.jpg] [8-purpose cooker]
Ecogy’s air oven combines the functions of more than 8 types of home appliances in one unit and is suitable for various types of cooking, including fryers, ovens, ranges, toasters, barbecue stoves, food dryers, yogurt makers, and popcorn makers.
[Time saving]
Ecogy’s air oven allows for a wide range of temperature control (90-230℃) and timer adjustment (0-2 hours). You can serve delicious food to your family and friends in a short time.
[Image 4:×2500.jpg] [High quality that can be used for a long time]
Ecogy’s air oven adopts high quality materials and unique air duct design, we are confident in the durability of our quality.
It passed a 1200-hour high temperature circulation test, 1000 door opening/closing tests, a 48-hour accessory salt fog test, a 300℃ thermal shock test, a 6000-time knob rotation test, and a 100cm drop test. PSE certified, so you can use it with confidence.

The new product “Air Oven” will be offered at the Amazon online shop “Solesenyue” at a limited price of ¥20,999 (tax included) for the first 100 people. Made of high-quality silver stainless steel, the Eco-G Air Oven is perfect for a stylish kitchen. It makes a great gift for your loved ones on birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, etc. Don’t miss this opportunity! ! Start a new cooking experience with your air oven! !
[Image 5:×600.jpg] Product Specifications:
[Table 3:]
[Table 4: ]
campaign information
To celebrate the launch of Ecogy’s new products, we are running a special launch campaign.
Please check the link below for details.
[Image 6:×1080.jpg] Ecogy’s air oven is a new companion that allows you to easily enjoy delicious dishes even in your busy life.
All you cooking enthusiasts out there, get your air oven and open the door to a world of creative cooking!
[Video 2:] About the “Ecogy” brand
Eco-G products are used in more than 10 countries around the world (USA, UK, Japan, etc.). With the motto of “bringing out the beauty in nature and life,” we strive to thoroughly improve our management every day. “Putting our customers first” and aiming for a better living space, we provide accurate products and services that meet their needs.
[Image 7:×600.jpg] ■“Ecozy” official store ■“Ecozy” official website https://jp.ecozy .com/ ■Latest information on “Ecogy”
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