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New release Mail order limited brand SEAC releases dense cover cushion foundation! With 75 types of beauty ingredients and 2 active ingredients, this foundation will help you achieve beautiful skin the more you use it.

Setagaya Natural Foods
[New release] Mail order limited brand SEAC releases dense cover cushion foundation! With 75 types of beauty ingredients and 2 active ingredients, this foundation will help you achieve beautiful skin the more you use it.
A dense cover cushion foundation was released in September 2023 from the cosmetics brand SEAC of Setagaya Natural Foods Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, President: Eiji Kasai).
[Image 1:×2043.jpg] Background of the release
We often hear from customers that their skin problems have increased due to wearing masks for a long period of time, and the Seek Cosmetics team has been tackling this issue from various angles. For example, we are reviewing the formulation of our popular all-in-one product and developing an “AI skin diagnosis” that allows you to check your skin condition.
Up until now, we have mainly been helping to improve the condition of bare skin through skin care, but as life gradually returns to normal, more people are going out and the demand for makeup products is increasing. Ta.
However, Seek Cosmetics is a brand that has strengths in skin care and values ​​supporting the “healthy skin” of its customers, so creating makeup cosmetics that only cover up skin problems and harming bare skin would be putting the cart before the horse. .
With this in mind, we have developed a foundation called “Dense Cover Cushion Foundation” that provides high coverage while also being able to care for damaged skin.
Seek Dense Cover Cushion Foundation
[Image 2:×3900.jpg] Properly covers stains, wrinkles, and sagging with high coverage*. Furthermore, with 75 types of beauty ingredients and 2 active ingredients, it takes care of “ultraviolet ray damage” during the day. This is a foundation that will make your skin more beautiful the more you use it.
*Depends on makeup effect
Contents: 15g (approximately 1 month’s supply) Regular price: 6,600 yen (tax included) *Available regular courses available Sales channels: Mail order limited sales page:
Comments from the developer
This foundation was developed with the customer’s skin in mind. We repeatedly monitored the color, coverage, finish, and beauty effect. Rather than just hiding rough skin, the formula is good for your bare skin the more you use it, it blocks UV rays, and it has a non-sticky finish…We are proud that we have created something really good as a result of putting in a lot of attention to detail without making any compromises. I am.
After using it myself, I was really satisfied with the product, and I am now the biggest fan of this cushion foundation!
If you’ve been thinking that your skin might be in poor condition lately, I’d love for you to give it a try!
About SEAC
Seek is a brand that pursues “healthy skin forever.” As a natural food company, Setagaya Natural Foods has been helping people become healthy from the inside out. As we deal with the concerns of aging people, we hear about skin problems and concerns. We thought that with the wisdom we have cultivated over many years to harness the power of nature, we might be able to address your skin concerns. Healthy, trouble-free, clean skin. That is the healthy skin we pursue. In addition to our signature morning and night all-in-one products and wrinkle-improving creams, our makeup cosmetics such as wrinkle-improving BB cream and silky face powder are also gaining popularity. We aim to create products that help our customers experience youthful, healthy skin through the power of nature by addressing each of their concerns. May you live a bright and vibrant life 5 or 10 years from now. Setagaya Natural Foods remains committed to delivering cosmetics that lead to healthy skin. SEAC brand site Instagram
About Setagaya Natural Foods
Setagaya Natural Foods is a mail-order company that handles
supplements, foods, and cosmetics. Popular products such as
glucosamine + chondroitin, green juice containing lactic acid bacteria, 16 types of vegetables, rich and creamy vegetables, and miso soup are widely known through TV commercials. Since our establishment in 2001, we have placed great importance on creating products that harness the power of nature. In recent years, with the aim of becoming a company that is loved by generations, we have been releasing products such as colorful gozen (frozen home-delivered meals), farm-direct products, and sweets, and we are also focusing on online sales. We would like to continue to deliver products that are not only safe and secure, but also delicious and enriching the soul, and we hope to be close to our customers in various situations in their lives. – Setagaya Natural Foods Company Profile – Company Name: Setagaya Natural Foods Co., Ltd. Established: July 2001 Head Office: 4-10-1 Yoga, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 158-0097 Representative: Eiji Kasai, President and CEO Capital: 50 million yen Business details: Mail order sales of health supplements, natural cosmetics, and natural foods Setagaya Natural Foods corporate site Setagaya Natural Foods official mail order site
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