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News Release Hints for reducing and resolving the burden of company housing management can be found in 〇〇! ?

Ube Information System Co., Ltd.
Hints on how to reduce and solve the burden of company housing management can be found in 〇〇! ?
We asked 100 people in charge of company housing management: “The actual state of company housing management and solutions revealed from survey data”
★What were the results obtained from the questionnaire survey of approximately 100 company housing management personnel?
★Prior to the release of the company housing management survey report, its contents will be specially disclosed in an online seminar ★Mechanism of the “Rented Company Housing System,” a welfare system that benefits both companies and employees.
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Ube Information Systems Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Ube City, Prefecture, President and Representative Director: Keisaku Matsui), which develops the company housing management system “Ryujo-kun”, asked about 100 people in charge of company housing management nationwide about the current company housing system. ”, “Company housing management methods”, and “Challenges in company housing management”, etc. We conducted a questionnaire survey and released the results in an online seminar.
Due to its great popularity, the video of this seminar will be archived for a limited time from September 20, 2023.
Apply here: ■Background of the event
Among the welfare programs that support employees, housing-related programs often receive particular attention.Not only do they provide peace of mind to those who are already working there, but they are also an important point for job seekers when choosing a company. You can say that.
Systems related to “housing” are broadly classified into “rent subsidies” and “company housing/employee dormitories,” but among these, the system benefits of “company housing/employee dormitories” are being reconsidered, and in particular, In recent years, the number of companies that have adopted the “lease company housing system,” which does not own property, has been on the rise.
The “lease company housing system” is a system in which a company acts as a tenant, contracts for a rental property, and lets its employees live there as residents.The company pays the rent, and the
individual’s share is deducted from their salary. This is a system that offers easier benefits than housing allowances, such as increased take-home income for employees, the ability to record the amount borne by the company as an expense, and a reduction in social insurance premiums.
We offer rental company housing in the form of online seminar videos for companies that are considering a rented company housing system or companies that are considering introducing/expanding housing-related welfare programs for employees in the future. In addition to the advantages of the company housing system, we revealed the actual situation of each company, the challenges they face, the tasks they feel are burdensome, and the various challenges revealed by the results of a survey conducted with approximately 100 company housing managers nationwide. We are introducing the solution.
Please read it in light of your company’s situation.
[Seminar overview]
・Target: Persons in charge of company housing management
Corporate Human Resources Manager or Management
Those who have assignments in the management work of the rented company house, those who want to know about the actual management of other companies
・Delivery date and time: 1. Wednesday, September 20, 2023 14:00 – 14:30        2. Wednesday, September 27, 2023 11:00 – 11:30
・Viewing method: Zoom (The viewing URL will be provided to those who submit the registration form.)
*Notes etc.
To register for the business seminar, please use the email address below. Applications from individuals or competing companies may be refused. ■Summary of Borusage-kun
Renjo-kun is a dedicated system that centrally manages contract information for company housing, dormitories, parking lots, and stores to streamline management operations. We provide useful functions for the entire company housing management work flow, from the property consideration stage to move-in/contract, monthly rent payments and salary withdrawals, payment record issuance, and processing when moving out. Since the start of sales, this business system has been selected and highly evaluated by many companies.
Product homepage:
■Company overview
Title: Ube Information Systems Co., Ltd.
Representative: Keisaku Matsui, Representative Director and President Address: Ube Industries Building, 8-1 Aioicho, Ube City, Prefecture 755-8622
Established: September 16, 1983
Capital: 100 million yen
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