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Nexon Co., Ltd. An orchestra concert to commemorate the 20th anniversary of “MapleStory” will be held on S aturday, December 2nd!

Nexon Co., Ltd.
“MapleStory” will hold an orchestra concert to commemorate its 20th anniversary on Saturday, December 2nd!
Advance lottery sales start today. We also have a campaign where you can win SS seat tickets with accommodation coupons!

[Image 1:×720.jpg] Nexon Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Owen Mahoney, TSE: 3659, hereinafter referred to as Nexon), which produces and operates virtual worlds, announced that the action online game “MapleStory” for PC will be released in Japan. To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the launch of the service, we have decided to hold an orchestral concert of the same work on Saturday, December 2, 2023 at the Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo). . MapleStory Orchestra Concert Special Site
At this concert, which will be held in two performances, daytime and nighttime, selected songs from the many background music that have colored the world of “MapleStory” will be performed by Katsuhiro Ida and performed by the Grand Philharmonic Tokyo. The performance will be delivered to you.
As a bonus for concert visitors, in addition to presenting original ticket cases and coupons for in-game items, at the venue, there will be a photo spot commemorating the 20th anniversary where you can take a commemorative photo with the characters of “MapleStory”. We also sell original goods.
Starting today, we have started accepting applications for advance ticket lottery sales. In addition, we will also carry out an “Invitation campaign from MapleStory Orchestra” that presents a set of SS seat tickets and accommodation tickets for this concert to a total of 3 groups (up to 6 people).
Please join us for this memorial concert, a must-listen for players and fans, celebrating the 20th anniversary of MapleStory.
■Performance overview
・ Date and time: Saturday, December 2, 2023 [Daytime performance] Doors open at 12:00 / Performance at 13:30 [Evening performance] Doors open at 16:30 / Performance at 18:00 * Performance time is scheduled to be about 2 hours Masu.
[Image 2:×429.jpg] ・Venue: Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall
3-20-2 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
・ Performance: Katsuhiro Ida (Grand Philharmonic Principal Guest Conductor) Grand Philharmonic Tokyo (Orchestra) Satoshi Morioka (Concertmaster)
・Sponsor: Nexon Co., Ltd.
・Production/Management: Arts Innovators Japan LLC
・Cooperation: E+ Co., Ltd., Grand Philharmonic Tokyo
・Inquiries: Arts Innovator Japan LLC
[Image 3:×697.jpg] Pamphlet
■Ticket price (tax included)
・SS seats: 12,000 yen (includes pamphlet)
・S seat: 10,000 yen
・A seat: 9,000 yen
・B seat: 8,500 yen
* All ticket types come with special benefits.
■Advance lottery sale
From today, advance lottery sales of tickets have started at eplus. ・ Application period: September 8, 2023 (Friday) 22:00 to September 21 (Thursday) 23:59
・ Winning announcement date: Saturday, September 23, 2023 13:00 ・ Reception URL:
■Visitor benefits/goods sales at the venue
All visitors will receive an original ticket case and limited in-game items as a special gift. In the venue, we will also sell event original goods such as music boxes, acrylic dioramas, and eco bags.
[Image 4:×338.jpg] Performer
Katsuhiro Ida (conductor)
[Image 5:×1000.jpg] Graduated from Tokyo Gakugei University Music Department and graduate school. While still a student, he has been involved as a production assistant in opera group performances in Japan. Debuted in 2007 with K Ballet Company “Swan Lake”. In addition to conducting ballet performances in Japan and overseas, including the same company, he has performed with orchestras such as the Tokyo City Phil “Dragon Quest” series, the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, and the Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra.
In 2019-20, he served as music director and conductor for the Japanese cast version of the Broadway musical “West Side Story”. In music production, he has worked on K-BALLET TOKYO’s “Cleopatra” and “Madame Butterfly”, and is engaged in ambitious activities.
K-BALLET TOKYO and Theater Orchestra Tokyo Music Director and Conductor, Grand Philharmonic Principal Guest Conductor.
Grand Philharmonic Tokyo (Orchestra)
[Image 6:×800.jpg] Established on April 25, 2018 as Tokyo Impressive Orchestra. Active top-level musicians active in Japan and overseas, as well as up-and-coming young musicians gather in Tokyo to start their activities. 35th Anniversary Kiyotaka Sugiyama Starting with his debut at Symphonic Concert 2018, he has collaborated with V. Grigoro, Akira Senju, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Kiyotaka Sugiyama, Taeko Onuki, and Kiyoharu, performing not only classical music but also various genres. Developing activities. In January 2020, the band name was changed to “Grand Philharmonic Tokyo”.
Symphonic musical drama “Bees and Distant Thunder ~Hear the Hikari~”, RPG game “Persona” series 25th anniversary symphonic concert, Tokyo Game Show 25th anniversary symphonic online concert, Game Center CX Symphony, etc. Special orchestra will be held, SQUARE ENIX “Triangle” Strategy”, Netflix’s “Rilakkuma and Kaoru-san”, TBS Sunday Theater “VIVANT”, Shochiku Film “Hello, Mother”, etc., and has been in charge of the recordings, and is expected from many quarters as a next-generation orchestra unlike any other. There is.
In April 2022, with the aim of further business expansion, we will welcome composer Akira Senju as executive producer and Katsuhiro Ida and Hiroyasu Matsumoto as principal guest conductors, and we will be operating the orchestra under a new system.
Satoshi Morioka (Concertmaster)
[Image 7:×1000.jpg] Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts Music Department after Tokyo Metropolitan Art High School. Received the Ataka Award while in school and the Doseikai Award upon graduation.
Studied abroad at Lübeck College of Music in Northern Germany. She has studied violin with Aki Sunahara, Naoko Kurihara, Sakiko Shimo, Yoshiko Hattori, Kiyoshi Okayama, Yukiko Teraoka, Yuko Mori, Takashi Aoki, Stefan Wagner, and Elisabeth Weber. He engages in a wide range of performance activities not only in Japan, but also includes recitals, collaborations with orchestras, and music festival performances.
The string quartet [Eureka Quartet], which was formed in 2022, is engaged in a variety of activities, including concerts of Beethoven’s complete string quartets. Currently a member of the Kioi Hall Chamber Orchestra and a part-time lecturer at the Graduate School of Chamber Music at Tokyo University of the Arts.
Concertmaster of Kobe City Chamber Orchestra from April 2023. Concertmaster of the Nagoya Philharmonic Orchestra.
Invitation campaign from MapleStory Orchestra
To commemorate the MapleStory Orchestra Concert, we will be holding a luxurious gift campaign. Please apply from the application page with a message about episodes related to MapleStory, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary, and your expectations for this orchestra concert. After being selected by the staff, the three winners selected for the Excellence Award will receive a SS seat ticket to an orchestra concert and a one-night stay ticket for two days. In addition, 10 special prize winners will also receive a “MapleStory” goods set.
We are looking forward to receiving many applications and hearing your passion for “MapleStory”!
■Implementation overview
-Application period-
September 8, 2023 (Friday) 22:00 – September 18, 2023 (Monday) 23:59 -Application method-
Please fill out the form on the campaign application page below, and then write a message about your own story about MapleStory, your thoughts on orchestra concerts, etc. (the theme is up to you). . Application page: *You must log in with your NEXON ID to the application page. -prize-
●Excellence Award (3 people)
・MapleStory Orchestra Concert SS seat ticket (up to 1 person can accompany you) ・1 night and 2 days accommodation ticket (December 2nd to December 3rd) ・Round-trip transportation to the concert venue (maximum 20,000 yen one-way) ・Priority participation in offline event “Super Maple Party” (held on December 3rd)
*You cannot specify daytime/nighttime performances.
*Accommodation facilities will be specified by our company.
*You will be in a double room with your companion. note that. ●Special award (10 people)
[Contents] ・“MapleStory” goods set
-Award winner announcement-
Wednesday, September 20, 2023 around 17:00
*The winners will be announced on the official website. We will also send a winning message to the contact information you provided at the time of application.
Please check the application page for details of this campaign, application terms, and notes.
[Image 8:×1164.jpg] “MapleStory” is an MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) that will celebrate its 20th anniversary since its launch in Japan in December of this year. This work, developed by NEXON Korea Corporation (location: South Korea), is a side-scrolling online action game in which you advance through an adventure while fighting cute monsters such as mushrooms and pigs on various islands and villages. It was the first successful online game in the world to use this technology.
In addition, the service is available in 95 countries in Asia, North America, South America, Europe, etc., and its localization tailored to each country is popular, with approximately 100 million IDs. In South Korea, it is recognized as a national title with 18 million members. [Copyright notation]
Copyright(C) 2003 NEXON Korea Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Nexon Co., Ltd.
Founded in 1994, Nexon (head office location: Minato-ku, Tokyo) is a company that produces, develops, and distributes online games. It was listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in December 2011, and was included in the JPX-Nikkei Index 400 in 2015 and the Nikkei Stock Price Index 300 in 2017. Additionally, in 2020, it was included in the 225 stocks that make up the Nikkei Stock Average. Currently, we offer more than 50 games, including the representative series “MapleStory”, “Kart Rider”, and “Arad Senki”, for PC, console, and mobile in over 190 countries and regions. Masu. In 2021, Nexon made Embark Studios AB, a Stockholm-based company currently developing multiple projects for global distribution, a wholly owned subsidiary.
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