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Next-generation mind map app “ThinkSpace” releases idea and idea support function using generative AI

Next-generation mind map app “ThinkSpace” releases idea and idea support function using generative AI
Generation AI enables creation of mind maps, brainstorming, and idea generation according to the ideation method.
The ThinkSpace app (developer: Naoya Enokida) will release new functions for mind map creation, brainstorming, and idea generation using generative AI.
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[ThinkSpace demo video]
[Video 2:] [App download] iOS version: About the generation AI function
Background of feature addition
With the advent of generative AI such as ChatGPT, the use of AI in creative fields such as painting and writing is expanding. Although drawbacks such as generating incorrect information have been pointed out, it is extremely useful in creative fields in that it generates novel ideas from new perspectives. If the power of generative AI is used well, it has the potential to greatly enhance human creativity and productivity.
Now, in the idea/planning process, the flow of “divergence” → “convergence” is important, where a large number of ideas are first generated and then converged, but generative AI can generate a large number of ideas, It’s especially good for drafting rough ideas. ThinkSpace has an AI brainstorming function where AI brainstorms ideas using cards created by users as a starting point, an AI mind map function where AI generates a mind map based on a theme, and an AI brainstorming function that uses AI to brainstorm ideas based on a user-created card. has released an AI template function that generates ideas.
ThinkSpace’s Vision In what is said to be the era of VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity), in a society where there is no clear answer and the future is uncertain, each individual It has become more important than ever for people to stop and “deeply introspect.” In addition, in a society where a large amount of information flows in from SNS every day, and search engines and Chat AI can instantly provide general knowledge and information, it is becoming more and more important to carefully digest the information and derive your own unique insights and ideas. I think it will become more important than society. ThinkSpace aims to become the best tool for individuals to think for themselves and demonstrate their creativity in such a society. Furthermore, with regard to the use of AI, we aim to provide a more personalized experience.
[App overview] Name: “ThinkSpace”
Description: ThinkSpace is a powerful tool that supports creative thinking. Seamlessly perform all elements of idea creation, such as brainstorming, organizing ideas, creating mind maps, constructing flowcharts, how to generate ideas, brainstorming and mind map generation using AI, web brainstorming, and collaboration using a shared canvas on Infinite Canvas. We are integrating. Its features include the ability to smoothly conduct free brainstorming and the ability to freely create handwritten mind maps. Grouping and relationship lines are also supported to organize your thoughts, and the canvas size is infinitely expandable. It is also possible to generate ideas and create mind maps using AI. You can easily cut out web pages and paste images, and find the information you need with text search. ThinkSpace can also be used offline, and the Pro version also supports data synchronization. It also has a collaborative editing function, which effectively supports remote work. A reliable partner to support the development of thinking and foster valuable ideas. Recommended environment: -iOS version -iOS 14.0 or later -Mac version -macOS Big Sur 11.0 or later
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Launch date: March 5, 2018
App Store: Price: 500 yen/month or 4,000 yen/year subscription after 7-day free trial (*Please refer to AppStore for the latest price)
It has been downloaded in various countries.
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[About the author]
One of the things that makes ThinkSpace unique is that it is individual development. Although it was developed by an individual, ThinkSpace is being compared to apps developed by overseas startups such as the United States and China, which have large amounts of funding. It has been downloaded a total of 630,000 times in 175 countries around the world. Another app we developed called
“MapNote” was also a hit. *Click here for media coverage results: We prove that the world’s top software can be created from Japan. Career:
After graduating from Keio University, while others around him went to work for major companies, he taught himself programming and started working as a software developer. After that, he worked as a core engineer at a startup in Shibuya/Harajuku that develops casual games globally. Involved in the development of an app that won an Apple Award and ranked first in multiple countries. In addition, he is involved in a wide variety of tasks such as planning and developing new games, developing game AI algorithms, and developing in-house tools. After that, he became independent as a freelance engineer, and while participating in multiple projects, he also engaged in personal development activities and released MapNote and ThinkSpace.
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