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[In a place of relief] NIJIN Academy Parents Meeting (Parent Cafe) held ……
NIJIN Academy, an online school for elementary and junior high school students operated by NIJIN Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Koto-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Tatsuro Hoshino), which makes schools all over Japan happy, will be the first to open on September 15th. A parent meeting (name: Parent Cafe) was held online.
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The parent-teacher conference was held under the name “Parent Café,” with the hope that it would be a place where parents could gather, meet each other, and feel relieved. More than 60 parents gathered on the day to listen to explanations from the school and interact with other parents.
At the beginning, the principal spoke about “respecting different personalities and starting lines” and “building a school together.” They talked about how the children were spending their time in the virtual school building, and the idea of ​​a new school that would be created by children, parents, teachers, and the community/society. Next, the staff explained about attendance certification (required by parents).
In the second half of the meeting, a project was held to help parents ease their nerves and connect with each other. In “Connecting Time with Everyone,” parents can input what they like into the chat and share it with everyone. Afterwards, during the “Small Group Connection Time,” the participants were divided into groups of about five people and had free talk time, including self-introductions.
Over the course of the approximately one-hour parent cafe, the parents’ expressions gradually relaxed, and by the end, the
participants were all smiling.
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-Impressions from participants (partial excerpts)-
・I felt relieved when I was able to connect with the parents. Thank you for the opportunity to connect with other parents.
・I liked that the fun theme was set, which eased the nervousness of talking to people I met for the first time.
・I’m glad I was able to talk to the warm-hearted parents.
・I was able to interact with the parents and feel close to them even though I was far away.
・I was able to talk about my thoughts on attendance certification and evaluation of report cards. Many of the children were of the same age group and we all had the same opinion and laughed. I’m glad I was able to participate.
・When I talked with the parents, I was able to see how hard they had worked so far, even though the circumstances were different. I would be happy if I had an opportunity like this again.
・I thought the main thing would be listening to stories, but there was a lot of time for parents to interact with each other, and it turned out to be a fun time. I participated through earphones while making dinner, so I’d like to be fully prepared next time. If there is anything I can do to help in the future, I will also participate. ・I don’t really like talking online, but I thought it would be great if there was a chat circle for parents. That’s what parent cafes are all about (lol). I learn a lot by talking with people who have the same problems, and it’s reassuring to know that I’m not alone. ・It was a lot of fun. Up until now, I had felt lonely at times as a parent and child, but being able to meet and listen to so many people gave me the reassurance of having friends. thank you very much. ・I was nervous because it was my first parent cafe, but it was great because opportunities like this allow us to feel connected. (Because I don’t have many opportunities to get to know parents who don’t attend school)
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