Nirasaki City Sports Commission 11/3 Niralympics 2023 Everyone from all over the country gather in Nirasa ki! Dai Tamesue as ambassador for the citizen 400m hurdles

Nirasaki City Sports Commission
11/3 Niralympics 2023 [Everyone from all over the country gather in Nirasaki! Dai Tamesue as ambassador for the citizen 400m hurdles] Application deadline: October 13th (Friday)
The Niralympics is a relaxed sports day that incorporates exercise and laughter, lowering the hurdles for sports and competition
participation, making it easy for anyone from children to the elderly to participate, and allowing everyone to play a leading role. The “Citizen 400m Hurdles”, which Dai Tamesue supports as an ambassador, the “400m Nire”, which connects batons shaped like “chives” after the name of Nirasaki City, and the “Otama 400m”, which is competed in one lap of the track. We will prepare original competitions such as “Relay”.
In addition to providing souvenirs for participants, mascot characters will appear and food trucks will be on hand!
Additionally, a DJ will play music and an MC will liven up the event! Why not challenge your own hurdles (goals) while having fun together?
[Image 1:×415.jpg] ▶Talk guest Dai Tamesue [former track and field athlete]
Born in Hiroshima Prefecture in 1978.
He is the first Japanese to win a medal at a world championship in the sprint event. Japan record holder for men’s 400m hurdles (as of August 2023). Currently writing and working on projects related to the body. His major works include “Winning Alone,” “The Philosophy of Running,” and “The Power of Giving Up.” This year, when he turned 45, he published “Mastery Theory: People Can Continue to Learn and Grow,” which summarizes what he has learned as an athlete.
▶ Date and time: November 3, 2020 (Friday, holiday) [Cancelled due to rain] 9:00 to 16:00 (Registration starts at 8:00 a.m.) ▶ Venue: Nirasaki Central Park Athletics Stadium (Fujii, Nirasaki City) 2531 Machikita Shimojo) ▶ Participation fee: 1,000 yen per event (free for infants and elementary school students) 30,000 yen per team for corporate competition section (including sponsorship) ▶ Competition techniques [Yuru-chara] 30-meter dash [infants] Free 30-meter run 400-meter relay Large ball Tug-of-war [elementary school students] Free Citizen 40 0 ​​meter hurdle [Cheering for Dai Tamesue] Height 52cm 100 meter dash 400 meter relay Otama
                                                 400m Leh (2 to 10 teams) tug of war [General] 1,000 yen Citizen 400 meters hurdle ) 400 meter Lnille (2 to 10 teams) tug -of -war [company] 1 event 30,000 yen Corporate Competition 400m Lnille
◇ “Nira” from Nirasaki City and “Bee-chan” from Yamanashi Queen Bees are scheduled to participate in the “Yurukyara 30m Run”!
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[Image 3:×480.jpg]

◇ Nire is a relay that connects batons of chives (models) named after the city of Nirasaki!
[Image 4:×1479.jpg]
[Image 5:×480.jpg]

*For the Otama 400m relay, participants will be divided into teams by the management side. *Advance entry is not required for the tug of war. You can participate freely on the day.
▶Time schedule *Time may change depending on the entry situation. 9:30 Yuru Chara Division 30 meter run 9:45 Toddler Division 30 meter dash 10:10 Elementary School Student Division 100 meter dash 10:35 General Division 100 meter dash 11:20 Free Division (Toddlers/Elementary School Students/General) Otama 400 meter relay 12:00 Elementary school students and above (elementary school students/general) 5,000 meter Nire Marathon 12:00 Free talk by Dai Tamesue and others 12:50 Free section Tug of war *Free participation on the day 13:10 Elementary school student section 400 meters Nilay 13:40 General division 400m Nilay 14:20 Elementary school students and above division (Elementary school students/General) Citizens 400m hurdles [supported by Dai Tamesue] 14:50 Corporate competition division 400m Nilay ▶ Recruitment Deadline: October 13, 2020 (Friday)
▶How to apply
Anyone can participate in the general competitions (toddler division, elementary school division, general division).
You can enter from the following URL.
▶For details, please see the Nirasaki City website. ▶ Thoughts on holding the tournament ~Comments from cooperating companies~
[Image 6:×428.jpg ]
Mr. Kenji Chiba, Representative Director of Atelier Iroha First Class Architect Office Co., Ltd. I started running the 400M track and field event when I was in junior high school.
When I was in my first year of high school, I witnessed Mr. Tamesue set a Japanese high school record for the 400M at the Yamanashi Inter-High Championships held at the Kose Sports Park track and field stadium. I strongly admired Mr. Tamesue, and with the goal of becoming one of Japan’s top athletes, I became more and more immersed in my beloved track and field. After that, I entered a university that was a strong track and field team, and although I spent every day
practicing, I quit track and field along with the university. Because I set my goals so high, it became difficult to exceed them, and I forgot the true joy of track and field. I realized that it is important to set the bar low and raise it little by little, and that the most important thing is to continue doing it because you love it and have fun doing it. I believe the same can be said about urban renovation, which is now my life’s work.
In fact, the important thing is to steadily overcome low hurdles and continue for a long time. Through this competition, we hope to convey the joy and joy of setting low hurdles and achieving things little by little.
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