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Nobuta Enterprises Co., Ltd. Performance show with excitement, enthusiasm, and loud cheers Mrs. Double Dutch, who won No. 1 at the 2023 World Championship, will appear at FOLE Fitness!

Nobuta Enterprise Co., Ltd.
[Performance show with excitement, enthusiasm, and loud cheers] Mrs. Double Dutch, who won No. 1 at the 2023 World Championship, will appear at FOLE Fitness!
Saturday, September 16, 2023 15:30-16:20 “FOLE Fitness (Koto-ku, Tokyo)” ……
FOLE Fitness Club (Koto-ku, Tokyo, URL: https:/ /” will be held on Saturday, September 16, 2023, with a one-day performance by “Mrs.DOUBLE DUTCH” who won No. 1 in the 2023 world competition, as well as a double gift for the children of members. A Dutch trial session was held.
77 children and their parents participated, and the voltage at the venue was high from the start.
At its climax, the venue was filled with applause and cheers when “Mrs.DOUBLE DUTCH” appeared.
“I don’t think there are many opportunities to actually see or experience Double Dutch, so please enjoy Double Dutch to the fullest with us today!” said MAYU, the representative of “Mrs.DOUBLE DUTCH.” The unveiling event and jumper trial session have just started.
The children, who were shy at first, were having fun while making loud noises. The children who learned the double dutch technique and had a valuable experience couldn’t stop being excited, saying, “I could see the rope moving several times!”
[Image 1:×840.jpg]
[Image 2:×853.jpg] Then the long-awaited performance of “Mrs.DOUBLE DUTCH” began. The stylish uniforms had a mysterious feeling as if the rope was moving with the people, and the overwhelming acrobatic performance of “Mrs. DOUBLE DUTCH” gave a sense of beauty and serenity, and the whole audience could feel the strength in their hands and eyes. I was so glued to the performance that it was a waste to miss it.
[Image 3:×613.jpg] The parents of the children who participated this time once again gave a big round of applause to Mrs.DOUBLE DUTCH, saying, “I felt that an environment where elementary school students can experience the world is very valuable.” The children’s parents looked at them with respect and said, “You’re doing something this difficult!”
Through events like this, FOLE Fitness supports beauty, health, and healing in a high-quality space, helping to bring out the smiles and potential of children.
that’s all
[Reference materials]
About FOLE Fitness Club
With the themes of “beauty,” “health,” and “healing,” we deliver a higher-grade quality time to each individual.
We have a lineup of machines manufactured by Technogym, which are used by celebrities around the world.
We also have a full-fledged children’s school, where children can smile and discover possibilities through fun.
[FOLE Fitness Club Overview]
[Reference materials]
Name: FOLE Fitness Club
Business hours: 24 hours (gym area available 24 hours)
Weekdays reception/9:00-22:00, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays reception/9:00-21:00
Closed: 2nd Monday of every month (or the following Tuesday if Monday is a holiday), year-end and New Year holidays, facility inspection days, etc.
Address: Warehouse Shinonome Building 3F, 1-6-13 Shinonome, Koto-ku, Tokyo Access: Free shuttle bus runs from Toyosu Station
                                                       Shinonome Station 10 minutes walk
Others: Free parking available, bicycle parking available
At the kids school, we offer “double dutch,” “karate,”
“gymnastics,” “bouldering,” “hip hop,” and more.
We offer schools such as “Freestyle Dance” that bring out your child’s infinite potential.
Two of the “Mrs.DOUBLE DUTCH” team members (MISA and MAYU) are working as instructors in charge of “Kids Double Dutch” at the kids school of “FOLE Fitness Club” and are working hard to develop the next generation. Masu.
They took 3rd place at the “DOUBLE DUTCH CONTEST JAPAN 2023” held in 2023, and took 1st place in both the performance and battle categories at the world competition held in the United States in July 2023, making them the overall champion.
Each member has won championships in domestic and international competitions, and is active in a wide range of roles as judges, guest performers, and event organizers.
[Image 4:×1572.jpg] [Team history]
・Founded in 2016
・2016 Red Bull air race street session stage appearance
・2017 Double Dutch Contest JAPAN Guest Show
・2017 Double Dutch Delight JAPAN National Champion
・2019 Double Dutch Contest SHANGHAI Winner
・2023 Double Dutch Contest JAPAN 3rd place nationwide = Qualified to participate in the world tournament
・2023 Double Dutch Contest the World 1st place in the world
About Double Dutch
It is a sport of jumping rope that uses two ropes and combines steps, dance, acrobatics, etc. while allowing free expression. It is performed by at least 3 people: 2 turners and a jumper.
It is a popular sport in the United States, and the number of people playing it is increasing all over the world, especially among young people and children. In Japan, the “Japan Jump Rope Union” has been established as an official organization and is carrying out activities to popularize double dutch with the goal of “making double dutch an Olympic event!”
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