Nogizaka46 Special edition #79 released on Nogi Douga original program “Kubo Channel”

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[Nogizaka46] Special edition #79 released on Nogi Douga original program “Kubo Channel”
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distributing the latest episode of the original program “Kubo Channel” from Nogizaka46’s official flat-rate video service “Nogi Douga (” today. did.
“Kubo Channel #79” released today is a special edition “Ume Channel #1 “Hitorisama Heaven” Music Video” in which Nogizaka46 captain Minami Umezawa serves as MC in place of Shiori Kubo.
This special edition is a special edition in which Captain Minami Umezawa serves as MC, so we will deliver it in a different location than usual.
The first episode of “Ume Channel” features a music video featuring Kazu Inoue, a 5th generation student who was chosen as the center for the first time for the latest single “Ohitori-sama Heaven,” as a guest. We will talk about the behind-the-scenes stories at the time of filming and the Midsummer National Tour 2023 that was being held at the time of recording.
It is a valuable content that only a new center and new captain can talk about, such as how he felt when he was selected as a center or captain, and his thoughts on the tour in a new position. Please take a look.
▼Nogi Video “Kubo Channel #79”
~Ume Channel #1 “Hitorisama Heaven” Music Video~
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In addition to Nogizaka46’s live footage, commercial videos, and past appearances, “Nogi Douga” also distributes original content such as “Kubo Channel” and “Nogizaka Asobu Dake.” We also add more than 15 new content every month.
This is a platform where you can enjoy a variety of Nogizaka46’s video works whenever you want.
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