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Noguchi Tourism Management Co., Ltd. Hokkaido/Sounkyo Enjoy a little luxury in autumn when your appetite is full! Sounkyo Choyotei’s 30-meal-a-day limited plan now on sale!

Noguchi Tourism Management Co., Ltd.
[Hokkaido/Sounkyo] Enjoy a little luxury in autumn when your appetite is full! Sounkyo Choyotei’s 30-meal-a-day limited plan now on sale! Visit Sounkyo Onsen when the charm of autumn is in full bloom! ……
Sounkyo Choyotei has started selling an autumn taste plan with a limited number of 30 meals per day from September 10, 2023 (Sunday) to November 30, 2023 (Thursday).
Noguchi Tourism Management Co., Ltd. Sounkyo Choyotei (Sounkyo Onsen, Kamikawa-cho, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido, 252 rooms in total)
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Sounkyo Choyo-tei 7th floor open-air sky “Mt. Asahi”
Autumn is full of appetite, and the season to enjoy luxury has arrived! This fall, Sounkyo Choyotei will be waiting for you with a special proposal. From September 10, 2023, a new “Autumn Luxury Dinner Buffet Plan” will be released, where you can choose your favorite from three attractive dishes that will make your dinner buffet even more luxurious and delicious. did!
▼There are three types of menus to choose from! ▼
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Eat with Maitake sauce from Aibetsu ♪ Low-temperature roasted sika deer meat with 6 types of vegetables
[Eat with Maitake sauce from Aibetsu ♪ Roasted sika deer meat cooked at low temperature ~ with 6 types of vegetables]
This is a roast of sika deer meat, which is red meat packed with umami, and is cooked at a low temperature to bring out the umami even more and leave it with a soft texture.
We use Maitake mushrooms from the neighboring town of Aibetsu for the sauce, and enjoy them together with the sauce that captures the natural flavor of the mushrooms.
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Eat with Wasamu pumpkin sauce! Sturgeon from Bifuka, baked in breadcrumbs with herbs
[Eat with Japanese pumpkin sauce! Sturgeon from Bifuka, baked with herbs and breadcrumbs]
Sturgeon from Bifuka in northern Hokkaido, which is light and odorless and has an elegant quality, is coated in breadcrumbs and grilled in high-temperature oil to add juiciness.
The accompanying sauce is sweet and sour Japanese pumpkin sauce. This is a masterpiece that can be accented with lemon.
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snow crab
[Snow crab]
When it comes to the taste of the north, it’s definitely snow crab. ♪ If you come to Hokkaido and want to eat crab, this is a must-see. Reservations are limited to 30 meals a day!
Please contact us as soon as possible and enjoy your favorite item♪ Raise your appetite to its peak with a buffet plan with a selection of autumn flavors that combines a little luxury and deliciousness ☆彡 Enjoy this special project with your family and friends!
▼Click here to make a reservation for the autumn taste plan with three types to choose from▼
▼Sika deer meat roasted at low temperature ▼Breaded sturgeon with herbs ▼Snow crab
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Sounkyo Onsen Kurodake Ropeway
Sounkyo Onsen is a great place to visit in autumn.
If you want to see the autumn leaves, we recommend visiting until mid-October. Surrounded by nature, Sounkyo has beautiful scenery all year round, but the best time to see it is in autumn!
We hope you enjoy your trip, enjoying the scenery as well as the delicious flavors of autumn.
We look forward to your visit at Sounkyo Onsen♪
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Sounkyo Choyotei exterior
[Inquiries regarding this matter]
Sounkyo Choyotei
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