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NPO deleteC With everyone’s help, cancer can be cured – Operation deleteC spreads to supermarkets, commercial facilities, and schools

Specified non-profit organization deleteC
With everyone’s help, cancer can be cured – Operation DeleteC spreads to supermarkets, commercial facilities, and schools
9/20 (Wednesday) 8:00 pm The second half of “#deleteC operation” starts! Implementing a “Scrum Post” challenge project that focuses on “8” and accelerating support
DeleteC (Representative Director: Shiro Oguni), a specified non-profit organization, will designate September 2nd to September 30th, 2023, which is Cancer Control Month, as a month to strengthen SNS awareness for cancer treatment research. , we are implementing the “#deleteC operation” together with companies and organizations, in which 100 yen per post on SNS and 10 yen per reaction will be donated to cancer treatment research and awareness activities.
[Image 1:×810.png ]
Immediately after the initiative started, more than 1,000 people posted in just a few minutes, and “#deleteC strategy” and “cancer treatment research” ranked among the trending words on X (Twitter) nationwide and in the Kanto region. SNS timelines were flooded with the desire to make cancer a curable disease.
In order to further accelerate this initiative, in which a total of 50,000 people have participated so far, Wednesday, September 20th will be the start of the second half of the #deleteC operation, and a “Scrum posting” challenge project that focuses on “8” will be carried out. With everyone’s help, we will make the circle of support for cancer treatment research even bigger.
[DeleteC Operation 2023 New Movement 1.: Spread to supermarkets, commercial facilities, and schools]
[Image 2:×568.jpg] As a new movement this year, participation from supermarkets, commercial facilities, and schools is accelerating support.
・With the cooperation of 122 stores, Summit Co., Ltd. also collects posts from store employees.
It is a strong ally for the participants of “#deleteC operation”, as it allows shooting inside the store.
・At BRANCH, a commercial facility operated by Daiwa Lease Co., Ltd., we are also working to remove the letter “C” from signs inside the facility. Submissions are eligible and 100 yen will be donated for each post. In addition, 500 yen will be donated for each post for deleteC model vending machines installed in commercial facilities operated by Daiwa Lease.
・At Clark Memorial International High School, it has been decided that deleteC will be implemented at 18 campuses from September 15th, and a kickoff MTG will be held. Learning and action centered around casual social action are expanding. At the “Deli Sea Cultural Festival” held on September 2nd, students also participated in the planning and operation of the Del Sea Café, supporting cancer treatment research. [DeleteC Daisakusen 2023 New Movement 2: Support in real life in October – Donated products and tickets will be available]
In October, a system to support cancer treatment research will begin, including the sale of donated products and tickets. In addition to activities such as traveling, listening to music, shopping at the supermarket, and purchasing wine and towels, there will also be initiatives such as Book Marche, where the entire purchase amount will be donated. Details will be announced at the end of September. The thoughts and donations collected during the period will be delivered through donations and awareness to doctors and researchers who have passed through deleteC’s medical public recruitment and selection committee. The donation amount and recipient will be announced at “deleteC 2024 -HOPE-” which will be held on February 4, 2024. In addition, we are introducing the research progress of doctors and researchers to whom we have given donations in the past on SNS, etc.
[Summary of the “Scrum Post” challenge that focuses on “8”]
[Image 3:×531.png ]
Name: “Scrum Posting” Challenge that sticks to “8”
Period: September 20, 2023 (Wednesday) to September 30, 2023 (Saturday) 23:59 Implementation details: Under the rules of #deleteC operation,               8 people, 8 items, 8 tree posts, etc…. Perform support posts that stick to “8” in your own way
All posts will be posted at 8pm every day
[Summary of “#deleteC Operation”]
[Image 4:×433.png ]
Name: #deleteC operation
Period: September 2, 2023 (Saturday) 17:00 to September 30, 2023 (Saturday) 23:59
Implementation details: Posting and spreading on SNS leads to donations Reference method: You can freely change the “C” part related to the products and logos of the brands of companies and organizations that support the “#deleteC strategy”.
If a participant posts the deleted image or video on SNS [X (Twitter), Instagram] with “#deleteC Daisakusen” and “#participating
company/organization name or brand name” (*2) , 100 yen per post, and 10 yen per share/like/playback when participants share/like/play images and videos posted by official accounts of participating companies and organizations. will be delivered to deleteC by participating companies as donations and awareness costs for cancer treatment research. (*2) Please check the deleteC special site ( for hashtags when posting.
[Video 3:] About deleteC
deleteC aims to create a system in which anyone can support cancer treatment research by freely expressing their desire to make cancer a curable disease, regardless of their personal, corporate, or organizational standpoint. Through donations to research and awareness, we will help make cancer a curable disease as soon as possible. Specifically, companies, organizations, local governments, and individuals participating in the project may delete the letter “C”, the initial of the word Cancer, from their own brand logos, products, or service names, or delete the deleteC logo or concept color. We produce, sell, and provide original products and services that we use. A portion of the purchase price will be donated (*) to cancer treatment research promoted by doctors and researchers through deleteC.
Every September, we carry out an awareness campaign titled “Operation #deleteC” where posting and spreading on SNS leads to donations, and at “deleteC -HOPE-” which is held at the end of January every year in advance of World Cancer Day. Donations will be given to doctors and researchers who are promoting cancer treatment research. We will conduct an open call for candidates for cancer treatment research to donate to, and a selection committee will be made up of members with diverse perspectives, including doctors with specialized knowledge of cancer clinical trials, companies participating in the project, and the deleteC medical research team. We will decide where to donate based on a fair review. DeleteC will produce and present video content on the selected theme and widely disseminate information through various media. Currently, it is supported by 130 participating companies and over 5,000 donors, and has so far provided a total of more than 30 million yen to eight doctors and researchers. (*) Donations will be used for deleteC’s activities such as cancer treatment research and educational content production costs.
[Video 4:] [Corporate overview]
Organization name: Certified non-profit corporation deleteC (issued on September 22, 2022, certification number 4 Ikutokan No. 703) Established: September 5, 2019
Representative: Representative Director Shiro Oguni
Business details: (1) Cancer awareness project using logos, etc. (2) Cancer awareness event project
(3) Donation and subsidy projects for cancer medical research (4) Business provision and awareness projects related to cancer medical research
(5) Other projects necessary to achieve the purpose
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