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NPO Switch “FY2020 Miyagi Prefecture Online Whereabouts Support Model Project” started

Nonprofit organization Switch
“FY2020 Miyagi Prefecture Online Whereabouts Support Model Project” started Specified non-profit organization Switch KIZUKI Co., Ltd. jointly commissioned by Miyagi Prefecture
“Certified NPO Switch” which works on supporting young people mainly in Miyagi Prefecture and working on supporting young people mainly in Kanto and Kansai
“Kizuki Co., Ltd.” has been commissioned by Miyagi Prefecture (under the jurisdiction of the Mental Health Promotion Office) to operate the “Miyagi Prefecture Online Whereabouts Support Model Project for 2021”.
Our community has been working on supporting young people with a variety of issues for many years using various methods, and we will utilize that track record to tackle this project.
This project targets people residing in Miyagi Prefecture who have become hikikomori who have difficulty communicating face-to-face or going out after completing their compulsory education, and provide an “online place where they can easily participate with peace of mind.” . This online place will help users recover their connections with society and improve their ability to interact with others other than their families through interaction support and consultation support, allowing them to take the next step in using a face-to-face place. I aim to move on.
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[Business details]
1 Implementation period: October 2020 to March 2020
2 Implementation date and time: Every Monday (if Monday is a holiday, the event will be held on the following Tuesday)
From 9:00 am to 5 pm from the 1st to 3rd Monday, from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm in the 4th Monday
3.Target: Those who live in Miyagi Prefecture and have become hikikomori after completing compulsory education.
4 Activity examples
・Interaction using activities such as quizzes and games
・Watching videos (YouTube, etc.) related to common hobbies
・Various theme talks
・Individual learning support
・Various individual consultations/information provision, etc. 5. Usage fee: Free. However, we will provide and pay for equipment such as PCs and smartphones, communication costs, etc.
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6. Operating company: Switch, a non-profit organization, Kizuki Co., Ltd. 7 Application for participation: Available at any time via the homepage or by phone using the QR code in the attached flyer
A briefing session will be held on the following dates regarding the above content.
“Press briefing session”
■Date and time: September 28th (Thursday) 16:30~
■Venue: Sendai City Citizen Activities Support Center (1-3 Ichibancho 4-chome, Aoba-ku, Sendai City) Training Room 1
*Please contact us by the 27th for interviews.
●Certified NPO Switch URL:
This is an organization that focuses on supporting work and study for people who are struggling with mental issues. We value individual relationships that are tailored to each individual, and support them so they can live their own way.
●Kizuki Co., Ltd. URL:
Kizuki is an organization that started supporting children and young people who are not attending school or are withdrawn from school in 2010 with support from the Cabinet Office (the company was established in 2015). Since our founding, we have been developing a variety of businesses aimed at people who have faced various difficulties, with the vision of creating a “society where people can start over again and again.”
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