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NSG Group Graduate School of Business Creation Aiming to become a “Tax Accountant x MBA” who can work wi th managers to create a “future vision for a company” “Tax Accountant Exam Subject Exemption Briefing” held on Saturday, October 28th

NSG Group
[Graduate School of Business Creation] Aiming to become a “tax accountant x MBA” who can work with managers to create a “future vision for a company” “Tax Accountant Exam Subject Exemption Briefing” will be held on October 28th (Sat)
NSG Group’s Business Creation Graduate University (3-1-46 Yoneyama, Chuo-ku, Niigata City) will be offering a tax accountant exam subject exemption from 10:30 on Saturday, October 28, 2023 for those aiming to pass the tax accountant exam. An information session will be held online (free of charge, reservation required).
[Image 1: &3=32951-1180-81C94C9C9C8F11A70707D520A98 6D883-1505X783.png] The path to becoming a tax accountant is not just about passing the exam. Why not consider taking advantage of a professional graduate school in the business field like our university, applying for subject exemption, and becoming a tax accountant as quickly as possible, even in one year?
At the information session, we will provide an easy-to-understand explanation of the “subject exemption system for the tax accountant exam,” and we will also explain in detail the differentiating points that you will learn at our university.
[Image 2:×354.jpg] [You can aim to become a tax accountant from a management perspective through “Tax Accountant x MBA”]
Upon completion of this university, you will be awarded the Master of Business Administration (Professional) MBA degree, which is a master’s degree in business administration, so you will be able to
simultaneously acquire expertise, independence, and entrepreneurial know-how that cannot be obtained by passing an exam. These days, in the tax accountant industry, corporate clients are looking for professional advice and consulting in a variety of fields and areas, which is why aiming for the “Tax Accountant x MBA” course at our university is to help managers understand the company’s future vision. This will differentiate you from others as a tax accountant who can work with you.
[Image 3:×628.jpg] [Those who live outside the prefecture or far away can also take the course by using online course + Tokyo satellite]
You can apply for tax accountant exam subject exemption online. You can take lectures and practice classes online from any location of your choice, regardless of where you live. Currently, students from all over the country, from Hokkaido to Okinawa, are studying at our university with the aim of applying for subject exemption from the tax accountant exam. In addition, by utilizing “Tokyo Satellite,” which is located a 2-minute walk from the Yaesu North Exit, which is directly connected to Tokyo Station, we will fully support working adults who commute while working. (*Some of the practice classes require face-to-face meetings)
[Image 4:×500.jpg] ■Date October 28th (Sat) 10:30-12:30
■Contents of information sessions, subject exemption application system, outline of our university’s seminar guidance, notes on preparing a statement of purpose (research plan) in the entrance examination application documents, etc.
■Schedule 10:15-       Reception starts 10:30-11:00  Graduate school overview 11:00-12:00  Tax accountant examination subject exemption application summary, seminar (thesis) guidance summary 12:00-12:30 Individual consultation
■Target people: Those who are aiming to pass the tax accountant exam (regardless of whether they are beginners or those with study experience), those who are engaged in accounting work at a corporate organization, etc. and are aiming to advance their future career. ■Goals to achieve at the briefing session
1. Learn how to utilize the tax accountant examination/subject exemption application system
2. Learn about the usefulness of obtaining an MBA
3. Learn about career expansion and possibilities for those who want to work as a tax accountant
4. Learn about the environment where you can go to school while working, etc. ■Introduction of the lecturer in charge of the briefing session Lecturer in charge of tax law: Professor Yuya Suzuki, Graduate University of Business Creation Profile:
His research interests include tax law, with a particular focus on the domestic tax laws and tax treaties of each country related to the taxation of cross-border economic activities. In recent years, I have been focusing on trends in direct taxes within Europe and the taxation relationships of various entities whose governing law is foreign law. At the Graduate School of Business Creation, he is in charge of Tax Law I, Tax Law II, and Exercises I and II.
■Held/How to apply The event will be held via ZOOM (participation is free, reservations required). We will send the participation address to those who have applied. Applications are accepted below, by phone, or by email.
*Click here to apply [Business Creation Graduate University]
President: Satsuki Masayoshi
Address: 3-1-46 Yoneyama, Chuo-ku, Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture URL:
TEL: 025-255-1250
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