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October 1st (Sunday) French and Japanese sake pairing restaurant “Le Erable” opens in Ito Azuri, Fukuoka Itoshima!

Sanwa Holdings Co., Ltd.
October 1st (Sunday) French and Japanese sake pairing restaurant “Le Erable” opens in Ito Azuri, Fukuoka Itoshima!
[Sake pairing half price benefit] Reservations are being accepted only for LINE members during the pre-opening period from October 1st to October 27th!
Ito Azuri, a group brand developed by ILINX Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, President and CEO: Seigo Ishii), has reopened a restaurant after renovation. Le Erable, a French and Japanese sake pairing restaurant using fresh ingredients from Itoshima, will open on October 1st (Sunday). Everything from our food to our service has evolved and we look forward to welcoming you back in the future.
[Image 1:×480.gif] October 1st (Sunday) French and Japanese sake pairing restaurant “Le Erable” Opening in Ito Azuri, Fukuoka, Itoshima!
[Image 2:×1040.jpg] Since its opening in 2008, Ito Aguri has had many irreplaceable moments with many customers. The soy sauce storehouse built at the end of the Edo period, which is the setting and symbol of the event, has been carefully inherited.
“Le erable” is a pairing restaurant set in a 170-year-old tatami room, which is the oldest building in Ito Azuri.
By pairing French cuisine with Japanese sake in a unique space that will make you feel like you have traveled back in time, we will connect time, culture, and the future.
[Image 3:×1040.jpg ]
The concept of the new restaurant “Le Erable” is “French x Japanese sake = more delicious”
We offer a menu where you can enjoy the pairing of French cuisine and Japanese sake using fresh ingredients from Itoshima.
For “a more delicious dish”
For “a more delicious cup”
We welcome our customers without compromising on everything from ingredient selection to cooking methods and presentation.

[Image 4: &s3=61968-143-0BC6C222EBA75B0225974B3B3B3B3 A8C-1040×1040.jpg] A new world of “Ito Azuri” is created by harmonizing the atmosphere of a soy sauce brewery from the late Edo period, which has been passed down through generations, with each evolved dish.
The head chef is Kensuke Kihara, who learned the basics and trained at a Michelin-starred French restaurant in Fukuoka City.
Ito Azuri Select Shop buyer Junya Uehara serves as the sake coordinator. Pursuing the best pairing for the best dish and the best drink, We will breathe new life into the pairing industry.
And has solid dignity and unpretentious hospitality.
The world expands further with service staff. We provide each customer with a memorable dining experience that becomes a special treat. Pre-opening menu from 10/1 to 27
[Image 5:×1050.jpg] In October, we have prepared a course where you can feel the fruits of autumn. ≪Pre-opening menu≫ ¥3,900 Amuse: Cake sale & lasagna hors d’oeuvre: Straw-grilled bonito soup: Grilled eggplant potage Meat dish: Roasted pork dessert: Pumpkin Mont Blanc *Contents may change depending on the availability of ingredients ≪Sake pairing≫ Full ¥4,400 (~10/27 half price → ¥2,200) Half ¥3,000 (~10/27 half price → ¥1,500)
≪Non-alcoholic pairing≫ ¥1500
[Image 6:×1920.jpg] *Reservations are limited to Ito Azuri LINE members only.
*If you have not yet registered, please register here
*As a LINE member benefit, the sake pairing menu is half price when used during the pre-opening period.
*There will be two shifts, one at 11 o’clock and one at 13 o’clock. *Reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis, so please make your reservations early.
About Ito Azuri
[Image 7:×670.png ]
A lifestyle shop located in a renovated 170-year-old soy sauce warehouse. Currently, they operate a food and alcohol select shop and cafe lily, which has an extensive espresso menu, and the restaurant Le Erable will be renovated on October 1st. Starting with the concept of “connecting,” we continue to create new value as a shop that connects eras, places, and people and proposes a rich lifestyle. [Location] 882 Kawasuke, Itoshima City, Fukuoka Prefecture, 819-1155 [Business Hours] 10:00-18:00 [Brand Site] [Instagram] About the operating company Company name: ILINX Co., Ltd. Location: 7F Sanwa Building, 1-6-9 Hakata Ekiminami, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture Representative: Seigo Ishii Established: 2000 Business content: Mail order business, restaurant business, wholesale Retail/Child Welfare Business [Corporate Website]
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