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Online seminar held Creating a culture for an autonomous organization ~ 3 steps for employee development ~

Hajimari Co., Ltd.
[Online seminar held] Creating a culture for an autonomous
organization ~ 3 steps for employee development ~
Hajimari Co., Ltd. (Location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Naoto Kimura) operates “HR University,” an “accompaniment type” e-learning video training service that allows you to
comprehensively and systematically learn about human resources and management from just 5 minutes a day. We are pleased to announce that we will be holding an online seminar with the theme of creating an organization that fosters an autonomous culture, inviting Mr. Shinsuke Kobayashi, director and CCO of Ururu Co., Ltd.
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Creating a culture for an autonomous organization: 3 steps for employee development
An organization’s success is greatly influenced by its culture and employee development. Building a culture of autonomous organization is essential to motivating employees, increasing productivity, and achieving long-term success.
In this online seminar, we will introduce the three necessary steps to fostering a culture of autonomy, focusing on examples and practical content. We provide tips for building a sustainable organization, and the contents can be put into practice starting tomorrow.
On the day of the event, we invited Mr. Kobayashi, director and CCO of Ururusha, who advocates the “syspus organization” organizational theory that allows for a high level of permeation of the philosophy even as the number of employees continues to increase, to discuss in detail the three steps of employee development. I’ll explain! We look forward to your participation.
Let’s learn and grow together about issues and challenges in organizational and human resource development!
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・I want to develop talented people within my company
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Event overview
[Date and time] Monday, September 25, 2023 13:00 – 14:00
[Location] Online
[Participation fee] Free (advance application required)
[Questionnaire response bonus] Presentation materials on the day [Application] Please fill out the necessary information and apply from the URL below.
■Shinsuke Kobayashi
Ururu Co., Ltd.
Director CCO (Chief Culture Officer)
[Image 2:×680.jpg] -Career-
Born in Hokkaido in 1980. After graduating from university, she worked in public relations at an aviation school before moving to Tokyo in 2006. During his one year at a major recruitment media company, he achieved top sales three times.
Participated in Ururu Co., Ltd. in 2007. After launching and expanding sales of the NJSS “Bid Information Breaking Service” business, he was in charge of BPO business, Shufuti business, new business, etc., and is currently in charge of the company’s brand strategy department and human resources department.
As Chief Culture Officer, he is responsible for fostering and permeating corporate culture. In addition to his main job, as the representative director of Axis Discovery School, a general
incorporated association, he is also focusing on discovering the “Axis” of junior high and high school students across the country. ■ Satoru Yamanaka
Hajimari Co., Ltd.
Executive Officer/HR Univerisity Business Manager (Concurrently serves as executive officer of several other companies)
[Image 3:×1434.png ]
Born in Tokyo in 1980. After graduating from Tokyo Gakugei University, he joined Kentucky Fried Chicken Co., Ltd. in 2004. From his second year onwards, he became a human resources officer and was engaged in various human resources tasks such as recruitment, labor affairs, system design, and dealing with labor unions.
Joined Will Gate Co., Ltd. in 2010.
Established a human resources department, and then handled a wide range of management including public relations, accounting and finance, sales, marketing, and engineering departments while handling human resources. After that, he became independent in 2019 and established FCRP Co., Ltd. I worked as a human resources consultant and a business startup consultant, and in 2020, while running my own company, I joined Hajimari, one of the consulting companies. Became responsible for “Human Resources Pro Partners,” “HRU,” “Human Resources,” and “Public Relations.”
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This webinar will be used in accordance with each company’s personal information handling policy. Please agree to this before applying. Hajimari Co., Ltd.
About the handling of personal information ( Ururu Co., Ltd.
Privacy policy (
Competitors are not allowed to participate. Thank you for your understanding. E-learning training system “HR University” where you can
comprehensively learn human resources knowledge
This is an online training service that allows you to systematically and comprehensively learn human resources knowledge that is useful not only for training human resources personnel but also for developing human resources and building organizations.
We provide video content that covers the necessary knowledge in human resources and management, and can provide learning tailored to a wide range of employees, from those with job offers to executives. As the shortage of human resources becomes more and more serious, companies are increasingly looking for human resource capabilities.
We provide a system to grow people, teams, organizations, and workers across Japan, transcending the framework of job type, age, and experience.
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HR University service site:
About Hajimari Co., Ltd.
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Company name: Hajimari Co., Ltd.
Established: February 26, 2015
Representative Director: Naoto Kimura
Location: 150-0043
6th/9th floor, Shibuya DT Building, 1-16-10 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku Business details:
Aiming to realize our vision of “increasing the number of independent human resources and increasing their happiness in life,” we are currently developing eight businesses centered on matching services between freelancers and companies.
Hajimari Co., Ltd. Corporate site: More details about this release:

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