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Online seminar held on 9/13 Aggressive security for utilizing generative AI

Exa Co., Ltd.
[Online seminar held on 9/13] Aggressive security for utilizing generative AI ~Information leakage countermeasures in the cloud era~
The use of generative AI such as ChatGPT in companies is rapidly accelerating, but behind the scenes lies the risk of information leaks.
In this webinar, entitled “Offensive Security for Utilizing Generative AI – Information Leak Countermeasures in the Cloud Era,” we will deliver the secret to achieving offensive security in the cloud era.
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[Table 2:] ▼Application ■Program
Lecture 1: “Risk of information leakage when using generative AI” Broadcom Inc.
Symantec Enterprise Division
Katsunori Suzuki
An increasing number of companies are using generative AI to improve labor productivity and operational efficiency, and the risk of leaks of confidential information such as source code and personal information has become apparent. In the first half of the session, we will take stock of the risks of information leakage when using generative AI and introduce countermeasures along with demonstrations. Lecture 2: “Offensive security using Symantec DLP”
Exa Co., Ltd.
Platform System Headquarters Open Platform Technology Department 1st Development Office
Masato Hara
As a result of the acceleration of the use of cloud services triggered by the spread of remote work, important information is now used not only within companies but also in cloud services/cloud storage, and changes are required in countermeasures against information leaks. . In the second half of the session, we will introduce product features and case studies of Symantec DLP, which can be used for various information leakage prevention measures, including cloud support. ▼Application ■Flow from application to enrollment
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