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Online seminar SNS short video The Sengoku period has arrived! A thorough explanation of the latest usage of vertical videos

Full Speed ​​Co., Ltd.
[Online seminar] SNS short video The Sengoku period has arrived! A thorough explanation of the latest usage of vertical videos
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・October 4th (Wednesday) 12:00-13:00

・October 6th (Friday) 13:00 to October 20th (Friday) 13:00
*Only those who have applied can view it.
▼Applications are accepted on the web page below.
Recently, there has been a growing interest in SNS such as Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, which are based on video viewing. Among them, “vertical short videos” are attracting particular attention. The number of smartphone users is increasing, and it is convenient to be able to easily browse without worrying about the orientation of the device. SNS such as TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts that are compatible with “vertical short videos” and their accompanying attractive functions have also appeared.
This time, our company, which supports marketing activities at the forefront of SNS, and Rice Curry Co., Ltd., which provides a variety of marketing solutions that utilize community data with a focus on SNS, will be co-hosting a seminar. We will introduce points that will lead to results, such as the optimal use of “vertical short videos” on each SNS and content design.
We are looking forward to your participation if you are in charge of companies that utilize SNS and videos for marketing.
*Applications are accepted until 12:00 on Tuesday, October 3rd. *The seminar viewing URL will be sent to the registered email address after you apply.
*We apologize for the inconvenience, but we may decline applications from other companies in the same industry.
▼Full speed “SNS operation agency service”
We have a specialized SNS department that has a cumulative track record of operating over 300 accounts on various SNS media, including Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. Your company’s dedicated staff will help you grow your SNS account by designing a PDCA cycle from advertising distribution to post writing, scheduling, and
effectiveness measurement, taking into account the risks associated with SNS operation.
▼Rice Curry “Buzz Video School”
Taught by a professional with over 1 billion views!
We are launching the [Buzz Video School] where you will be able to shoot, edit, and post viral videos just by taking the 3-part curriculum!
The creators and consultant instructors of Rice Curry Co., Ltd., a general SNS marketing agency that boasts over 3,000 supported companies and over 1 billion total SNS views, will thoroughly support you in creating your corporate account in-house. Masu!
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・Companies who want to efficiently utilize videos on SNS to achieve results ・Corporate personnel who want to know the latest methods for utilizing SNS and videos
・Other company representatives who have issues or interests in using video on SNS
Seminar content
12:00-12:03 Greetings and program explanation
12:03-12:25 Utilization examples and optimal usage of “vertical short videos” on SNS (full speed)
12:25-12:45 Triple sales with “vertical video short”!? How to create effective videos that go viral (rice curry)
12:45-13:00 Q&A & survey answers
Speaker introduction
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Full Speed ​​Co., Ltd.
Social Media Marketing Department
Engagement Marketing Department
Raku Kinoshita
Born in Tokyo. Joined Full Speed ​​Co., Ltd. in 2021 as a new graduate. At the Social Media Marketing Department, I mainly work in operational consulting for beauty and apparel companies on Instagram and LINE. My hobby is drinking alcohol every day.
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Rice Curry Co., Ltd.
Shinya Unoki
Joined Rice Curry Co., Ltd. in January 2019.
Focusing on the Korean information media “Honeycomb-KOREA-” with 180,000 followers, we produce multiple content and influencers for our own media with 200,000 to 400,000 followers.
I am also in charge of filming, editing, and consulting for long-form videos and short videos for companies.
The videos he has been responsible for have been viewed more than 1 billion times, and he has also established a school for corporations using his know-how.
Event overview
Date and time

・October 4th (Wednesday) 12:00-13:00

・October 6th (Friday) 11:00 to October 20th (Friday) 11:00
*Only those who have applied can view it.
Held online
*This seminar will be held online only (no venue will be held). Please use the URL sent to you after applying to participate when the time is right.
Entry fee
Participation method
Please download Zoom in advance (free).
If you are using Zoom for the first time, please download it in advance from the URL below.
*Detailed explanation of download procedure
Application method/deadline
▼Applications are accepted on the web page below.
*Applications are accepted until 12:00 on Tuesday, October 3rd. Co-sponsored society overview
Company name: Rice Curry Co., Ltd.
Established: April 2016
Representative: Ryo Okubo
Address: 20th floor, Shibuya Mark City West, 1-12-1 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Capital: 100 million yen (as of March 31, 2023)
Business content: Community data platform business
・Development and operation of community data management tool “CCXcloud” ・Development and provision of brands, media, and various services using community data
・Development and provision of marketing-related solutions using community data URL:
More details about this release: