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Organizational motivation scores significantly improved after taking the course. HiroLab releases Management 3.0 training case study from transcosmos Analytics

Hiro Laboratory LLC
Organizational motivation scores significantly improved after taking the course. HiroLab releases Management 3.0 training case study from transcosmos Analytics
Hiro Laboratory LLC (Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Hiroshi Watanabe, hereinafter referred to as Hiro Laboratory) has sent transcosmos Analytics, Inc. (Toshima-ku, Tokyo, President: Hisashi Morita) a self-propelled organization for the development team. ]We provided Management 3.0 as reform training. An interview article with a customer regarding this introduction was made publicly available on the HiroLab website from September 12, 2023. Interview article page
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transcosmos analytics Co., Ltd.
Below are excerpts from the interview.
■Background of the course
The starting point is the need to adapt to changes in the environment surrounding companies. We have actually experienced many changes, including irreversible changes caused by the coronavirus pandemic and advances in digital technology. In order to respond to these changes, it is important to respond to the speed and complexity of change, and it is necessary to reconsider the direction of the entire company in line with new assumptions that are not an extension of traditional ways of thinking. there was. Therefore, last year, we redesigned our mission, vision, and values ​​as a company.
The common concept was an emphasis on speed.
When we think about what an organization should look like in response to that concept, we may not be able to find the correct answer in this day and age, or the form we originally had in mind may change over time. Instead of spending a lot of time trying to find the correct answer, I started to think that it is important to quickly repeat various trials and make adjustments to get closer to the correct answer at that time.
There are a lot of educational training contents in the world, but what I feel they have in common is that they either try to teach the correct answer or teach technical methods. For example, in a certain situation, you should do X to get B.
I think this is effective in situations where the future is easy to predict, such as the past or by tracing something, but it is different when it comes to implementing it in a situation that is undergoing rapid changes like the current situation. I think that most of the time, we are not able to utilize what we have learned due to the changes that are occurring.
On the other hand, Management 3.0 does not teach you technical methods, but rather allows you to learn the fundamentals of the method, such as thinking about what kind of thoughts and actions are best for the situation you are in and the vision you are aiming for. felt.
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■Attendance effect
After taking the course, each team, mainly the members who took the training, are actively putting into practice what they learned in Management 3.0. For example, creating a Working Agreement or implementing Moving Motivators.
The content of Management 3.0 is easy to understand and put into practice, so I feel that it is easy for the members who implement it to get along well with each other. I feel that this is quite important, and I feel that content that also serves as orientation and is firmly connected to business is very effective, especially in this day and age where communication is online. Due to the impact of the coronavirus, some of our members are working remotely, and it’s difficult to have opportunities to talk about private things online, but as we put into practice the contents of Management 3.0, we naturally started to communicate with each other. We were able to dig deeper and understand each other better than ever before, creating excitement, and I feel that changes are gradually occurring in the organization.
For example, an employee who has never given a seminar before takes the podium to give a presentation at a major event, or an employee with little experience as a programmer takes on the challenge of designing the upstream process of development. Something happened. Another effect was that the motivation scores of organizations that conducted regular sampling increased. Points are given in various surveys, and the overall score for the department has improved from 78 points to 84 points.
Reasons for this included increased support from those around me and being able to be entrusted with work. Of course, I believe that the current score is a combination of other systems, but as communication and work methods within the organization have gradually become clearer than before, relationships of mutual trust have become stronger. I feel that this has become the case.
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■Points that can be recommended to other companies
I highly recommend this course for managers who are struggling to revitalize their organizations in the face of complex markets and drastic changes.
On the other hand, as I said at the beginning, I don’t think there is a magic bullet that will lead to the correct answer in an era where the correct answer can change quickly. I do not recommend it to those who think that something will get better if they do it.
I was reviewing the content of the course yesterday, and I feel that it was more valuable yesterday than when I took the course. The reason for this is that by taking the training back to the organization and implementing it, you will begin to understand various things immediately after taking the course, and you will see positive changes in the organization.
Simple methods often become unusable, but Management 3.0 allows you to acquire the basic concept itself, so you can repeatedly implement it within your organization and it will become convincing. I believe that this has led to meaningful changes in the organization.
Therefore, we recommend that leaders and managers who will be responsible for the future of their organizations take Management 3.0.
—The interview article contains detailed information about the background of the course, the organizational situation at the time, and the changes that have occurred in the DevOps team members since taking Management 3.0.
■About HiroLab Based on the concept of “supporting organizational change to create a workplace that produces results,” we provide the three elements necessary for organizational change: “system x method x culture.” in particular
System: Asana license sales and implementation support
Method: Providing GTD(R) training
Culture: Providing Management3.0 training
We provide services mainly in.
It is also possible to apply for an IT introduction subsidy by combining each service and receive up to 1.5 million yen in subsidy. Company name: Hiro Laboratory LLC Representative: Hiroshi Watanabe Location: Ginza Otake Business, 1-22-11 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 2FURL: training introduction URL: /gtd/Management 3.0 introduction URL:
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