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Orico Orico starts demonstration experiment using generative AI service “Azure OpenAI Service”

Orico begins demonstration experiment using generative AI service “Azure OpenAI Service”
Orient Corporation (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Tetsuo Iimori, hereinafter referred to as “Orico”) is working to promote a DX strategy by utilizing digital technology to improve customer service and streamline internal operations. We have started a demonstration experiment in September 2023 using Azure OpenAI Service, a generative AI service for business provided by Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd. In recent years, large-scale language models such as ChatGPT have made it possible to generate, translate, summarize, and answer questions, and are expected to be used for a variety of purposes. Orico will conduct a demonstration experiment using “Azure OpenAI Service” targeting all divisions and groups at its headquarters under strict security standards. Through this demonstration experiment, we will examine the possibility of utilizing this technology from various angles, including not only improving operational efficiency but also improving service quality and delivery speed. Orico will leverage the knowledge gained through this demonstration experiment to move quickly towards full-scale deployment, and expand new possibilities by connecting cutting-edge AI technology to new value creation. Last year, Orico launched a DX promotion human resources development program to develop human resources who can utilize digital technology in their work, and approximately 3,000 people, almost all full-time employees, have completed the program. Taking advantage of this demonstration experiment, we are also conducting in-house training on prompt engineering to obtain higher quality answers, in order to acquire new knowledge and skills to use AI freely.
We will continue to actively research and introduce cutting-edge technologies and aim to further promote digital transformation (DX). We also aim to become an innovative, advanced tech company that can constantly provide new value to our customers by improving employee productivity and AI skills.
■About “Azure OpenAI Service”
“Azure OpenAI Service” is an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) service provided on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. This is an advanced technology that reads languages ​​used on a daily basis, understands the grammar and meaning of the sentences, and
automatically generates sentences. By making full use of existing text data, it is possible to create high-quality texts. This is expected to improve the efficiency of internal operations and improve customer service.
*”Azure OpenAI Service” website: More details about this release: