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Out-Loop Co., Ltd. Appointment acquisition rate increased by 200%, cancellation rate decreased by 50%! About t he results of quality control service “RQ” in inside sales

Out-Loop Co., Ltd.
[Out-Loop Co., Ltd.] Appointment acquisition rate increased by 200%, cancellation rate decreased by 50%! About the results of quality control service “RQ” in inside sales
Dramatically improved the negotiation implementation rate and effective negotiation rate in just 2 months after release! An essential service for “IS to receive orders”!
Out-Loop Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Takashi Haga, hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) has released an inside sales quality control service “RQ (recording qualificatoin)” from May 1, 2023 (Monday). )”, we would like to report on the latest results.
■Background In the inside sales business, which has been attracting increasing attention recently,
Every day I am at the mercy of trying to reach the increasing “target for the number of business meetings”.
Increasing the “conversion rate” required by the company and FS, and not being able to train members.
In response to your feedback, we have been offering “RQ (recording qualificatoin)” since May 2023.
For companies that use CTI tools, we are contributing to the following by using RQ.
1. Improving the disparity in appointment quality between players 2. Reduction of training costs for inside sales members
3. Formulation of appointment definitions to be passed to FS 4.Improving the rate of business negotiations
5. Improving order acceptance rate ■ Features of this service 1. Caller recording analysis 2. CTI tool collaboration 3. Provision of top player scripts
1. Caller recording analysis
In RQ, we check the audio data recorded during the call according to evaluation items, and use the feedback to improve the content of the conversation.
Specifically, the following items will be evaluated for each recording in three stages: ○, △, ×.
-Evaluation items-1. Talk contents received/company
explanation/hearing/schedule consultation 2. Talk atmosphere tempo/speed/intonation 3. Are communication questions answered accurately/no words or actions that lower the other party’s sense of warmth? mosquito
[Image 1:×874.png ]
2.Coordination of CTI tools
An essential part of this RQ activity is “actual recording.” Although it may be used to record calls and respond to incidents, “actual audio” is essential for accurately reviewing the content of calls.
Of course, it is possible to evaluate and give feedback while listening to the actual call next to you, but there are drawbacks such as being restricted during business hours and not being able to listen again. We also do not recommend evaluating each individual
It goes without saying that if you only look back on things
individually, it becomes subjective, and you can’t make objective adjustments. It is common for individuals to find that something they thought would not be a problem actually turned out to be a major problem. Also, from an enablement perspective, we believe that being able to share recordings of top sales without missing a single word is significant.
Therefore, we believe that by linking with CTI tools, we can significantly improve quality.
Our RQ focuses on the following three items.・Total number of calls・Average call time・Total call time
Of course the actual content of the talk is important, but is it the appropriate length of the call? By reflecting on these points at the same time, we are able to encourage more objective improvements. For example, if the average call time is short, we can hypothesize that the customer may not have gotten to the point of talking with the customer or that they are not prepared for a thorough interview, so check this using actual recorded data. It is possible to.
*I have attached an example of using zoom phone.
[Image 2:×1254.png ]
3. Providing top player scripts
What kind of talk are top players talking about?
The following three common points emerged from the RQ. 1. Aligning the premises 2. Praising the current situation → suggesting issues 3. Grasping at the end of the talk
By extracting this content and providing a script that “always gets the most appointments”
This will lead to continuous results.
Through RQ, we have achieved the following results.・Improvement in deal acquisition rate (BDR) from 2% to 4% ・Decrease in cancellation rate from 15% to 8% Of course, top performers have further increased their numbers, but the biggest impact is on The players achieved results and raised the overall number. Moreover, the impact is not limited to numbers. As I mentioned earlier, what the person thought was not a problem actually turned out to be a problem.As time passes, a small problem becomes a big problem, causing an incident. However, it is difficult for inside sales managers to comprehensively check recordings given their limited working hours, and as I used to do, using recorded data can highlight problems and prevent major problems in advance. Now you can nip it in the bud.
Top players have something in common within the 2:6:2 rule. This varies greatly depending on each operating company, but if you look for it, you will definitely find something in common. Please find these common points within your company and encourage quality improvement. ■Contact information
Please use the inquiry form below
■About Out-Loop Co., Ltd. With the mission of “exploding the individuality of sales,” we provide sales support with a focus on acquiring business deals in the SMB field. -Support examples-・Inside sales agency・Lead nurturing support・Inbound response support ・MA, SFA tool introduction support “Out-Loop” has three
meanings.・Continue to generate sales for clients ・Continue to accumulate and disseminate sales information ・Connect with external partners Representative director: Takashi Haga Established: May 2022 Address: 2nd floor employee, Asakaze Sometsune Building, 55 Kanda Sakuma Kawagishi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Number of staff: 18 people (including outsourced work)
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