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Pegasus Tech Ventures Japan Co., Ltd. “Startup World Cup 2023” Tokyo qualifying winner has been decided as Iris! Get a ticket to the World Championships in San Francisco.

Pegasus Tech Ventures Japan Co., Ltd.
“Startup World Cup 2023” Tokyo qualifying winner has been decided by Iris! Get a ticket to the World Championships in San Francisco. ……
The Tokyo qualifying rounds for the Startup World Cup 2023, the world’s largest startup pitch contest with qualifying rounds held in over 50 countries and regions, were held on Friday, September 8th at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo.
In conjunction with the startup exhibition event and interview event between large companies and startups that were held on the same day, the venue was fully booked with 1,500 visitors.Including the online streaming on YouTube, the total number of visitors was over 3,500. The event was watched and was a great success. The winner was Iris Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Representative Director: Sho Okiyama
We have developed the AI-equipped pharyngoscope system “nodoca,” which can assist in the diagnosis of influenza by analyzing pharyngeal images and interview information using AI and detecting findings characteristic of influenza. Our business scheme was highly evaluated and we received a ticket to the world championship in San Francisco. HOMMA Co., Ltd., which won the Kyoto preliminary round, and Iris Co., Ltd., which won the Tokyo preliminary round, will represent Japan in the Startup World Cup finals. It will be held in San Francisco over three days from November 29th (Wednesday) to December 1st (Friday)!
[Image 1:×319.jpg] In addition, Iris Co., Ltd., which won the Tokyo preliminary round, and nine other companies gave presentations that were heated and made people sweat.
The 10 startups that took the stage are as follows.
Iris Co., Ltd.
Another works Co., Ltd.
AirX Co., Ltd.
OniGO Co., Ltd.
SHE Co., Ltd.
T2 Co., Ltd.
Biomass Resin Holdings Co., Ltd. Buzzreach Co., Ltd.
Panalyt Co., Ltd.
The winners of this competition were 2nd place went to Panarit Co., Ltd., which has a human resources data analysis tool, and 3rd place went to SHE Co., Ltd., which provides career support for women. In addition, as special awards, Pegasus Tech Ventures gave the Startup of the Year Award to Mujin Co., Ltd., which develops industrial robots, Japanet Co., Ltd. awarded the Japanet Group Award with an investment prize of 50 million yen to SHE Co., Ltd., and Sega Sammy Group also awarded the Japanet Group Award to SHE Co., Ltd. The Sega Sammy Award with an investment prize of 50 million yen was also given to WAmazing Co., Ltd., which develops an inbound platform business that appeared at the Kyoto qualifying round, and BPO Technology Co., Ltd. awarded the Online Assistant Fujiko Award to Iris Co., Ltd.!
[Image 2:×1148.jpg]
[Image 3:×855.jpg]
[Image 4:×1148.jpg] The event was a great success, with entrepreneurs, investors, academia, and celebrities representing the United States and Japan supporting the event. As special guest speakers, Yuriko Koike, Governor of Tokyo, and Raymond F. Green, Chief Minister of the U.S. Embassy in Japan, delivered speeches. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak also participated in a video message conversation with Forbes JAPAN founder Takano.
[Image 5:×1374.jpg]
[Image 6:×1648.jpg] In addition, Takafumi Horie, founder of SNS media & consulting Co., Ltd., sent encouragement to startups via live broadcast from afar.
[Image 7:×440.jpg] In two panel discussions, the theme of the conference was “What we need to do for Japan to once again shine on the world stage,” and participants from the young generation of managers who lead the Japanese economy, Mr. Haruki Satomi, President and Group CEO of SEGA SAMMY HOLDINGS Co., Ltd., and stocks Mr. Fumiaki Koizumi, Chairman of Mercari, and Mr. Asahito Takada, President and CEO of Japanet Holdings, Inc., took to the stage with Mr. Seiichiro Yonekura, Professor Emeritus of Hitotsubashi University and Professor of Graduate School of Hosei University, as the moderator.
[Image 8:×649.png ]
In addition, Mr. Taro Shimada, Director, Representative Executive Officer and CEO of Toshiba Corporation, Mr. Akio , President and Representative Director of IBM Japan Corporation, Ms. Cathy Matsui, General Partner of MPower Partners Fund L.P., and Mr. Mirai, Executive Officer and Vice President of the University of Tokyo, University of Tokyo. The moderators were Mr. Toshiya Watanabe, Professor of the Vision Research Center, and Mr. Fujiyo Ishiguro, Director and Chief Evangelist of Netyear Group, Inc., who passionately talked about the global strategies of Japanese companies.
[Image 9:×735.png ]
The Startup World Cup World Finals will be held in San Francisco from November 29th (Wednesday) to December 1st (Friday). The two companies that won the Tokyo qualifying round and the Kyoto qualifying round will compete on the world stage!
On November 29th, the semi-finals will be held to select 10 finalists from the qualifying champions from 50 regions around the world. The next day, on the 30th, we will invite lecturers from prestigious universities such as Stanford University and UC Berkeley, as well as prominent figures in the innovation industry, to hold a variety of workshops and studies where they will lecture on everything from the secrets of successful business to specific processes. A meeting was held. The main event, the final competition, will be held on December 1st, and will feature a keynote speech, a panel, a final pitch contest with an investment prize of 1 million US dollars (approximately 140 million yen), and a wealth of content. Doing. This will be a great opportunity for everyone to learn about innovation. If you wish to travel to the site and watch the games, please contact Kinki Nippon Tourist individually. We also accept inquiries by phone or email. Kinki Nippon Tourist Co., Ltd. Corporate Second Branch
Phone: 03-6891-9303
■Startup World Cup 2023 official website ■About Startup World Cup Startup World Cup is a startup pitch contest sponsored by Pegasus Tech Ventures that aims to build a global startup ecosystem and foster entrepreneurship. Preliminaries will be held in more than 50 regions and countries around the world, and the world’s top startups, VCs, entrepreneurs, and major companies will gather at the final
competition held in San Francisco, and the winning company will receive an investment prize of approximately 100 million yen. It will be given to you.
■About Pegasus Tech Ventures
Pegasus Tech Ventures is headquartered in Silicon Valley, USA, and accepts LP investments from over 30 major companies around the world, and has so far invested in over 250 startups mainly in the US, Japan, and Southeast Asia. We are a venture capital firm. In Japan, in addition to already listed companies such as Money Forward, Metaps, AirTrip, Monster Lab, and AI CROSS, we have invested in Mujin, SkyDrive, Terra Motors, Unifa, FiNC Technologies, Life is Tech, WizWe, etc. We have a track record of supporting overseas expansion, business alliances, and financing. Learn more about.
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