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Persol HD Persol Group will start operation of the “Career Scout System” in October, where recruitment departments directly scout employees for 25,000 domestic employees.

Persol HD
Persol Group will begin operation of the “Career Scout System” in October, targeting 25,000 domestic employees, in which recruiting departments directly scout employees.
Persol Holdings Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Takao Wada; hereinafter referred to as Persol Holdings), whose group vision is “Let’s work and laugh,” fosters a sense of career ownership in its employees and encourages engagement. With the aim of improving the company’s performance, the company will begin operating a personnel system called the Career Scout System in October, which allows employees to register their career history and transfer intentions in an internal system and receive scouts directly from other departments within the group, allowing them to transfer. It was made.
[Image 1:×199.jpg] Flow of “Career Scout System”
■Overview of “Career Scout System”:
As a “working well-being creation company,” Persol Group strives to create opportunities to work by providing diverse ways of working and learning opportunities, expanding the choices and freedom of work for each individual, and expanding the happiness of individuals and society. That’s what I’m aiming for. Our human capital policy is to become an organization in which diverse human resources embody “well-being at work” and promote value creation.As part of this, each employee has a sense of career ownership and We support people to work in their own way (*). Up until now, we have provided a variety of opportunities, including a system that allows employees to experience work in other departments within the group, various career training programs, an open recruitment transfer system, and the challenge of overseas transfers. As a new initiative to support employees’ career development, we are introducing a “career scout system” that allows employees to be directly scouted by other departments within the group and transferred. This system will begin operation in October for approximately 25,000 domestic employees. When employees register their skills, background, future career prospects, etc. in the internal system, they can receive scouts from other departments. You can decide whether to apply or not while communicating with the scouting company, and if you apply, you will enter the selection flow for each position. After that, if you pass the screening, you can choose to transfer. Regarding inter-group transfers, we have previously provided opportunities for people to take on transfer challenges through our open recruitment transfer system, “Career Challenge,” but by introducing a direct recruitment transfer system, we will be able to choose from an even wider range of options. , employees will be able to independently choose their career. We believe that this will foster a sense of career ownership among employees and further improve their motivation and engagement with their work. *: According to a study by Persol Research Institute, “If you have a high level of career autonomy, your motivation to learn will increase by 1.28 times, and your sense of job fulfillment will increase by 1.26 times.” Reference:
[Image 2:×281.jpg] ■Persol Group’s employee engagement strategy
At Persol Group, we are focusing on improving employee engagement so that our employees can “work and laugh.” We position five elements as engagement drivers: autonomy, self-efficacy, relationships, health, and empathy for our vision, and develop measures based on these factors. In addition, we conduct an engagement survey once a year to visualize the status of these five drivers and take necessary measures to improve them.
■Summary of the main “Career Ownership Support Measures” Persol Group implements “Career Ownership Fostering Measures” for employees in Japan that are tailored to various phases such as learning, awareness, experience, and action. Through these measures, we aim to encourage employees to face their own careers and think and act autonomously.
[Table 2:] ■About Persol Holdings Co., Ltd.
Since our founding in 1973, we have provided comprehensive human resources services including temporary staffing, recruitment, outsourcing, and re-employment support. Established joint holding company Temp Holdings Co., Ltd. in October 2008. The company name was changed to Persol Holdings Co., Ltd. in July 2017. Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market (stock code: 2181). Sales for the fiscal year ending March 2023 will be 1,223.9 billion yen.
■About “PERSOL” –
As a “working well-being creation company”, Persol Group aims to “create better working opportunities for 1 million people by expanding people’s potential” by 2030. By responding to the diverse needs of working people and expanding their possibilities through a variety of businesses and services, we will create a society where everyone around the world can experience the joy of working and having fun.
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