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Personal Recipe Business English Conversation Autumn English Learning Support Campaign – Polyglots Co., Ltd. – September 11, 2023 (Monday) – September 30, 2023 (Saturday)

Polyglots Co., Ltd.
[Personal Recipe Business English Conversation] Autumn English Learning Support Campaign – Polyglots Co., Ltd. – September 11, 2023 (Monday) – September 30, 2023 (Saturday)
If you apply by the end of September, you can take a program with a trainer at a discount!
Polyglots Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Shunya ) will be holding an autumn English learning support campaign from September 11th (Monday) to September 30th (Saturday). During the event period, we will be offering up to 40,000 yen off on trainer options, and up to 20% off on personal recipe English conversation plans. Take this great opportunity to enhance your English learning with a trainer.
[Image 1:×770.jpg] Trainer option discount campaign
We will give you up to 40,000 yen off when you sign up for an 8-month contract with the trainer option (minimum 4-month contract) of “Personal Recipe English Conversation that enables individually optimized English learning using AI x Teacher.” Furthermore, if you select the applicable plan (8 month / 12 month plan), we will provide you with up to 20% off on the basic tuition fee.
■ Event period: September 11, 2023 (Monday) to September 30, 2023 (Friday) ■ How to apply for Personal Recipe English Conversation
1. Tap “Free Counseling” on the Personal Recipe English Conversation homepage for free counseling. We will tell you the campaign code and application method at the interview, so please add the trainer option when applying and enter the campaign code to receive the trainer option. Up to 40,000 yen off.
Furthermore, if you select an eligible plan, we will provide you with up to 20% off on the basic tuition fee. 3. The campaign code is applicable from Monday, September 11, 2023 to Saturday, September 30, 2023. Please complete the payment and contract during this period. Overview of personal recipe English conversation service
[Image 2:×600.png ]
We will provide you with a learning plan optimized for you using an AI-based learning curriculum that analyzes the learning data of 2 million people and a purpose-specific lesson curriculum taught by Japanese bilingual instructors.
■ Input (app learning)
[Image 3:×678.png ]
Recipe is an app that makes learning English a hobby. You can learn to collect information using English news from around the world. Recipe’s biggest feature is that “AI creates a learning curriculum that is perfect for English learners.” This feature is called “My Recipe” in Recipe. My Recipe allows English learners to use their smartphones and free time to achieve the best results in the shortest possible time.
App Store: Play: ■ Output (lesson)
[Image 4:×464.png ]
We offer a rich lineup of lessons that will help you develop the skills you need right now. We have a full range of programs that help you train the skills you need to not only speak English, but also communicate in English. You can improve your English skills while learning the correct study method by following completely original PDF teaching materials.
[Refresher course for beginners]
[Image 5:×278.png ]
There is a course where you can thoroughly review junior high school grammar and practice instant English composition, and a course where you can train your English brain, which is essential for Japanese people, through reading easy English sentences.We will teach you the basics of reading and listening, and the minimum basics for beginners. We also offer programs that are perfect for those who are looking to re-learn English, such as a course where you can learn the business phrases you want. He is a POLYGLOTS certified Japanese bilingual instructor with a variety of backgrounds, so if you have any trouble, you can consult him in Japanese.
[Ultimate series for intermediate and advanced users]
[Image 6:×546.png ]
There are three new courses for intermediate and advanced students in the lineup. Using TED Talks, which are very popular among English learners, we offer TED Talks lessons that cover everything from reading aloud to discussions and presentation practice, as well as business-specific English conversation courses that provide
explanations of situations and discussion tasks in realistic settings such as customer negotiations and English meetings. , lessons for intermediate and advanced players have been enriched. From your first business English conversation to more practical English, you can learn English according to your level. Our staff will guide you through a free consultation on which course to start with, so please make an appointment for a consultation first. ■ POLYGLOTS certified Japanese bilingual instructor
[Image 7:×926.png ]
POLYGLOTSTeacher only certifies instructors who have passed the strict standards equivalent to TOEIC (R) 900 points. The backgrounds of our instructors are diverse, including those who live overseas and use English every day, those who studied on their own in Japan, current CAs, trading companies, and those related to travel. I am your “senior” who is active in business using English. Because you can converse in Japanese, you can have lessons that go beyond learning English as a “language”, such as troubleshooting English learning and giving advice on conversations with native speakers! Beginners can participate with confidence. ■ Trainer options
[Image 8:×432.png ]
A full-time trainer will look back on past learning, clarify the purpose of learning, and decide on goals before starting one month of learning. Create a one-month study plan and select the learning content and lessons in the app. In addition, you will receive chat counseling once a week and online lessons and counseling once a month, where your trainer will check on your learning progress and provide consultation. You can check your learning progress from time to time, so you can receive comments and advice based on your progress, and you can continue studying while staying motivated.
What is free counseling?
[Image 9:×510.png ]
During your first free consultation, we will listen to your concerns about learning English, your goals, English level, learning
objectives, lifestyle, life events, and business events, and then propose a study plan just for you! You can consider joining after telling us what you think you will learn after joining. A learning plan sheet will be sent to you via email after the interview. Click here to book your free consultation What is Polyglots Co., Ltd.
[Image 10:×667.png ]
With the mission of “increasing the number of Japanese people who can overcome language barriers and become active in the world,” we are working on language learning from both technological and human perspectives. The service concept of “Turn your love into learning” means learning English while having fun, and before you know it, it has become a habit. People can continue collecting information based on their own interests.
[Image 11:×510.png ]
A service that completely designs business English training with an individually optimized curriculum by AI (app) and instructors. ◆Features・Improve your overall English skills using the English learning app “Recipe” that covers all 6 skills・Use AI to analyze your learning history and other learners’ successful learning processes, and customize it to each person. Generate a daily learning curriculum ・Solve each participant’s problems with 45-minute one-on-one lessons with a Japanese bilingual instructor ・More effective learning to achieve your goals with coaching from a dedicated trainer ・Completely online training Click here for details ==[Image 12:×837.png ]
This is a service for educational institutions that allows students to self-study by solving teachers’ problems. ◆ Features
・Equipped with “Smart Assignment” function that supports teachers’ classes with AI assignment creation function
Just by selecting an article or video in a recipe, AI will give you vocabulary, content comprehension questions, etc. that can be used for classes and homework.
AI automatically generates writing and discussion topics, etc. – Improve your overall English skills using the English learning app “Recipe” that covers all 6 skills – AI automatically generates a daily learning curriculum according to your level – AI writing The correction function provides instant feedback and reduces the teacher’s correction effort.
・AI pronunciation check supports pronunciation instruction that is difficult to teach in groups Click here for details ==More details about this release: