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PLAY KonMari from around the world unexpectedly appears in “PLAYERS before dawn”! The first part video wil l be released on official YouTube on September 25th (Monday)

KonMari from around the world makes an unexpected appearance in “PLAYERS before dawn”! The first part video will be released on official YouTube on September 25th (Monday)
“I fainted due to tidying neurosis in my second year of high school,” “My school days when I would go home to tidy up,” and “I was in a “cleaning high” era when I spent 15 hours a day tidying up,” and more! Pay attention to MC Yusuke Narita, who is unusually nervous and a little different from usual!
The program “Before Dawn” is produced by PLAY Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Kazumichi Kuroda), which provides video distribution platform services “ULIZA” and “PLAY VIDEO STORES” that are ideal for business distribution. PLAYERS” will be broadcast on Nippon Television from January 2023. This time, Marie Kondo, also known as “KonMari”, will appear. The director’s cut version of the program is distributed on PLAY’s video distribution platform “PLAY VIDEO STORES.” The first part of the video was released on Monday, September 25th on the official YouTube channel.
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He opened a YouTube channel on January 16, 2023, and is broadcasting on Nippon Television as a regular program once a month from January 23rd at 25:59.He will be the first MC on terrestrial TV. This is a program where economist Yusuke Narita focuses on the innovators who are opening up Japan’s future. We will deliver a conversation between Mr. Narita and the latest guest each time.
This time, we welcome Marie Kondo, also known as “KonMari,” who is active all over the world as a tidying consultant. In the first part of the official YouTube video, “When I was a sophomore in high school, I fainted due to tidying up neurosis,” “My school days when I would go home to tidy up,” “The moment when the “KonMari method” was born,” “I met KonMari’s older brother,” “Narita-san looks like me”, “People all over the world are also worried about tidying up”, “In America, tidying up is classified under the ‘philosophy’ category”, “The era of “cleaning high”, when people spent 15 hours a day tidying”, etc. A conversation unfolds between KonMari, who is worried that she’ll be seen, and Narita, who replies, “He’s already been seen (by Fushigi-chan).” Also pay attention to Mr. Narita’s unusually nervous appearance.
Inside stories and new facts appear one after another this time! The talk that can only be heard here is a must-see.
PLAY produces “PLAYERS before dawn” and distributes the director’s cut version of PLAYERS before dawn on PLAY’s video distribution platform “PLAY VIDEO STORES”. In addition to the above, “PLAY VIDEO STORES” also includes topics such as “When I was an office worker, I cleaned up the desk of the president of a client,” “Religion and tidying up,” “I want to end “tidying up in Japan” by publishing a book,” and “My own You can also watch talks on topics such as tidying up as a concrete lever for controlling your mind,” and “Key points to making your book a million-seller.”
[Uncut version available on official website] In addition, the program’s YouTube channel will be updated with clipped videos of the interviews from time to time, delivering the fun of the program to a wide range of users.
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[Image 4:×1494.jpg] ▲MC Yusuke Narita
Program overview
Program name: PLAYERS before dawn
Program MC: Yusuke Narita
Broadcast time: Once a month, Monday night from 25:59 to 26:29 Official Twitter:
Program official website:
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PLAY VIDEO STORES is a video distribution and sales platform for businesses. By using PLAY VIDEO STORES, you can easily build your own branded video distribution site. It is used for a wide range of purposes, including professional baseball teams, theater groups, fitness clubs, and online seminar classrooms.
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What is PLAY Co., Ltd.
PLAY Co., Ltd. is a company that promotes DX in the media, content, and enterprise fields by utilizing the best video distribution technology, with the motto “The best video distribution technology, with the highest quality.” While supporting video distribution services in various fields including entertainment, we will advance further technological innovation and create high-quality services. Company Profile
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Company name: PLAY Co., Ltd.
Established: March 16, 2010
Capital: 50 million yen
Representative: Kazumichi Kuroda, President and Representative Director Head office location: Daiwa Square, 16-28 Nanpeidai-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0036
Phone number: 03-5784-8064
FAX number: 03-5784-8071
Number of employees: 146 people
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