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Polymill From Hitotsubashi University students to everyone nationwide “What does success in life mean to y ou?” Surfvote voting results

[From Hitotsubashi University students to everyone nationwide] “What does success in life mean to you?” Surfvote results
The most common opinion was “mental peace and happiness” (16.1%). This was followed by 12.5% ​​for “a sense of accomplishment and promotion in work and career,” and 10.7% for “maintaining a healthy lifestyle.”
Polimill Co., Ltd. (Polimill, Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Eri Yokota, hereinafter referred to as Polimill), an ICT startup that supports the discovery and resolution of social issues using SNS and technology, has launched Surfvote, a social design platform operated and developed by our company. From June 30th to August 31st, 2023, users’ opinions will be collected regarding the issue “[From Hitotsubashi University students to everyone across the country] What does success in life mean to you?” We have voted and will let you know the results.
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Voting details
Issue: [From Hitotsubashi University students to everyone across the country] “What does success in life mean to you?
Background of the issue: A lecture on Surfvote was given in the “Media & Service Design” lecture for 3rd and 4th year students in the Data Design Program, Faculty of Commerce, Hitotsubashi University. At that time, we solicited ideas from students that they would like to hear from people all over the country, and created an issue. I voted on Surfvote.
Click here for the lecture: Research subject: Social design platform Surfvote (web service)
Survey method: Users with accounts on Surfvote vote
Survey target: Users with accounts on Surfvote
Voting period: June 30, 2023 to August 31, 2023
Number of valid votes: 56 votes
Voting results
Sense of accomplishment in work or career, promotion 12.5%
Maintaining a healthy lifestyle10.7%
Financial stability 14.3%
Academic and research success 3.6%
Social contribution and volunteer activities 5.4%
Artistic expression or creative achievement 3.6%
0% success in sports or hobbies
Enriching human relationships (other than family) 8.9%
Family presence 8.9%
Mental peace and happiness 16.1%
Realizing your ideal lifestyle3.6%
Other (free description) 7.1%
5.4% don’t know
Introduction of comments for each option (some excerpts, options without comments are not published, original text)
Maintaining a healthy lifestyle
If someone is bedridden for years until they die or has to be cared for for a long time, it can be difficult no matter how much friends, family, or sense of accomplishment they have. (11 votes)
financial stability
Because money is important. I can’t live without money, and I can’t make my family happy. For yourself, to protect your loved ones. (12 votes)
artistic expression or creative achievement
I believe that what is important is what we leave behind for the departing world. (11 votes)
Enhancing human relationships (other than family)
I consider it a success if I can find someone I can love. (12 votes) presence of family
When asked the question, “Who do you want to make happy?”, the first thing that comes to mind is family. Although I was not wealthy, I was able to grow up in a warm and loving family, so the moment when I can see my family’s smiling faces is the happiest moment of all. (6 votes) Click here for the full text of this comment
mental peace and happiness
Because I think it is important to know when enough is enough. However, it is very karmic and difficult to understand. (28 votes) Realizing your ideal lifestyle
I chose “Realizing your ideal lifestyle” because it represents finding and living your true self. We believe that by pursuing your hopes and dreams, you can understand yourself and achieve personal growth. (9 votes)
Others (free description)
In this fast-changing and uncertain society known as VUCA, I don’t know if it’s meaningful to define “what success is” and move forward with a single goal. I believe that “life” cannot be found rationally, proactively, or efficiently. (15 upvotes) Click here for the full text of this comment I don’t know
I’m currently a third year university student, and to be honest, I have no idea what success means in life. I truly respect all of you who can choose with confidence here. I may be a sly opinion given all the options available to me, but I believe that success in life cannot be attributed to something fixed. Specifically, I feel that success in life changes depending on age, situation, and context, and that success for a single person fluctuates and cycles many times over the course of one’s life. (23 votes) Click here for the full text of this comment What is Surfvote?
The SNS “Surfvote” provided by our company is a service that raises various issues in society and allows anyone to easily vote their opinion on them. At Surfvote, you can vote for your opinion from multiple options for each theme (issue) called “issue”. You can also view and rate (like) other users’ comments. Issues are published with the help of not only our editorial department, but also university professors and experts in various fields. Voting results are submitted and reported to relevant ministries and agencies and politicians as appropriate, depending on the content of the issue.
Polimill Co., Ltd.
Polimill Co., Ltd. is an ICT startup company that operates and develops the social design platform Surfvote. Surfvote is a service that specializes in social issues and problems, allowing users to not only vote their own opinions on any topic, but also listen to the opinions of other users. The local government version of Surfvote is also being expanded and will work with local governments to encourage residents to create livable cities. Using SNS and technology, we will create a society in which everyone can participate in rule-making and can flexibly and speedily reform systems in line with changes in values ​​and advances in technology.
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