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Polymill Surfvote voting results “Long-distance nursing care to my parents. Transportation expenses to return home are 80,000 yen per month. What should I do to prevent family finances from going bankrupt?”

Surfvote voting results “Distance nursing care to my parents. Transportation expenses to return home are 80,000 yen per month. What should I do to prevent family finances from going bankrupt?” What you can do to care for your parents from a distance and avoid financial ruin. The most common response was “I have no choice but to maintain the status quo” at 40.3%. This was followed by “bringing parents closer to where they live” at 17.7%.
Polimill Co., Ltd. (Polimill, Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Eri Yokota, hereinafter referred to as Polimill), an ICT startup that supports the discovery and resolution of social issues using SNS and technology, has launched Surfvote, a social design platform operated and developed by our company. So, for the period from June 20th to August 31st, 2023, the issue is “Long distance nursing care to my parents at home. Transportation expenses to return home are 80,000 yen per month.What to do to prevent family finances from going bankrupt. We have conducted a user opinion poll on the question “What is this?”, and we would like to inform you of the results.
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Voting details
Issue: Long-distance nursing care for parents at home. Transportation expenses for returning home are 80,000 yen per month. What should you do to prevent household finances from going bankrupt?
Background of the issue: Many people suddenly become unwell, have a fall, etc., and for nursing care that requires them to return home urgently, a person whose transportation cost would be 40,000 to 50,000 yen would be paid 100,000 yen at Zara. Some people say it takes a while. As the number of cases of people living separately from their elderly parents increases, a high percentage of elderly parents wish to spend their final moments at home. What options do children have to avoid financial ruin due to long-distance nursing care? I voted on Surfvote.
Research subject: Social design platform Surfvote (web service)
Survey method: Users with accounts on Surfvote vote
Survey target: Users with accounts on Surfvote
Voting period: June 20, 2023 to August 31, 2023
Number of valid votes: 62 votes
Voting results
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Introduction of comments for each option (some excerpts, options without comments are not published, original text)
I have no choice but to maintain the status quo
There is freedom of residence. There is also freedom of career choice. What do you look for when you and your family move from your chosen place of residence? People in cities have chosen the convenience and high salaries of the city, so shouldn’t they just have to find the necessary expenses out of that? I think people who live in rural areas can’t get those things, but they do have something to gain. I don’t feel the need to twist that difference into the logic of people from the city. If you want to take care of your parents or witness their death, all you have to do is prepare for it. I don’t think it’s necessary to go along with every assertion of rights and desires. (41 votes) Click here for the full text of this comment
Review your means of returning home (e.g. change from airplane to express bus) I’m answering on the assumption that I won’t go or can’t reduce the number of times. (28 votes)
Ask your parents (or your siblings) to cover your transportation expenses. This is a problem that we are likely to face in the not-too-distant future. (15 votes)
bring parents closer to their home
If you have to care for someone by yourself, it will be easier to deal with them if something happens and you will feel more at ease if someone is nearby. (20 votes)
Rely on nursing care services to reduce the number of visits and reduce expenses. (25 votes)
The author who raised the issue, Ms. Keiko Ota
Born in Kyoto City. Since around 1993, he has been covering the field of nursing care for elderly parents. Disseminates information such as “distance care,” “elderly housing,” and “balancing work and nursing care.” She is also qualified as an AFP (Japan Financial Planner Association) and is knowledgeable about nursing care and money. His books include “My parents have collapsed! Things to do, think about, and money when your parent is hospitalized or cared for, 3rd edition, 2nd edition: A book that explains money, how to choose, and the process of moving into a nursing home for the elderly (Shoeisha), “Don’t destroy yourself with long-distance nursing care.” “Choice” (Nihon Keizai Shimbun Publishing), “Knowledgeable Nursing Care: Protecting Your Weak Parents and Yourself: A Super Introduction to Money-Saving Services” (co-authored, KADOKAWA), etc.
[Image 3:×2700.jpg] What is Surfvote?
The SNS “Surfvote” provided by our company is a service that raises various issues in society and allows anyone to easily vote their opinion on them. At Surfvote, you can vote for your opinion from multiple options for each theme (issue) called “issue”. You can also view and rate (like) other users’ comments. Issues are published with the help of not only our editorial department, but also university professors and experts in various fields. Voting results are submitted and reported to relevant ministries and agencies and politicians as appropriate, depending on the content of the issue.
Polimill Co., Ltd.
Polimill Co., Ltd. is an ICT startup company that operates and develops the social design platform Surfvote. Surfvote is a service that specializes in social issues and problems, allowing users to not only vote their own opinions on any topic, but also listen to the opinions of other users. The local government version of Surfvote is also being expanded and will work with local governments to encourage residents to create livable cities. Using SNS and technology, we will create a society in which everyone can participate in rule-making and can flexibly and speedily reform systems in line with changes in values ​​and advances in technology.
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