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Polymill “What will happen to 24-hour TV from now on, considering whether it should continue to exist based on guarantees to performers?” Voting begins on Surfvote

“Whether or not to continue considering the guarantees for performers, what will happen to 24-hour television?” Voting begins on Surfvote Financial transparency required for charity programs. Should the program continue with no pay to the performers, or should the program be renewed and continued? What do viewers really want?
Polimill Co., Ltd. (Polimill, Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Eri Yokota, hereinafter referred to as Polimill), an ICT startup that supports the discovery and resolution of social issues using SNS and technology, has launched Surfvote, a social design platform operated and developed by our company. So, on September 15th, we published the issue “What will happen to 24-hour television from now on?”, considering the guarantees given to performers, and whether or not it should continue. If you register for an account on Surfvote, you will be able to vote and comment on this issue. Voting on this issue is open until October 31st, and the results will be announced after the deadline.
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Yuki Tanabe, the author who raised the issue
Works as an entertainment writer based in Osaka. I research and write articles about comedy, TV, movies, music, idols, books, etc. from a unique perspective. The main writing media is Yahoo! News,, Real Sound, Bunshun Online, Weekly Shincho, Weekly Joshi PRIME, Cyzo, SPICE, Pia Kansai Edition, goo ranking, etc.
[Image 2:×393.jpg] What is Surfvote?
The SNS “Surfvote” provided by our company is a service that raises various issues in society and allows anyone to easily vote their opinion on them. At Surfvote, you can vote for your opinion from multiple options for each theme (issue) called “issue”. You can also view and rate (like) other users’ comments. Issues are published with the help of not only our editorial department, but also university professors and experts in various fields. Voting results are submitted and reported to relevant ministries and agencies and politicians as appropriate, depending on the content of the issue. We value the opinions of each person who votes and comments on each issue, and hope to contribute to moving society forward. Polimill Co., Ltd.
Polimill Co., Ltd. is an ICT startup company that operates and provides a purpose-specific SNS [Surfvote].
Surfvote is a social issue-focused service that allows users to not only vote their opinions on any topic, but also listen to the opinions of other users. The local government version of Surfvote is also being expanded and will work with local governments to encourage residents to create livable cities. Using SNS and technology, we will create a society in which everyone can participate in rule-making and can flexibly and speedily reform systems in line with changes in values ​​and advances in technology.
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